University of Mount Olive Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Mount Olive is known for "the pickle school" because the brand of pickles "Mount Olive" is about 3 minutes from the campus. Mount Olive is also known for the athletics since most of the school is made up of athletes. They have 10 womens sports teams and 10 mens sports teams, most of which are pretty good. I participate on the Softball team.




Mount Olive College is known for a variety of things. Our music and athletic programs are some of the most well-known programs we have. Mount Olive also has a newspaper that tells the community what is going on at Mount Olive College so everyone knows when all the upcoming events are. Even though we are known as a really small college, we are also known for our very active campus.


My school is best known for the music program and the atheletics.


Mount Olive College is best known for it's affiliation with the Convention of the Original Free Will Baptist denomination, churches and members, especially alumni are very supportive of the College and it's programs.


My school is best known for their accelerated degree programs they offer to transfer students and nontraditional students.


Classes that were made for the working class. One night a week classes.