University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Missouri- Columbia is that there is always somewhere or someone to go to that is willing to help. It has resources for everything from suicide awareness to sexual orientation difficulties. There are also clubs for everything type of student to find others like them like the Pre-Veterinary Club and the Cupcake Club.


Mizzou is a great school where you can experience so many opportunities. University of Missouri had an exciting football season, which was my favorite part of first semester. Waking up on game day made everyone ecstatic. From looking outside the window and seeing a wave of people walking towards the stadium to walking pass greek town and witnessing the students having a blast out in a lawn playing washers and socializing. Since Mizzou's football team went to the SEC championship game the past two seasons, our student section was hyped up for every game.


I think the best thing about my school is all the opportunities we have. There are hundreds of classes to choose from so your options are endless. Also there are over 700 clubs to join and there is always something going on, no matter what day it is. Because it is such a large campus, the opportunities are neverending, which means that you are never bored and you can really get involved in the school. Also, by getting involved in the school, you really build up school spirit, which is awesome to have at a college campus.


Mizzou gave me the best of both worlds. Going in I thought "It's too big," but after becoming an honors student and part of a FIG, I can already see the smaller communities of people within the entire ecosystem. I got the big time college feel, with the sports and reputability, but also small classes and the personal attention that makes me feel like more than just a number.


The best thing about Mizzou is the sheer number of resources available, like awesome Ellis Library and the new state-of-the-art Rec Center; not to mention living resources like the huge faculty and a diverse group of peers. Everyone is so helpful, whether they're pointing you towards the correct building or boosting your essay writing skills. I love being surrounded by smart people with intelligent pursuits, and they're in no short supply at Mizzou.


The best thing about the University of Missouri is the instant connections I see people make all around me. Whether it be sparked from ungodly amounts of school spirit, their love for our dining hall's toasted raviolis, or attending weekly shows of Comedy Wars; there is something that runs through every students' blood at Mizzou that creates a connection through every one of us.


The best thing about my school is that professors and students are acutally willing to help you. In high school my teachers always said that the professors don't really care about you, but at my college that is not true,


The best thing about MU is the school pride, you can feel the spirit of the students, faculty and alumni throughout the state.


The best thing about the University of Missouri is the rec facility. It has given me a place to continue take care of my body. Going to workout is no longer a chore and I enjoy every moment I spend there. Whether I am running on my own or going to a class they offer I will always leave feeling great about myself. It gives the students a place to care for themselves as well as providing a productive break from studying.


The best thing about my school is that there is something for everyone there. It doesnt matter what you are interested in, what your hobbies are, or what crazy thing you like to do. There is some group there that is for you. No one will be alone if they dont want to be. With being only a freshman this past year, it helped so much to be able to find a few groups and organizations that i would attend and enjoy going to to get away from the stress of school.


I consider the diversity the best thing about my school. I love diversity and integrating with different people. When you open up to different people, you learn to respect and appreciate them for their differences. All throughout middle school and high school, I went to a school with over 30 different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. That is so important to me because after college, you have to know how to deal with those who you may not be on the same accord with.


The best thing about Mizzou is the real world preparation they supply. Everything I do in school is to give me experience for a job in the future.


Best thing about Mizzou is how welcoming everyone is. It doesn't matter here what your ethnic or racial background is. It doesn't matter where you come from or where you're going; everyone treats you with respect. It's a very comfortable place to attend school.


The best thing about Mizzou is the variety of student organizations available for students to join! No matter who you are, there is atleast one student organization for everyone on this campus! Another great thing about Mizzou is it's Recreation Center; it has been consistently rated among the best rec centers in the nation since it was redone in the mid-2000s!


The best thing about my school is the life it provides. Columbia is a flourishing town with so many different ways of making a living. One weekend I can meet someone who owns a bar, another I can meet someone who runs a vineyard, and I've also met people who work in the agricultural field. I guess the best part about Mizzou is the diversity it brings into my life. I don't think that I could go one day without meeting someone new with something interesting to tell me.


At Mizzou, there is an abundance of diversity among the students; racially, nationally, financially, and in many other aspects. It offers a fantastic opportunity to interact and get to know people from situations and background much different from one's own, and gives a sort of crash-course in tolerance and understanding. This is a very valuable opportunity with which to be presented, and will surely benefit students here in many other aspects of life.


I want to be a nurse and Mizzou is one of the nations best nursing programs.


I would definitely consider the best thing about my school is the amount of opportunities it provides its students with. In my first year alone as a freshman I have been involved in a sorority, biomedical engineering society, society of women engineers, an engineering summer camp counselor, and several other organizations. Mizzou has always been great a providing its students with so many opportunities to advance themselves and become involved, not only in the college, but also in the students potential future careers. It is an aspect I have always admired that the university offers.


