University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about the University of Missouri has to be how much drinking goes on in the fraternities and how little people seem to care about their bodies when they go out wearing practically nothing to become intoxicated and not remember the night before in the morning.


On campus there isn’t a lot of jobs for non work-study students. My twin and I attend different colleges but had the same financial need. She was granted work-study and I was not. However, I was told that there were lots of jobs left on campus. Yet after attending multiple job fairs, the jobs left on campus were mainly departments looking for upperclassmen. So, my advice to incoming freshman looking for a job, prepare your resume in August and apply as soon as you arrive on campus.


There are times where the campus has become very unsafe especially for females. Since I was a freshmen there have been multiple sexual assualts reports that have occurred on school grounds or very near. I wish that MUPD and the MU Adminstration would take more serious steps into reversing this problem. No student, faculty or staff deserves to feel unsafe at this distinguished institution.


There really is nothing frustrating about Mizzou!! It's a bit pricey, but going to one of the top universities in the state of Missouri, you learn to accept that fact. I love this, but there are a TON of people which makes walking to classes a challenge during those first few weeks of classes. I've learned to create shortcuts, which really makes this less frustrating!


The most frustrating aspect of my school is the fact that there is little clinical exposure when it comes to the pre-health professions. I think that there should be more requirements to graduate one of these programs than the typical prerequisit courses.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost of tuition.


The University of Missouri systems uses a site called Blackboard. This site can be very convenient at times yet massively irritable at others. Just in the one year of attendance I have acquired, it has cuased me quite a few problems, so be sure to stay on top of your assignments and never wait till last minute if requiring blackboard. This site, however, is constantly undergoing maintenance to better user friendliness so the future still looks bright.


The procedure to petition for Missouri residency and achieve an easier to pay tuition is quite extensive and could be confusing, though it makes sense financially for the school to implement it. It is a bit of a leap of faith to have this thing over your head for the first semester and not know what you're going to have to pay for your education once it ends.


The traffic and campus police are frustrating.


The lack of consistent public transportation. If you don't have a car, you're screwed.


The most frustrating thing is about my school is it's size. I come from a small town and small high school. I am not used to seeing a lot of people daily. Even though this is very frustrating, I also find that this is very beneficial. I get to meet new people and network with people from all over the country and even the world.


The most frustrating thing about Mizzou in my opinion is the IT department. While they do have a very large job to do, they are constistantly screwing up the technology here. The internet goes out more than several times a semester in different buildings, or they perform updates over the summer to systems which ends in the campus having little to no internet (or Blackboard too) for several days. There is only a wired connection in dorm rooms as well, so students have to buy routers for wireless if they want it or go to common areas for access.


The most frusterating thing about my school is that it is very difficult to speak with professors because they are extremely busy and overbooked. The teacher's assistance do a wonderful job, but at times it is difficult to communicate or get help because they are not as competant as the professors.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that many of the professors have jobs other than teaching, such as researching, so they are often busy. It can make the class seem disorganized and the students feel that they are paying for nothing. I have had classes like this and I ended up feeling like I didn't learn anything.


I do think the education provided is just satisfactory. It could be a bit more challenging. But the teachers are always available to you and it is easy to pass classes if you stay on you school work.


The most frustrating thing about Mizzou is that it is really hard to find certain extracurricular groups. We have a surplus of them but there isn't any place where they are listed comprehensively so it makes it difficult to find the ones I want to join.


The parking situation is expensive and bad, but this seems to be the case at a lot of colleges.


The most frustrating thing for me would be people who are here and don't care about their education or anyone else's so they cause a lot of distrubances in the evenings in the dorms when people are trying to study.


It is pretty large, so walks across campus between classes in the winter can be rough.


Sometimes it feels overwhelmingly big and you feel like you will get lost in a crowd. The parking is also very limited and that makes it frustrating as well.


Everything is being constantly renovated. Although it is nice that buildings are being updated, it is very frustrating when your favorite dining hall is closed. Although there are other dining halls just as close, I preferred the selection, service, and layout at one dining hall (Rollins) to its neighbors. Unfortunately, it is closed until the fall.


The most frustrating thing is the rainy, cold weather in the winter.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Missouri is that if you live in on-campus housing, you have to have a meal plan. As a sophomore living on-campus, I am at the point where the dining halls are no longer the only place I eat, especially since microwaveable foods are available at all grocery stores for relatively low costs. Meal plans are expensive, and if I don't use them every week, then I am wasting a lot of money.


The most frustrating thing about Mizzou is the campus being so huge! Although walking everywhere is a great workout, making it to class on time every once in a while would be nice.


Some of the books you need for classes can't be found anywhere else, especially after entering upper level.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about my school would be not always knowing what part of the material to study for an exam. In high school most teachers will spell out to students what will be on the upcoming test. For the most part this is not the case at the University of Missouri- Columbia. It is very frustrating to get to an exam, and open your test only to realize you have spent the last few days emphasizing your studies in something you didn't need to.


MU does not give a great deal of financial aid. If you get an ACT score of 27 you get the same amount of financial aid as someone who gets a 33 on the ACT. There are a few diversity/multi-cultural scholarships. Tuition and room and board are slightly higher than other colleges and universities in Missouri, and with this lack of financial assistance, the cost for schooling can increase significantly.


I am most frustrated with the lack of financial aid.


Getting in touch with an advisor who can help you to graduate on time


I really have not been frustrated with anything here at MU.


The workload, and how large the campus is, but you get used to it after a while.


Live life have fun


I havent found anything really frustrating about my school. All my teachers have been a major support to my career as a student and trying to find a future job.


Parking. It seems like campus PD sits down with a map and finds the garage farthest away from the one that you requested.


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and intimidated by how large the school is.


The campus is large and sometimes you have to hustle between classes if they are far away.


Currently there is a lot of construction going on around campus. It is scheduled to be done in a couple of years but by then most of the students here will already be gone. The construction also cut down on the amount of space that students had to study, eat, and hang out between classes.


Sometimes you do get a teacher that should not be teaching, but not very often.


The most frustrating thing about my school might be the emphasis put on Greek life. Greek life is definitely a great option for some, but not for everyone. It sometimes feels like you have to go Greek to fit in with different things.


The financial aid department can be hard to deal with; they certainly aren't helpful. It is also a very expensive school if you aren't in state. Most people from out of state are there for the journalism program. As one of the best journalism programs in the world, it is worth the expense...but it will cost you. You get the impression from the University that they think they're a little more presitgious than they are. They have some good programs, but Journalism is really the only one they're known for.


The amount of time between each exam that we have. All of the exams are right around each other and it gets so annoying a having to study for more than 2 exams at one time. You won't do as well on them that you should.


I wish that there was more transportation options to get around on campus.


pollution and living in a smaller-ish town


Getting the run-around. And come prepared, bring questions you need answers too; don't expect things to be handed to you.


The school of music is spread out across campus in six different buildings.


Nothing really. Sometimes it's hard if you show up to mealtimes during the busy hours because it's frustrating because you have to wait in line. Also, sometimes professor's teaching hours are during some of your other classes which can occasionally be inonvenient. Other than that, there are no problems.


That I'm paying for it all, through student loans.


Its sometimes hard to find a quiet spot because there are always so many other people around.


lots of "hidden" fees (not really hidden, but lots of extra fees you don't always think about


There is no parking on campus! I live off-campus so I have to park in a commuter lot and get shuttled in, it's a hassle.