University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I loved this school when I toured it. Even though the campus is large, it doesn't feel that big. I love the columns and the historic feel different parts of campus have. I also loved all of the opportunities Mizzou provides for students.


The campus was amazing, and I was also recruited to run track here. The dorms were super nice and also the dining halls compared to other schools. Also have a wide selection of classes and there's always something going on to take part in.


I decided to go to the University of Missouri, because it offered a variety of opportunities, while being somewhat close to home and a reasonable price. The University of Missouri is large enough for me to find my own way while gaining a close group of friends.


The journalism school!


I didn't know what I wanted to do going into college, and Mizzou had a great variety of majors and opportunities. Also I am originally from Columbia and had a high opinion of the school.


I'm one of those students that's bled black and gold since before I could even talk, so it was always assumed that I would end up here. I tried to fight it at first, but Mizzou is a great value. You get newly renovated dorms and dining halls, a state-of-the-art rec center, a brand spanking new student union (with restaurants, student orgs, study spaces, computer labs...AND an entire bookstore/tech department), 100s of majors, and a ton of extra perks. A lot of the services offered on campus are covered by student fees, and many either renew or carry over into the next semester. For instance, if you need to go to see a therapist and later a psychiatrist, you get 4 free visits EACH, per SEMESTER. Seeing the body doctor may require you to shell out some cash, but almost always at a discount. It's crazy! You can go anywhere and get stuff for free here (there's even a ton of free food during the first two weeks). I liked that Mizzou was here for me and not just to look nice, so that's why I decided to go.


I decided to go to Mizzou because both of my brothers attended MU and I thought I had it all figured out. As soon as I got here I realized there's so much about the campus that you won't understand until you're actually a student.


I chose to go to the university of missouri because it offered everything that i wanted/needed.


The thing you have to ask yourself when making any important life decision is, "can I see myself being happy here?" I grew up in Columbia and always loved it. The university was always part of my life since my parents worked there. I started being part of fun things like the True/False Festival and the local music scene in high school. So when it came time to apply to different colleges, I only applied to Mizzou. I knew I would be happy there. I would have a support group, I wouldn't be overreaching my means, and the city matched my ideas about what a college town should be. Sure, I could have applied somewhere prestigious and far away because it's the "thing to do," but I was realistic in my decision making. And I ended up being very, very happy with my decision. That's a more abstract answer. Some of the concrete benefits to going to Mizzou were that I got half off of tuition because of my parents' employment, in-state tuition, and Missouri scholarships that made college much more affordable. It's easy to ignore money as a college student because your parents are paying for it, but I really think it's more responsible to think about how sustainable your spending lots of money on a certain college really is.


Mizzou has the most impressive, the oldest and the best Journalism school in the world. I want to be a journalist, and I'm determined to achieve that goal. In figuring that out, I chose Mizzou, knowing it was so great. I took a tour, was astonished by the scenery, by the tour guide and by the sheer number of students. That sold me, I had to go to Mizzou.


I decided to go to Mizzou because I had no idea what I wanted to study, and Mizzou offers almost everything! I also wanted to go here because I knew that there would be many opportunities for me to meet new people. It was hands down the best school for me.


I heard about Mizzou and ultimately came here because of its prestigious Journalism school. I have since gone in a different direction (as many journalism freshmen do), but maintain that it is an exceptional school for people seriously dedicated to the field. I also loved the compact campus, the closeness of downtown, the "college town feel" and the chance to get out of my home state and on my own.


Mizzou has the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. The columns and Jesse Hall are the charming heart of MU and all of the buildings have the most wonderfully, typical collegiate look about them. You will never stop loving showing off your campus if you choose Mizzou.


Mizzou students give 12 reason why they decided to attend Mizzou.