It is very easy to get around.


The best thing about my school is oppurtunity. The school offers so many different things that if I wanted to change my mind, I could easily switch within the school I have without having to transfer and worry about where to go.


The best thing about my school is that there are so many activities to be involved with. There is greek life, work study, study abroad and more than 600 groups to join. These different activties give a chance to learn leadership skills and preparations towards working for a major. These activites will help develop life skills that are important for the future.


The Mizzou campus is very unique. At the very center of it sits a historic building overlooking the green, beautiful grassy quad. That building is known as Jesse Hall. It holds the offices of the registrar, bursar, ticketholder etc. Right in front of Jesse Hall are 6 massive stone columns. The columns are all that is left from Academic Hall, the original center of Mizzou. It burned down in a fire in 1892. Jesse Hall was later erected as a replacement. Around the columns is a square of brick buildings. They are offices, classrooms, and museums. This part of campus is known as "Red Campus" because all of the buildings are made of brick and look red. Southeast of Jesse Hall, by Lowry Mall is Memorial Union, a massive white stone tower. The buildings behind that, mostly used as classrooms and psychological research buildings, are all made of white stone, earning the region the name, "White Campus." While few people know these distinctions or these nicknames, the areas look very different. Both are very beautiful. The Mizzou campus is stunning. It's the ideal image of collegiate life. My favorite spot on campus besides Memorial Union is actually right behind my residence hall. One of the agricultural engineering buildings sits next to Hatch Hall. There are these large stone steps under light tree cover that are perfect for summer/fall studying. The steps are comfortable, few people walk by or bother people studying. It's a great place for solace in a hectic college lifestyle. The great thing about Mizzou is that there are dozens of places like that hidden in different corners of campus.


University of Missouri has a beautiful campus.


One thing that Mizzou has that no other school has is "Speakers Circle". It is a circle in the middle of campus where anyone can say anything at any time. For example, many religious people preach from inside this circle. There have been times where Brother Jed (a Christian preacher) will be preaching to hundreds of students who have been walking by and stopped to listen, which brings on a lot of debates. One of my favorite things to do on campus is to walk by the circle and see if anyone is speaking. What's special about this circle is that there are only 2 in the United States. The coolest part about it is that it is architecturally designed to amplify your voice. You don't need to yell or bring a microphone.


Besides the immense school spirit and amazing sports, the thing that I most cherish about Mizzou is the education I am receiving. Our academic are top notch, competitive, and incomparable to most universitys. I am in a very academically competitive environment, and nothing makes me more proud than when I get an A in an extremely difficult class. I know that later on in life, the education I am getting here is going to get me a Ph.D. and forever aid me in my endeavors towards success. The academics are definitely the best part about going to Mizzou.


The best thing about my school is football season and greek life. Mizzou has the biggest homecoming tradition. Being that homecoming originated at MU the festivites last all week, especially for greek students. Mizzou has an outstanding, newly-built student center and one of the best recreation facilities in the Big 12. There are many organizations and activities on campus for you to make life long friendships!


I would say that the best thing about my school is the setting. There are lots of places during the warmer months to sit outside and enjoy nature. The campus is a botanical garden, so it has lots of trees and flowers. The landscapers for the campus do a great job of keeping everything green and blooming. It makes the campus seem more upbeat and welcoming, which helps with the moods of those around campus.


University of Missouri-Columbia is a school with character, pride and highly-ranked academic programs . There are many different opportunities to get involved in and a good range of majors to choose from. The absolute best thing about my school is Greek Life. I decided to join a fraternity. I've meet brothers that have become close friends. The brothers cheer you on when you're successful and support you during difficult times. The primary purpose of the fraternity is to encourage and develop high scholastic achievement among its members. Required study time is helping me succeed in college.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. There are students and faculty of all races and ethnicities and I feel it makes campus a comfortable environment for everyone to be around.


The best thing about my school is that I have the best opportunity to earn a Journalism degree from the best Journalism school in the entire world. The school offers so many different tracks that you can go into any type of Journalism you would like. I know I will have an excellent chance at getting a job coming right out of college thanks to the wonderful education I am receiving.


The best thing about my school is that there are a plethora of courses to choose from and the professor(s) for each course challenge the students. No matter how knowledgeable you are in the subject, the professors will find a way to challenge your mind and view the content from a different perspective. This in turn opens your eyes to real learning and expands your knowledge.


