University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Missouri-Kansas City?


We have the only dental school in Missouri.


That there are really small classes and allot of one on one time with the professors. Madison is a small but nice community that is friendly and very safe. There is allot of outdoor activities around. There a couple lakes nearby and fishing and hunting opportunities. Also the Game Club is a great organization that provides opportunities for people to make friends.


Its right by the Plaza, has nice dorms, and a brand new student union.


When I tell my friends about my school I just brag about the quailty of the professors and that its really easy to learn and get a job by going to this school.


What I prefer to tell my friends and family most about the University of Missouri - Kansas City is the wonderful relationships that I have built there. I have been fortunate to meet so many amiable people at the university at which I attend. I also enjoy the cleanliness of the campus as well. There are wonderful, picturesque views of the city of Kansas City, Missouri that can be seen by way of the gorgeous campus of the Univesity of Missouri - Kansas City. Although I plan on attending the University for only one year, I have enjoyed my experience thus far.


When speaking to friends of my school I usually highlight the people I meet on campus and attend classes with. The school is very diverse in population.


I would say I brag about the computer labs the most


How much of a difference I have experienced from my previouse school. I am excelling academically far more than I ever thought possible.


When I tell my friends about my undergraduate experience at UMKC there is a mixture of things I tend to brag about. I was pre-med and a chemistry major, so I usually mention the fact that Stowers Institute for Medical Research sits right off campus, and that we have instructors that also work at Stowers. I usually end up bragging about how diverse (and open minded) in culture, opinion, and religion the UMKC student population is. I also mention the size of UMKC. I am proud to have attended a university with such an extensive and beautiful urban campus.


The location is great. We're surrounded by an amazing art museum and a great shopping district.