University of Nebraska at Kearney Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Well there's a saying around these parts that goes: You can't spell 'drunk' without UNK. As much as I'd like to argue the statement, because I feel that it gives the wrong impression of our school, I have to agree. You really can't spell 'drunk' without UNK. Witty student sayings aside, it's a great school. In fact, in 2010 it ranked top 10 in U.S. News' ranking of regional public universities. Really, google it. Okay, so maybe the first result is our school's website. No bias. I can vouch for it!


University of Nebraska at Kearney is best known for its education program and business program.


I would say the school is probably best know for it's ability to get to know each student individually. It is small enough that students get the attention they need and it is easy to get involved on campus.


UNK is best known for it's Education Majoring programs.




University of Nebraska at Kearney is known for being an unknown school. Most students are from rural towns, but we do have lots of diversity, our profesors teach us, most classes are small, and lots of students do research.


It is still a university, but it is smaller than some of the other bigger schools. There is a smaller teacher to student ratio and smaller classes are great. They also have a great education program and a good biology program.


My school is best known for helpin students succeed in any way possible. If you have a dream, UNK can help you reach it. UNK has a very positive environment and is well suited for students of all ages and all different types of backgrounds.


Sadly, a well know reputation for the school is that it is a party school. There are alot of drinking parties that go on on the weekends. Also the marching band and orchestra have a pretty good reputation from what i am told. They win contests and are very precise. Also the theatre department doesn't get enough credit for the amazing productions it puts on every year.


The school is best known for its spirit at football games, and any other sports game at home or even away from home.

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