University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Non-traditional students, we have a variety of different types of students here.


UMKC is best known for it's outstanding academic and athletic acheivement. It's located in the heart of Kansas City offering all who attend a valuable cultural experience


The school of medicine, pharmacy or dental school is what UMKC is best known for.


DSU is a school that is most known for pushing the limits of technology in the classroom. All students are given laptops (or can use their own) and are expected to use them in the classroom for taking notes and doing assignments. The Game Design and Computer areas are particularly well known fields.


The University of Missouri-Kansas City is well known for its Medical, Dental, Law and Buisness schools.


UMKC is best known for its pre-professional programs like the nursing, dental, pharmacy, and medical programs. The medical program here is great. It is an accelerated program which means that it is a combined bachelors and MD program. This allows the students to become a doctor in 6 years as opposed to 8. Also there is not a requirement for the MCAT and the students are medical students right out of highschool. Also we get to spend a lot more time in the hospital than a traditional pre-med student is able to.


The University of Missouri-Kansas City is best known for its diversity and its six-year pre-med program.


UMKC is best known for it's unified education system and it is an innnovative and groundbreaking between two nations.


The music department is well-known. The artists in that department are brilliant.


UMKC is best known for being a laid-back school set in the middle of a city. There are plenty of career opportunities in the city for recent graduates, and there are also plenty of activities for current students.


We are known for our 6 year medical program, our 8 year medical program, our law school, our dental school, and our 3:1 clincal nursing program. We have a very diverse campus. We also have a lot of commuting students. We are located a couple blocks from the Plaza.


I think my school is best known for its Business Program, which is very competitive compared to other schools in the country. I would say that they are also known for there phraternities/sororities being involved in community activities, such as feeding the needy, and helpin out at different shelters.


UMKC is best known for being a college in an urban setting that provides its students with plent of real-world experiences. You do not spend all of your time just sitting in class taking notes. You get to get out there and see what there is to do with your degree.


This might seem ridiculous, but I would have to say that UMKC is best known for its mascot: Kasey Kangaroo. I believe there are very few universities that boast the kangaroo their mascot, and have a student body that refers to themselves as "roos." Kasey Kangaroo is such a fun and unique mascot that was originally drawn by Walt Disney!


The quality of education and of the students that graduate.


My school is best known for it's six-year medical program.