University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone and everyone should come to University of Missouri - Kansas City because there is something for every here.


Any students that wants to major in pre-health related fields


A person should attend this school if they enjoy a diverse urban atmosphere, want research experience, want an affordable education, and want to have a career when they graduate.


Medicial students, dental students, law students, any health care, any education, any english, and any musical students.


A perfect UMKC candidate should be excited about learning and building a network of talented professors and colleagues. At UMKC a prospective student should be capable and willing of growth personally and prfessionally.


people who can easily stay focused and love to attend events


Someone who loves city life, diversity of people and cultures and tons of city parks. The atmosphere of campus is very friendly and students feel able to talk to anyone that walks by.


Someone who is looking for something different than they have always had. Very diverse culture here.


anyone who wants to get ahead in life


One who embraces individuality and diverse settings. A very goal oriented person who enjoys both the rush of city life laid back settings. This is a very good school for those seeking a professional degree and also those with a more artistic side.