University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The University of Missouri- Columbia is a very large school with a wide range of students. I think the school should direct their attention to shy students. Mizzou really teaches and encourages its students to step out of their comfort zone and experience new things. There are so many clubs and activities for students to join in order to meet new people with similar interests.


People want to gain knowledge and find a good job should attend this school. If you want to hangout, or party go somewhere else.


I wholeheartedly believe that any kind of person could fit in at this school. While The University of Missouri-Columbia has a reputation of being an extremely outgoing school, there are also places for people who would prefer to be in more of a smaller setting . One of the great things about this school is that our motto is "One Mizzou"; it is amazing how every single person can find a place that is their home away from home.


everyone this school is great for all kinds of people.


The kind of person that should attend the University of Missouri - Columbia should be someone with determination and a interest in research. This is a research based school, so the best experience within this college comes from helping with research and connecting with professors through research. Building on this question further, agrictulturally minded people would benefit by attending this school because of its strong agricultural background and resources.


The University of Missouri is a school for all. All are accepted and you will make lifelong memories with wonderful people you will never forget. There is something for everyone here. It is welcoming and the campus is beautiful. This university feels like home. MIZ-ZOU!


Any kind of person should attend the University of Missouri. This university is a very diverse school with many different groups aiding to all the different ethnicities! It is a great place to have your college experince and gives many people the chance to meet people from many different cultures. Also, it should be a person that is driven and very dedicated to their education because The University of Missouri is a school with high standards for their students. The school wants to help and shape the students so they are successful and the best in their field.


As cliche as it may sound, the Univeristy of Missouri is a university by the people and for the people (of all backgrounds). The kind of person who should attend this institution is one who has the desire to challenge themselves academically while being open to new perspectives in diversity and social entities. There is a home for everyone at this school, it just takes a driven and passionate individual to discover it.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is known as a research university. Mizzou fosters a learning environment that encourages curiosity and improvement as a student, researcher, and even as a student. Any person who is thinking about attending the University of Missouri-Columbia should be a dedicated, determined student who values learning and a valuable degree to use in his/her career. On top of that, those still possibly attending MU-Columbia should be at minimum a semi-social being due to the extensive amount of social contact present at the university as well as within the city of Columbia, Missouri.


The University of Missouri is a school made for anybody. The school is large enough that there is something for everyone here. This is the perfect school for networking and getting to meet a large variety of people.


Someone with an open mind, who is into Greek life and is very career-focused.


Mizzou does cater to all sorts of students, but as a freshman and sophomore you need to be prepared for large, lecture classrooms with little individual attention. If you are a good test taker your first two years will be a breeze. I think as a whole it takes a lot of independence and discipline to succeed early on. People who are relatively social and focused fit well at Mizzou. A Mizzou student is a spirited and proud student. Someone who plans on being involved would fit will at Mizzou!


This school is great for prospective engineers, students interested in science, Art students, Journalists, and humanities students of all sorts. Well-rounded, creative students will thrive and find delight here. I absolutely recommend it.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be open to the idea of a big campus, full of many different people from many different types of backgrounds and history.


A person that is responsible and committed to their studies should come to this school. A person that wants to be open to many opportunities that this campus will offer and someone who wants to have one of the best experiences of their life


Mizzou is a large school with some large classes, so if a student is uncomfortable with classes exceeding 100 people in their first couple years, they may want to look somewhere else. We also have a large (and beautiful) campus, but it's easily walkable, but they have to be willing to walk a lot. Students here are both committed to studies and like to have fun, so there isn't much pressure here outside of the Journalism School. The student should also be okay with living in the middle of Missouri, which isn't always the most exciting state!


Honestly, any kind of person could attend this school. Regardless of your interests, there is a place for you at Mizzou. Because it's such a big school, there is no shortage of friends to be made. However, a person attending this school (or any school really) shouldn't be afraid to get involved as its a large part of the Mizzou experience.


