University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Make sure you keep applying for scholarships even though you have a lot on your plate, don’t stop!


The worst thing about my school would be the compensation or in better words the greed for finances. This is a really good school but I feel like it is a financially greedy school that does not compromise with the student. I feel as if as much as the school gets from all different sorts of avenues it should not be so determined to squeeze every dollar out of their student in any way possible.


no comment


It is a commuter campus so it is difficult to build relationships with students when most leave directly after their classes end.


The administration! Truly every thing else is great. But the administration is subpar. I had a terrible run in with the financial aid office. I had a simple question and it took months for them to answer it. They did not answer any emails, I only got through on one phone call (where they told me to send an email about it), and I finally had to physically go into the office. They tried to make me fill out a request form that would be "processed" later and I demanded to talk to someone. Finally got my answer!


The Psychology department doestnt have a centra building just for psych. We always have to be scattered all over campus.


Close to home (for me), and lack of school spirit makes sporting events not as exciting.


The campus is small and many of the students here are commuters. This means that the campus life here really is not a big deal. This is a turn off for a lot of students. The campus is pretty and nice, its just that most students commute to school.


The students' studios are not very good. And the parking fee is a little bit high for one semester.


Choosing to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has everything I was looking for in a school?an amazing music therapy program, faculty and staff who legitimately care about their students, a beautiful campus in the middle of a city buzzing with life, and the opportunity to grow as a musician and an individual. The only negative aspect of UMKC is that it is ten hours away from my home in Ohio. While it is difficult to be away from my family, I don?t regret my choice.


The worst thing about my school is being away from home and the limited number of students that live on campus. I chose my school at the last minute for its proximity to my hometown. It is a mere three hour drive from my house, but I still have a hard time being away from home. The campus is located in a wonderful city, with countless opportunities to experience; however, it is hard to appreciate unless you are old enough. Also, of the 15,000 students, just over 1000 live on campus so it is hard to stay involved.


The worst thing I feel was out everyone is in their own social clique. I transfered here and was soo miserably lonely, the first few weeks I did not know what to do with myself.


The commuter school vibe.


I think that the school needs to challenge students more to think outside the textbook.


They didn't have my major I switched to, so I had to transfer schools


The food sucks most of the time, so living off campus is very nice.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the parking situation. There are so many places you can't park other than the garages. But if you have a parking pass, there is an okay amount of space, but for those who can't afford a parking pass, it is really hard to find a place even close to campus to park for free.


The worst thing about my school is probably that the classes can be too small and that sometimes the smaller classes are harder to get into, verses the larger classes, but that is not unique to UMKC. The other major critique would be reservations of class rooms is complicated at the beginning of every semester. Sometimes it is difficult to find adequate class room size for the amount of people enrolled in the class.


The worst thing is the condition of the finacial aid department and the price of on campus housing.