University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The academic advising is unorganized and inexperienced. There are only a few per department that really know what they are doing, but there are too many students to handle which means new advisors are always being hired and they continue to switch yours around instead of keeping you with the same person who knows your class history and preferences. Also, they say that only 25% of the campus is Greek but it honestly feels like much more than that. It's constantly in your face.


The overall tuition cost seems to hit me harder than most anything. Even with my FASFA package, good grades throughout high school, and grants, I'm struggling to pay my expenses. The facilities, food, campus, professors, and classes do not stress me out nearly as much as my money situation.


Though it is hard to pick out something about my school that I don't like, I would have to say that I dislike the walking distances to get to and from classes to dorms. On a map, a prospective student cannot really tell how far away everything is from the dorms but on campus some of the classrooms can be a fifteen minute walk from the dorms. It can be quite tiring, especially in one-hundred degree weather or two feet of snow.


The worst thing about my school is that it is a PWI, although there is some diversity its just not as much as i hoped.


its very big so its easy to get lost.


I think that the worst thing about this school would be the attitudes of the incoming freshmen. Unfortunately, many freshmen come to Mizzou because they want to tailgate and party. Of course, this means they neglect their schoolwork and end up flunking out. Mizzou has done a lot to try and keep this from happening to their students but ultimately, it is up to the students to acheive.


There is a very large greek community on our campus, which is not bad in itself. I have heard people upset by how large it is and frustrated because they do not want to join the greek community, but do not really know where they fit in yet. I'm not greek and am still friends with a lot of greek people. I think it's all about finding what you love and giving it your all through on-campus clubs and organizations, community sports, or friends in your field of study.


I think the worst thing about my school is the diversity of it. There isn't a lot of diversity on campus in my opinion, even though sometimes it may be said that there is. Being a transfer student and minority, I also don't think that they provide enough financial aid their students, even though the school says that they provide need based financial aid, which ultimately turns out to be loans in my situation.


The reputation I have heard through word of mouth before I decided to come here. It is a school with much better academics than I heard before, and has any and all facilities I would really need or want.


The worst thing about my school is the large general education classes that many stuggle with. It's harder to connect with these professors due to the large class size and sometimes there are multiple teachers for different sections of the class so not everyone gets exactly the same thing. However, these classes normally have very smart TAs; however some of them don't speak English too well, and it can be hard to understand them. It's best to be patient and ask lots of questions and if that doesn't help seek the Student Success Center.


I would have to say that the size can be slightly overwhelming at first. The University of Missouri is a large school with a large student body. However, with size comes more opportunity. There are more people to meet and more clubs to join. The hard part can be finding out where you fit in.


The town of Columbia is not the most exciting town, and there is a lot of pressure to party, which I'm sure happens at most colleges. But academically the worst thing is the large class sizes in the beginning, you lose a lot of individual attention and become just a number. One out of three hundred in a psychology class does make a difference compared to one out of thirty in a Socal Work class. Most gen eds are held in lecture halls.


If you apply to Mizzou and you are not a Missouri resident, expect a significant difference in cost.


The worst thing about my school is the seperation amongst races. Yes, Mizzou has made a great effort to diversify our campus. but most people still prefer to hang out with people of their race. There are some who break these boundaries, but not enough. We claim to be, "One Mizzou", but I wish it were more true.


It is truly hard for me to find something about my school that I do not like. But honestly, the worst thing about my school is probably the price. I knew that it would be expensive going to a state school, but in retrospect I truly had no idea. But it is my dream school, and I honestly could not see myself anywhere else. I love Mizzou.


The off-campus living. It's extremely bittersweet. I love that mizzou has college-friendly housing that are furnished and often times include utilities with the bill but it's a little expensive to someone who doesn't come from a wealthy or upper-middleclass family. I struggle trying to pay rent sometimes.


Although every school has room for improvement, I do no consider any thing bad at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The university has great opportunities and is an all together well rounded school.


After pondering what could possibly be wrong with the University of Missouri-Columbia, the only thing that I could think of was the tuition. I am a firm believer that education should be free, or at least not so expensive that students cannot attend the school of their dreams even after being accepted simply because they cannot afford it. Therefore, the worst thing about my school is the price one must pay to get the education of their dreams.


I would consider partying the worst part about my school because I am not very interested in partying, but it's difficult to find like minded people.


I think some fields - mainly engineering - dont give you the same experience as colleges specifically for engineering students. This school has a great engineering program, but it funnels a lot of its money into research applications and its grad students.


The worst thing about Mizzou is that greek life is such a large part of the institution. There are so many fraternities, but for the most part all I see them do is party. I barely ever hear about something they run that has benefits for the university. Most of the time all they do is care about themselves and how they can improve themselves. I would like to see them start caring for the university as a whole. After all we are "One Mizzou".


Coming from 12 years of Catholic education where ministry was not only expected, but thoroughly enjoyed by students and faculty alike, I am sorely disappointed at the lack of emphasis and enthusiasm I have found in regards to helping other people. Although service opportunities are available, I have found most everyone who participates does so because it is compulsory for another organization of which he or she is a member. I dearly miss the feel of solidarity and community in this aspect, as it is something i hold in very high esteem, and I wish it had more support here.


