University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


We are all mixed here.


Mostly interested students that have goals to work towards, a very competitive area. I guess you could say mostly geeks are what are found at UMKC.


Well, just like any other school there are Frat kids, Stoners, Geeks, and Jocks. My school in particular has more Stoners and Geeks than anything. Though, at the same time it isn't very obvious, you must know the daily activities of certain groups of individuals to have some knowledge of their stereotypes. These are not the only stereotypes though, we also have the dancers, sports fanatics, and followers (those who just came for the experience). UMKC is a very diverse school indeed and there are several different stereotypes that you may see and find yourself being grouped within one.


The sterotype of most UMKC students is that they tend to be older than the average student. Most people see UMKC as a transfer school where you would continue your education, not one where you would receive an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree from.