University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love this school. I prefer it over the other schools because they have a 3-year clinical program instead of 2.


The best thing about are university is probably the fact that we have a very diverse student body, and that is a good way to meet different students looking for better ways to educate themselves and learn what they want to proceed as their career pathway. ONe thing though that I would like very much to be altered would be to dedicate more areas on campus to the students academic resources on there subject of studies. One of the things that UMKC does very well, is that the administration is dedicated to making the most of the students time, by providing large areas within campus for the students to come together and create different groups or unions towards the college experience. One thing that many students do complain about is the fact that classes are somethings way more complex then they may seem. Some instructors may teach a very broad point on a subject and at times not provide the required material for the students to study in time for examination time and forces students into dropping courses because they were not prepared with the instructors poor teaching skills, a subject that has been brought to student unions a number of times on campus.


UMKC has its high moments, as well as its low ones. It does stand out on several points, where the Nursing Program is one of the best, if not the best, in the nation. I do believe that most Nursing Program students do have an overly heavy workload. In general, UMKC is probably one of the most family bound schools I've been to or read or heard about. Everyone is very friendly with one another, and helpful to their best abilities. I think with the size of the school, we really have no choice but to be a family. It's not too big, but it's not too small if you walk the entire campus. I often get this question or why'd I choose this school and what do I like most, or are there a lot of parties. It is college, everything you hear and read about is what you'll get if you go searching for it. There are several ways to get involved on campus, there is always someone you can ask for help, and in a world of freedom, you can never get lost. I wouldn't change anything about this school for the simple fact that you can never get sidetracked if you commit to focusing. Now UMKC isn't in a real college town, though everywhere you go, you may hear someone ask about it or KU. But there is a lot of school pride due to the connection between all of the students that attend. The most recent and biggest controversy on campus may have been the stealing activities that took place in the garage of the apartment complex, which led to surveillance by on campus police. The most frequent complaints from students were the lack of available parking due to the remodeling of another parking garage, that should be finished by the end of the year. One of my most memorable moments at this school, was when we had a string of events for everyone who attended the school that wanted to participate, called Wing Wars. My team was in a very unusual position in a dodgeball game, with only a girl left to compete on our team and four competitors on the opposition, my team subbed me in to go on to win a victory and a lot of commencement from my fellow students.


The school is located right in the center of downtown Kansas City so there is plenty to do around the campus. The school is well staffed so it is generally pretty easy to find class times that fit with your current schedule. The class sizes are big enough to give you the "college experience," but not too big where you feel unnoticed. The one complaint I would say I hear about the school is that there is not enough parking. They are currently redoing our parking garages so it was a little hectic this semester.