University of Mount Olive Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is close to my home. It is a fairly small campus. It is my first choice college. I choose this college because of it's proximity to my home, and the small community based campus. My parents home is about 30 minutes away. I like knowing that I can see them anytime I want to.


I think the best thing is that it is a small school and classes are small. Due to the fact classes are small it is easier to get to know your professor as well as get more help from them. The staff here cares about your grades and they have many ways to help improve your grades.


The ease of registration and purchasing books


The best thing about Mount Olive College is the small small "close to home" campus we have and how comfortable evereyone makes you feel.


I loved the smaller class size. This provided more oportunities for inreactions with the professors. This also allowed more time for researching topics and exploring alternate theories in classes. This was a great way for me to learn. I was allowed to expand on my ideas while learning to appreciate the ideas of others and then being able to discuss the new ideas and combine them to create new theories.


Mount Olive College is a family-oriented college in which a lot of individuals chose the school simply because a family member is an alumni. Having a close environmnet promotes employees of the school to be concerned about a student's overall success. Professors provided support and made themselves available to assist students to succeed.