It has the best undergraduate program in journalism in the world, which trains future journalists with hands-on experience.


The best thing about the University of Missouri is the opportunities it provides. There are so many resources in one central location. Many people are available to help you reach your goals and get on the right track for the future.


The best thing about MU is the size, the huge variety of classes, the numerous disciplines you can pursue, and the quality of the staff. Oh, and the food is great!


The best thing about my school is the diversity among students and faculty. There are so many people from all over the world. I have a teacher from Africa, one from China, and one from Russia. Learning from people who are from different parts of the world is interresting because it broadens your understanding of differrent people. Mizzou also feels like our own community. The bonds you build with people you meet here, both in and out of the classroom, are life-long. For these reasons and many more, I know Mizzou is the school for me.


The best thing about Mizzou is the diverse culture. Walking from class to class i see all different types of people; not just including Greek affiliates and non-Greek affiliates. I notice different races congregating, people of all ages attend this school as well. The diversity makes for great discussions in my classes that allow it.


The opportunities to get involved are endless. This really makes it easy to meet friends and feel invovled with Mizzou beig so large. The club and activities are such a wide variety.


The best thing about the University of Missouri is the experience that you have while getting your education here. Columbia, Missouri is a town that revolves around Mizzou, but the campus itself is its own city. There are thousands of people to get to know and thousands of things that you can do, where it be getting involved in a club related to your field of study or just playing football on Tuesday nights. I have really enjoyed my time here so far and have no intension on leaving prematurely.


The Journalism School and the professors. The J-School is one of the most specialized and developed ones, and the teachers are very willing to meet with you and help you to discover more, even if you are not in their classes. It is very easy to excell here - all you have to be willing to do is try and approach someone new and ask for help.


By attending the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou), students have the opportunity to make a college education about what they want it to be about whether that is academics, extracurricular activities, social life, or any mix of the three. Students have the opportunity to learn about what they want to learn about through elective courses while still learning about interests they might not have otherwise known from required curriculum. Mizzou offers many opportunities to enhance life during college years and many years afterward.


The best thing about Mizzou is really the city that it is located in, Columbia. The music scene in Columbia is incredibly varied and there are quite a few venues around town where local bands play frequently. Truthfully, I haven't been at Mizzou long enough to point to anything specific about the campus itself that really grabs my attention.


The best thing about the University of Missouri is the overall enviroment presented to the students, faculty, and visitors. A feeling of welcome meets you as soon as you step on campus and will stay with you for the duration of your stay at MU. The professors and staff are always willing to assist you with any need or problem that arises, and the students are warmhearted and always helpful. Whether you come from a small town or a large city, the University of Missouri campus feels like home; why go to a school that doesn't?


The best thing about the school is the school unity.


The best thing about Mizzou is the sense of community among students. Even with over 20,000 undergraduate students, the campus still feels like a small and intimate community where students can experience diversity with a sense of familiarity.


You meet so many different types of people at Mizzou. You meet your typical suburban Midwestern college kid, but there are also a variety of International students and students from all over the country that come for the journalism school. Meeting and associating with a wide range of personalities really builds your own individuality and allows you to develop yourself in the best way possible. The person you are when you come in as a freshman is completely different from the person you become when you leave, but in a good way.


The best thing about my school is the accredidation of professors, advisors, and other academic professionals, becuase they are intelligent and educated in their own designated professions.


I think the resources at my school is the best characteristic. Aside from the Student Success Center and Career Services, there are multiple websites to aid students in every facet of their academic career. The professors are extremely helpful and intelligent and can teach you about life, academics, and about getting a job later. There are many organizations to join both for the university in general and within the various colleges and many resources for them to be involved in the community.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. By diversity, I mean that there are a wide variety of people on campus, not only in terms of race but in interests and backgrounds. My school has many different majors and is a meeting ground for people with many different skills and persuits. This is great because college is a time when it is so beneficial to a student to be exposed to many different ideas and behaviors, whether you agree or disagree, meeting others who are different can help you to define who you are.


The best thing about our school is student resource center. This is the place to go if you have concerns about post-graduate employment. Services available include: mock interviews, resume building, and professional attire. For students who need additional support with test taking skills and writing skills, this is the place to seek assistance. Tutors are also available to assist students.


The best things about the University of Missouri is the diversity in educational fields. There is a vast expanse of fields to choose a major and/or minor, providing the student with an environment where he/she can explore to find the right niche. MU focuses a lot on research, so the scientific community is large, making it easy for students to get involved outside of the class room. MU also is among a select few schools in the nation that has an undergraduate university, medical school, law school, and vet school all on the same campus.