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The school is very diverse so you get to meet everyone from the around the US as well as other countries. There are a lot of resources that help you succeed in class. The campus might seem big but once you are there it actually feels like a small campus.


The campus is very diverse and the proffesors help you with whatever it is you need.


Not only do you get a great educational experience, but UMKC is a lot more affordable than many other schools. It is also very diverse! There are students from a huge range of backgrounds. It is really awesome to be surrounded by such a diverse student body.


What is unique about my school in the six year Medical Program offered to students who want to become a doctor at a faster pace, many students come from all over the world to get into this program, which is very competitive. However, for those who want to become a doctor at the normal pace of eight years, such as myself, that is also an option.


What is unique about this school is we have an awesome library with a robotic arm. You type in what book you want and the arm gets it for you. The gym facility is very neat. We have a retractable roof on the pool for sunny days. And lastly what is neat about UMKC is it uses the old Mansions from the early 1900s to late 1800s as class rooms instead of wasting money on building new buildings.


The small, but big environment, and the friendly people. The staff is great. Every single beiing on this campus is wonderful. Everyone wants to see not only themselves succeed but everyone else as well. The small environment helps everyone know who everyone is on campus, to better networking skills, and to build relationship with people who may help you to your success.


Our nursing program is a 3:1 program. We spend 1 year on general education classes and if you are accepted into the nursing program you then have 3 years of clinicals unlike the normal programs that spend 2 years in gen. ed. classes and 2 years of clinicals. Employers like to see that extra year of hands on experience. We, the students, like it too. It really adds to the learning process.


UMKC offers a six year medical program and I was accepted in the program. The program is very intense, but suits me and I like the challenge.


I feel like my school promotes diversity more than other schools. For example, there is always an opportunity to go to social events that include educating other students about a particular race or religion. Also, there is a Women's Center and a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered" group that people can be a part of. There is plenty of clubs to join or social events ot attend to learn more about others.


The Dental school here which is where i plan on attending. It accepts a large majority of its applicants from Missouri and also has limits on the people it accepts based on the states they live.


That is is in the middle of a busy city that is full of life, but also has many gorgeous parks and scenery.


UMKC is very diverse, and its big, but not huge. After a while you get to know most people, and they are usually helpful. It's nice to see the same people in your classes, but you can also always meet new people when you go out. I love our activities like foam parties, dinners, comedy, and just different entertainment to help bring students together.


Every one here is very friendly and supportive. And specifically for jazz majors, we are always playing gigs (making money!) and jamming together at the clubs. We have fun making music together, and that love of making music really shows in everything we do.


What makes UMKC uniqie is that some teacher's spend so much time on campus, it's as if they actually live there. Also, the availaibility of resources and online access is unriveled. The amount of on-campus events unifies the student body and makes both facult and peers a cohesive unit of active learners. At other universities of this size, it seems like there is barriers between faculty and the students. This is almost non-existant, here at UMKC.