University of Missouri-Kansas City Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


UMKC was my first choice of my college life, not only because it is very close to home but also because of its great academic and student facilitates it offers, I feel as though the tuition fees and amount that I pay for school is actually quite worth it. There are very large student centers and places that will help you with your school work and make sure you understand whats going on. I mostly joined because of the wide range of great programs at UMKC and because it the pricing was more suitable for me. I would recommend this school to anyway that wants a fun and full of great experiences, while learning and becoming what they want!


I actually decided to attend UMKC simply because I plan to graduate from college. I know it sounds cliche but I almost had to transfer from the previous school I attended, which was the University of Missouri in Columbia, better known as Mizzou. While attending Mizzou, I was honestly a party animal and I could never actually focus on my school work, well never give it the time that it needed for great quality. When I transferred to UMKC, I began to focus in more on my school work because I had more time due to the low volume of parties that were occurring. Now, I find UMKC to be a better placement for me, as I want to earn and obtain my degree in Journalism. Grant, UMKC does have some very exciting events, but as I grow older every single day, I've become more willing to make better decisions and stay in my books.