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What are the academics like at your school?


Anchor and Discourse are waste of time. I wish I didn't have to take those classes and focus on other classes that will help me in my career. Wish taking psychology was mandatory intead of these two.


classes at UMKC are generally very large to the point that professors would not even distinguish whether or not you where there or not, usually ranging from 50-200 students per class. But students participation is usually about 80-90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time with larger and more complex general science courses, students are very competitive in most courses that I have seen and libraries are almost always full at their peek hours which is around 3-4 PM. Student communication with professors is done mostly through emailing, since the professor would have to speak to students personally would take way to long. Most science majors do everything they can to concentrate towards that specific subject and at times they still struggle to achieve standard grades. But I personally believe it is geared more towards a later occupation that learning for its own sakes.


UMKC is very big on academics and probably prefers you commit as a student first over and before anything else. UMKC does go out of their way to assist you if you need help, and they want you to use every piece of assistance that you need. Even inside of the classroom, professors are usually easy about asking them for help and providing their office hours for availability, even opening up other times that they may feel is necessary for their students to receive extra help to succeed in the course. Professors normally learn your name and face in 2 to 3 visits, so it's always best to attend class, even if it is at 8 o'clock in the morning. I don't have a favorite class because I'm a Journalism major and I get to express myself in almost every class I attend, which I love to do. It is easy to get lost within conversation if you don't speak your mind and just listen and not ask questions though, so I strongly encourage it. Let me emphasize the will to study on your spare time. More than not, if you go to one of the libraries on campus, it is normally difficult to find a seat that you want, especially if it's more than just you and a friend. Students at UMKC study probably 4 out of 5 times throughout the school week. I find it very helpful because students are having more in tune and conceptual conversations outside of their classrooms, which I find highly amazing. Like with my major, Journalism, students have to read a lot meaning we learn a lot, so we often learn new words fast and use them more often than not, even with fellow friends of different majors and departments. I do find it necessary and useful to have conversations at the least with your professors because they may be able to give you some information that you thought you'd never find or even need. The professors can steer you towards different internships and job opportunities on and off campus, if you just ask. Now UMKC is an easy school to get into, you just have to commit early and let nothing stop you from getting in. You have to know that it's what you want to do.


The professors have known my name in every class I have taken, even ones held in larger lecture halls. I enjoy the classes I take because they are geared toward what I want to major in. They even have a variety of general education classes that can be applied towards a person's major. For example, instead of Econimics a future teacher would take Economics in a K-12 Classroom. Students get together frequently outside of class to study or work on homework. Professors are also very willing to meet with students outside of class for extra help.