The type of person who should attend the University of Missouri must be certain that this is the school for them. It is very heavy on Greek life. It's not as bad as the University of Illinois, but it seems like a lot of people are in fraternities. Socially, one can find friends outside of the Greek system but the campus is dominated by Greek activities. One must take this into consideration. Be that as it may, people here are extremely nice, and overall it is a pleasant experience. The teachers care. The school is a great choice.


During my year experience at University of Missouri-Columbia I believe the kind of people that should attend this school would be both introverts and extroverts. There are many different activities and groups to participate in. You'll meet many people and can be involved no matter what your personality type is. This school would be a good choice for a person who is undecided about their major because of the good range of majors to choose from. This school has spirit and no matter what kind of person you are you can't help but feel the pride.


The kind of person that should attend the University of Missouri-Columbia should be one that can or is willing to learn how to succeed under competition with quality students and education. Someone considering going here should realize that it is a large school with all sorts of people and diversity which allows for a great chance of making friends and getting involved. I would recommend this school to anyone considering it.


Someone who should attend this school should be very open minded and outgoing in my opinion. I feel that going to a big school is a huge change and it takes a lot of confidence and drive. It also can be intimidating because of how large of a population is held here. It is a great experience to meet so many new people and also to experience the great diversity within the population.


wants to get a good education and have fun doing so


There is room for any kind of person here. It is a state school that has opportunities for really anyone looking to go into almost any field. Their journalism school is of course reknown throughout the nation, but the medical and veterinary schools are fantastic too, as well as the research that goes on in the life and physical sciences. That is the main appeal of this place, in my mind, that though you will find a lot of people following you in your field, there will be just as many if not more, in other fields beside you.


Any student who loves making new friends everyday. I've never met a stranger on the Mizzou campus, and that's one main reason I love this school. The Journalism School is one of the best within the country, and ranks very highly among Harvard, and Yale. Sinclair School of Nursing is where I'm attending in the Fall of 2011 and it is a school that has a heart that will not fit through the doors. The advisors are more than willing to help you, on their time, yours or off campus; a question does not go unanswered.


A prospective student for MU should be one who is willing to work hard to earn their grades the classes aren't overbearring but they are very challenging. They should also be able to manage their time wisely. There are lots of activities to participate in and clubs/organizations that are a lot of fun but it does require alot of time.


People that are determined to be succssful in the world should attend for this school. This college prepares students to become successful in the world, so the student much be willing to givev their all into what they actually want to do in life.


Any kind of person can attend this school. People who like strong school spirit, football games, and drinking will especially like it. Although serious students, i.e. pre-med, pre-vet students can also find fun things to do. It's really just a choice about what you want to participate in and what you don't. There are a lot of pretty areas around campus and the city to spend time outside if you like that. Downtown is also really cute.


Mizzou is a great school for students who have really good study skills and want to be challeged academically. It is great for meeting new friends and immersing yourself in new cultures. Mizzou is also great for getting involved in new things and discovering yourself.


I don't think there is a way to piegon hole the "type" of person that should attend this school. I think anyone who is interested in and education with a lots of opportunity for social life should attend this school. I would encourage anyone to come to this school. We could use some more diversity, so the more "types" of people, the better.


Anyone who wants an excellent education combined with a fun social atomsphere should attend University of Missouri at Columbia. Students should be determined and hard working because Mizzou is tough, but very worth it.


Someone who is outgoing; it is a large school and could be overwhelming to somone who is very shy. Getting involved is the best way to meet people, so they should also be willing to put themselves out there and try new things. Also, someone who is into sports because football and basketball are a major part of life here.


University of Missouri - Columbia would fit most people. They have a wide variety of majors so there is something for everyone. The only thing that would be a deal breaker for some people would be the class size. For a shy introvert the big lecture hall classes can be overwhelming and they are not the best situation for learning.


Persons interested in a varied background of degreed programs and also who enjoy an active social life should attend the University of Missouri. Since it's a large school, the person attending should be self-confident, outgoing and an extrovert in order to succeed in a body of 30,000 students. It will be necessary to find your own help with tutors, student housing problems, job possibilites and illness situations while on this campus. If you're a student who loves a busy campus with lots of individual activities and sports while offering numerous degrees, this ones for you!