The worst thing about the University of Missouri is the cost of living, eating, and just about anything associated with the school. For convenience Mizzou has a place like a grocery store on campus called the Emporium. At the Emporium you use your meal points to purchase items which is great until you realize that you're paying over double the price the product should be. It is really frustrating.


The worst thing about my school is that there are clearly groups that are divided upon the race line. Meaning that Blacks stay with Blacks, Whites stay with Wihites, Mexicans with Mexicans, etc.


Really, the University of Missouri does a pretty excellent job at most things. There was, however, seemingly little available in terms of scholarships (in all 5 years I was there, I receieved none). Also, because of the extremely large faculty, I noticed that occasionally the teachers/professors/Teacher Administrators were obviously subpar. I recall one older professor who sat multiple classes and told stories about his grandchildren and various experiences he had. Great stories, but no learning. Perhaps they could tighten up their teacher quality a bit.


The worse thing about the University of Missouri-Columbia is that there is so much to do. There will be hundreds of activities that grab your interest, but because this is college you simply can't attend them all.


The worst thing about MU is walking to class and trying to park on campus. MU has a large campus and classes are sometimes far apart. Summer and Winter months are the worse because you have to endure the weather. And like any large university sometimes the physics and mathematics teacher or foreign and difficult to understand.


I think the worst thing about my school is the fact that you are sometimes unaware of the classes in which you need to take, to graduate on time. Also, the fact that they dont tell you how many credit hours you should take to graduate on time.


That it's not non-smoking. I'm not sure if any campus is non-smoking but I wish the University of Missouri was. It's awful to walk behind someone that is smoking a cigarette and that's all you're inhaling. That is not my ideal way to walk from point A to point B.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is very, very difficult. There is a lot of work involved, and you have to be thoroughly committed to doing it all and on time. This takes away a lot from your social life and balancing the two becomes very hard.


I cant really think of too many bad things about my school, other than the fact that it is somewhat far from where I live. I've enjoyed my short time at the school and cant think of anything worse than the fact that it is hard at times being far away from home.


I think the worst thing about my school would have to be living in such a small town. I am from St.Louis, Missouri where there is always something to do. In Columbia however, there are not many clubs or activities to do during the weekend, you kind of have to search or ask locals about what things can be done in your spare time. Other than that I wouls say Mizzou is a pretty good school.


Mizzou is a very large school and that can be overwhelming at times. Many people like having a smaller community to work with and that just isn't how it is here. I personally don't have a problem with the school being as large as it is, but I could see how it wouldn't be right for everyone.




I think the worst thing about my school is that the locatioin is in the middle of no where. While a lot of activities go on around campus and there are some things to do when you search for them, St. Louis is two hours away and it could get boring if you are not involved in many organizations.


There are so many houses in Greek Town, so people are coming in and out of the dorms at all hours of the night, drunk and hobbling around.




Some times it seems overcrowded. Especially in the rec center or main library. My opinion is that the University is accepting too many incoming students by making enterence qualifications to easy.


The worst thing about my school is that it needs more diversity. If their were more scholarships available /awarded to a lot of minorities, the university would be so much more diverse. Not that it is not already diverse, I just feel if more people who are less fortunate or have good grades but not so good ACT scores were given the opportunity to attend a good 4 year university it would be so much better.


The overwhelming political views and the disregard for the good done by the greek community.


I believe the worst thing about the campus is all the construction on campus. It is hard to get around the sites when running to class, when we only have 10 minutes in between classes. My advice to in coming freshman is to map out the easiest route to each of your classes. Then walk there and time to see how long it takes to get there.


The worst thing about Mizzou is it is very apparent that they are money hungry


I haven't found anything that is wrong with the university yet because I have only been here for one full semester. I could not see the university as having anything wrong with it.


I love going to a large school, but sometimes it is easy for kids to get lost in the shuffle. Adivsing is really hard for a lot of my friends, and it was also a problem for my sister. The agriculture school has a great problem of advising and I feel Mizzou should have all the schools adopt this system.


The emphasis on drinking for fun on the weekends. Most people seem to like getting drunk for fun, but that is not what I like to do so it has been hard (but not impossible) for me to find friends with similar interests.


The worst thing about campus is the size. It is an enormous campus and it can make you late getting to some classes. The good thing about this though is that it gives you plenty of exercize and can help you stay fit.


The worst thing about my school is all the drinking a parting. People coming back late and being loud can really be a huge distraction and a bit annoying.


The school's location is the worse thing about Mizzou. It's hard to travel back and forth, when a student is trying to get home. There is no train system, however, there are two major bus systems, the Megabus and the Greyhound. Although there are some primitive ways to travel home, the prices are usually expensive.


I honestly do not think there is anything necessarily wrong with my school. But if I had to pick anything, it would be the difficulty to manuver my way around the websites to try and find the right groups to get involved in. I have been searching constantly to find organizations that best fit my interests. Unfortunately, a majority of the sections have not been updated, which lead to me not being able to sign up for groups.


Wow, not a lot is bad about MU but the worst thing I would have to say is all of the construction going on right now. With it being an older campus a lot of the buildings need a bit of a facelift. They are in the middle of several big projects estimated to be done within the next year.