University of Mount Olive Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very good people and are very friendly to get along with. You do not have to hesitate to ask them questions if you need help. You can always have study sessions with them and they are usually willing to help. If you are sick and miss class then there are some good people that can help you out and let you know what we did. There are always those good people in class that know what you are doing and you can ask them and they do not mind at all, myself included.


My classmates are part of a group unique to this college, coming from everywhere across the world, to further their education, athletic ability, and make life long friends.


They are freindly hardworking and eager to help fellow classmates


Mount Olive College students are helpful, friendly, and outgoing.


My classmates are hard-working, smart, helpful and always there to help each other if they are needed.


My classmates each possessed similar characteristics as myself, which made it easier to relate to them as well as learn from them.