A person that is mature, really knows how to deal with people, stay focused, and multi-task.


Anyone! University of Missouri is extremely diverse. Walking around campus is always interesting between the different cultures showing through the crowd, the accents, and all of the people. We have student groups for all types, majors for whatever you want, and all sorts of activites at the student rec center.


A person perfect for the University of Missouri is not afraid of a crowd nor is s/he intimidated by a long walk to class in the snow or the rain. Someone who loves sports and is not embarassed by our M.I.Z-Z.O.U chant. A person that wants to work hard and show the professors that even a bad grade won't derail their succuss. Finally, someone with a spirit to give back to the earth and to others, that is a Mizzou student.


I think any "kind" of person could attend the University of Missouri and become a successful and content student. Mizzou is so large that there truly is something for all kinds of people. No matter your interests, ambitions, or goals, Mizzou has the resources to fulfill every students' needs. The only aspect of Mizzou I would warn someone about is that if he or she does not wish to attend a large school, Mizzou may not be for them. I think college is what you make it and if you wish to succeed, Mizzou gives you the building blocks.


Any kind of person should attend Mizzou. There is something for everyone and every type of person can be found somewhere on campus.


At first I thought the University of Missouri- Columbia would only be a good fit for very outgoing individuals, because of its intimidating size. When I decided on MU as my choice of school I feared I would be too shy to succeed at MU. Now after my first semester I would have to say Mizzou is a good fit for any body who is driven and motivated, no matter how outgoing or shy they are. For students who are easily distracted from studies or have a poor work ethic, Mizzou would probably be overwhelming.


The University of Missouri is set up to handle all types of students. There is not a single person who would not fit in at Mizzou, as long as they tried. The campus is acessible and most of the students and staff are excepting and accomadating to students who made need more help or have unusaul requests. The one thing you do need when attending Mizzou, however, is school pride. Students wishing to attend this university has to be willing to try new things and meet new people. Someone who wishes to be a loner would not do to well.


Any person could attend this school, the most quiet loner could find a place to fit in. It's more of a " school-spirit" school though, cheerleaders, jocks, and spontaneous people who love crowds would love it most. It's way to larger to be by yourself ALL the time.


outgoing and smart


Someone that does not mind a large campus. Even though it is a large campus there is a large variety of class sizes. There are lectures that have 400-some people and others that only have about 20. This school also loves their sports. There are rally nights for games, plays during the homecoming weekend, and they sometimes have a campus wide game.


Those who want a journalism career. Mizzou is ranked by many to have the top journalism school in the nation. Students get numerous opportunities in the business. Missouri is also referred to as a little big school, in that there are 26,000 undergraduates, but it feels like a lot less.


Someone who has little to no problem with being away from home, and also doesn't mind having to share classroom space with anywhere from 15-200 students a day.


Anyone can attend this college. I always say school and life are what you make them. If you come with the right mindset and outlook you will be find. There are many different activities that I am sure everyone can find something to do and get involved in.


People who like having thousands of people to meet.


Someone who is outgoing enough to be able to find their own niche in a larger college. There are tons of resources to get involved, but a lot of Mizzou is being self-motivated, both in academics and social life. You have to take the initiative to design the life you want here at Mizzou, and the sky's the limit when you're motivated enough to go after what you want.


This university is a great choice for open-minded students who want to learn and gain many new experiences both inside the classroom and out. This school is a good choice for someone who is willing to keep an open mind and who is interested in a friendly, accepting environment. The work load can be a tough as you want it to be, but there are certainly many opportunities to gain a good education. The University of MIssouri is good for journalism majors who want to be well prepared for a successful career.


Everyone should attend this school. It's the type of university that offers something for everyone. It's a large school, but there are plenty of courses that offer smaller class sizes to accomodate those who do better in a smaller classroom setting. Mizzou offers a little bit of everything. The diversity on campus is amazing, so those looking to meet new people and engage their creative sides should definitely attend. We have an amazing athletic department, so athletes are encouraged to come here. We have a wide variety of volunteer organizations for those looking to give back the community.