University of Mount Olive Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




I personally chose to live off campus and commute to school every day. I recently transfered to Mount Olive College in August 2010. So far I have had a wonderful experience. The worst thing about the college is that is is 30 minutes from my home, which is not their fault. Other than that I am extremely pleased with my experience there.


I enjoyed my experiece at Mount Olive College and really do not have anything negative to say about it. The wonderful Professors and great support staff gave rise to a wonderful learning experience for me.


Mount Olive is a very small town and there is not a lot for college students to do outside of the school. This at times makes the college boring and has caused many students to transfer. I feel that more entertainment is needed to make Mount Olive College a more appealing college.


The workload is very heavy.