University of Mobile Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There are many things I would tell myself. The most important thing I would tell myself is to take my classes serious. If I don't take the first classes seriously and pass with a B or A then I will end up having to retake the classes. I need to make it easier on myself and just pass the classes so that I can get to my career choice faster and not make it harder. I would also tell myself to not focus on trying to make friends but to focus on my school work because that is going to get me to where I want to be in the future. Studying is another thing that my high school senior self needs to really focus on because classes that she will be taking do not come easy and that she has to work for the grades she wants. Those three things will help me so much now and make my life so much easier and I would have been done with school by now instead of having to retake classes.


The advice I would give to myself would be to come into college with an open mind. Keeping an open mind is valuable in college because you will experience things completely out of your comfort zone. You will never experience real college life if you close your mind out to certain things. You may get embarassed but that is the fun of it. Coming to college thinking I am going to miss home and I am not going to make any friends in common. Do not go home first semester of college no matter how much you miss it. You will come to recognize your college as your home. Your experiences as a freshman will shape your whole college experience. Come to college with an open mind and do not be afraid of being yourself. You will find life long friends and never regret the choices you made. Focus on school work but make sure you give yourself time to truly experience what college life is all about.


Save as much money as possible and take advantage of the the time you have to work on scholarships. Time flies by and before you know it, college is over and you are working to pay off school loans. If I had worked on scholarships sooner in high school, I may not have to have loans to pay off. I would remind myself that mom and dad are not going to help you pay for your school, they view me as an adult, therefore I need to pay for things as an adult would. Students that don't have to worry about school tuition tend to enjoy college a bit more, but those that worry month by month if they will have enough money to stay spend all their time worrying and don't have as good of an experience. I'd ask myself, "Do you want to be involved and enjoy yourself or working and going to school full-time in order to stay missing out on the college friendship opportunities?" Take advantage of the time you have to prepare for school, so it will be well worth it in the end.


High school and college differ enormously. I certainly was unaware of this at the time of my graduation from high school. Then again, eighteen is not exactly known for being the age of 'knowledge and wisdom.' Personally, I believe that I was prepared to the best of my ability for the notorious campus life. My single parent (mother) attempted her best with the mental groundwork and my alma mater was left responsible for any and all academic preparaion. However I wish that I had readied myself financially for college life. With my mother and my grandmother as my only intermediate family, and me being fresh out of high school, I was not exactly the multi-millionare Bill Gates descendant. I thrived on high school extracurriculars and club participation to accent my prominent grades in order to gather as many scholarships as possible, however it seems that student loans are still the "name of the game." Which leads me to the unfortunate situation where I currently reside. Few scholarships turn over into each new year, and I am left at a standstill as to whether or not I will be able to attend college due to my financial situaion.


If I had the chance to be a high school senior there is a lot of thing I would have done differently when it came to choosing a college. First I would not have been a student athelete. It took a lot out of me and my coaches was not very supportive when it came to keep my grades up. They didn't want my teammates and I to have a social life. Second, I would have left a lot of things at home and organized what I was going to bring better. Dorm rooms are usually small and won't fit all your things. Third and last I would have looked into joining a lot of different organizations. Because I was a student athelete I was not able to do this. I have learned that networking is very important in college because the more source you have the better. These sources can help you find a job easily after you graduate from college. Overall, my college experience has been nothin


Looking in hindsight, I would advize myself to work as hard as I possibly could to prepare for college financially. I have no problem focusing on my current studies and making remarkable grades, but within the busyness of high school and the level of maturity as a high school student, I did not find it very important to focus on scholarship searching. High school graduation comes fast and there is no time to waste. I am regretting my decisions in high school because now I don't know if I will be able to continue my studies at the University of Mobile. I am having to spend my spring break searching for money to continue going to school rather than spending time with friends at the beach. I had my fun in high school and now I lose my free time during college. If I focused on this sooner in life, my college life would be less stressful. Make sure your priorites are straight because it will come and bite you later on in life.


Going away to college is a big life change. Be serious about your education by learning to manage your time and set priotities. Its great to have fun and do things with new friends, but school work needs to come first. Learning and accepting this before moving away to college will help you in this transition.


Graduating from college gave me a feeling of satisfaction and self worth. I had post-poned completing my bachelor degree for a few years, yet I always felt like there was something left undone. That is how I feel now concerning my master's degree. I have wanted to return to school, but always put it off because of financial obligations elsewhere. I believe returning to school and completing this goal will give me a better opportunity in the workplace and make myself proud. I have two children that I speak to about college and think that by returning to achieve my master's degree will set a good example for them. I want to make them proud! I believe a college education is crutial in today's workplace. I look forward to working on my master's degree and meeting the students working to achieve the same thing.


I have gotten out of my college experience no matter how hard life gets and obstacles that make me stumble its never to late to go to school and get my degree in nursing. I feel very honored to attend a christian university,with open and honest opionions who believe in freedom of speech. This has been the best school i have ever attended,the professor are always available when you need them,and we have excellent career service programs as well as mentoring programs also.


Don't be so afraid of being yourself. Don't get so wrapped up in guys. Its time to grow up. You are an adult and you are beautiful how you are. This is not high school anymore. You are growing up and making life-changing decisions. Be you, express your individuality. Let go of the past and start a new beginning.


