University of Mobile Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is very big on faith and having a close relationship with God.


The University of Mobile is is God-centered. The teachers and administration work and challenge the students to do the very best that we can solely to glorify the name of Jesus. They don't only teach us academically, but they also help to guide and influence us spiritually. When Christ is the center the of our lives (including our studies) then nothing but positive results will come from it. When I think of the University of Mobile, I think of a place preparing students in order to serve the savior of the world.


University of Mobile is a warm and friendly place where the professors care about me and my education.


The University of Mobile is a private Southern Baptist college that offers a wide variety of majors and extracirricular activities, and has a lot to offer for someone who is looking for a small University close to the beach.


UM is a place of great friends, great learning of your subject and yourself.


My school is a small private baptist college in Eight Mile, Alabama.


University of Mobile is very God oriented.