University of Mobile Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is well known for its school of music as well as being one of the best nursing schools in the state of Alabama.


It is best known for their worship leadership program/ music degree. They put a large focus on not only the specific area of study, but also the specific industry. For example, music students get a taste of the music industry by taking recording classes, a music industry class, and song-writing/publishing opportunities. They try to have a well-rounded influence on the students.


School for performing Arts


I think it is best known for the performing arts.


religious environment


Our most-known majors are business, nursing and music. Our music groups travel and I hear about the most music-majors having successful careers once they graduate. We put the most emphasis on the curriculum for our business and nursing students and expect the most from them. We are also well-known for our Christian atmosphere. Most of the people here walk the walk and talk the talk; they are not just Sunday morning Christians. We have more extra-curricular activities based on religion (Bible studies, church groups, guest speakers about Christianity, etc.) than of any other type.