I would tell myself to always take into account the financial needs of my family. I would also consider the location of college. I would definitely look for a school that gave you freedom and independence. It is a great way for students to learn who they really are. Surround yourself with positive influences and not those who will make your college experience something you will regret later in life. Be involved and get to know your classmates. Don't forget to have fun!


If I could go back in time to my senior year, I would tell myself to stop letting everyone pressure me into taking this class or that class, and telling me what major I should declare when I got to college. In the end it would be better for me to just choose the major that fit me and go to the school that I had dreamed of going since seventh grade. I also would have told myself to declare my major sooner so that I wouldn't have to be in school fo six years for a degree that is only supposed to take three and a half.


If I could go back in time, there are many things I would tell myself. First, I would say that I would need to take a deep breath and not to get so stressed out. Second, I would say to take it one day at a time. And third, to have faith that everything will come out right.


I would tell myself to study harder and to pay attention in class. How well a person does in high school does matter in the quality of learning in college. I would tell myself to not be a slacking senior and to make sure to learn all that you can in the time that you have in high school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that it is absolutely necessary to attend every class, including the 8:00 a.m. classes. I would also tell myself that college is much different than high school. In high school you live with your parents and they wake you up in the mornings for school, but in college you live in a dorm and you have to be responsible and wake yourself up on time for class. College can be very stressful at times, but you will always be able to overcome it. Never wait until the week before the due date to write a 12-page research paper; this will prevent a large amount of stress. Also, make sure you leave enough time to have fun with your friends and take a break from studying!


I would advise parents and/or prospective students to consider attending a college that will best help to mold students into successful, responsible adults. College gave me an opportunity to break away from life that I knew in high school and engage in experiences that are helping me develop into a stronger, more independent young adult. Here at the University of Mobile, students are held to a higher standard than those at other college campuses. We are expected to be examplar models for our peers on campus as well as the community. Our campus is blessed with administrators who help push students in the same optimistic direction, and overall help sustain a productive learning environment for everyone. College is a privilege that should not be taken advantage of; focus and enthusiasm are the best qualities to obtain as a student in order to achieve the most out of the college experience. I believe these aspects are critical when debating the type of college to attend, because as a student I can testify about the benefits that comes with attending a campus such as University of Mobile. Go Rams!


Check out several schools and apply to them. Do not settle, go for your dreams.


Going to visit the school. Just looking at pictures and hearing things from others can give you a false impression. Make sure its something you can handle for the entire time you attend the school.


No school is perfect. They all have flaws. Don't pick a school based on where your parents want you to go or where your friends are going. College is your own experience. Your parents shouldn't decide for you because they aren't going to be there any more to make your choices. And don't go somewhere just because all of your friends are going. You'll make new friends at college, friends that may last a lifetime. Plus, it will give you plenty of stuff to talk about when you're at home on break. Most of all enjoy the extra stuff the school has to offer, but always keep your priorities straight. The fun ends if you end up flunking out!


never put all your eggs in one basket


To make the most of your college experience, be willing to be open to all new experiences and types of people you encounter. Learning and growing is not just about the classroom experience. Don't believe only what your parents have taught you - go out and find your own truths. When you do, pass them along to others. Take everything you can from your college experience, and give it back by servicing humankind.


Learn as much as you can about each college that you are looking at. One of the most important things to look at in a school is the faculty. They are the ones who are there when you need help the most. The faculty at the University of Mobile are more like a helpful parent, they give you advice and are willing to help you in any way possible. That is what you want to find when deciding on a college to attend. Do not waste your or your parent's money...go to class. Learn everything that you can and do your best at it. It will pay off in the long run and don't forget to make friends along the way. You will remember them for the rest of your life. College isn't all about partying and being away from your parents, it is a privalege that we should all take advantage of.


Make sure to visit the college during the school year. - several times, if possible. Don't just go on a preview day, go when they're not really expecting you. Talk to the students about the school and don't be afraid to ask hard questions or ask them what they don't like about the school. Visit classes in your desired major to make sure that they're going to be teaching the stuff you expect to learn. Don't let your opinion of the college be swayed by the admissions office - do as much investigating as you can without their help.


When looking at colleges be sure academics is your top priority. Look at the jobs students with a degree from that school have taken and read what the students have to say about it. Make sure there are job-fairs and internships available. Then be sure you look at the area and the activities that are happening around campus. Spend a few days in the city where the school is located so you can get a feel for driving around there and are able to check out a few of the local places. You will spend a lot of time in them for the next four years. Maximize your experience at college by making the most of your time. I know you're here to learn and get a great job but if you hate those four years you WILL regret it. Take time when you first get to college to step out of your comfort zone. Try new things; talk to the person you don't know sitting next to you on that park bench. You will make some great friends in these first two weeks and you need to because it just gets harder after that.


My advice would span the life of the child. Save Save SAVE! Money is so crutial to getting the education you want. If you don't have enough money then you get bound to things you don't want to do to make money and pay the tuition. I would tell the parent to start a college fund before the baby is even born and not to touch the money for any thing. That way when he/she gets the chance to go to college the funds are there for him or her to be what ever they want.


When looking for the right college, you definitely should visit the campus before deciding. You need to make sure you are comfortable when on campus. You don't want to feel threatened or out of place. Make sure you won't be financially stressed the entire time you are attending school. Make sure you won't feel judged by your classmates. Make sure the school offers the major/minor you want.