University of Nebraska at Kearney Top Questions

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The vibes that you get from the people and environment, immediately you feel right at home.


It had the programs I wanted, at a price I could afford and with abeautiful awesome campus. What else could I ask for?


The students are extremely nice and open to talk to new people. I toured a school in New York, and didn't have nearly as welcoming of an experience as I did at UNK.


It is in a college friendly town and it is small enough that you don't know everyone, but you could. There is a bit of drinking, but not much on campus. The town is growing so there are alot of new store opening and Kearney is the burth place of the Buckle and are always hiring. The university is small, but it has some of the best teachers in Nebraska.


UNK is more of a Teacher Education school were as the other schools which I considered were more for Agriculture or other degrees. You were able to get a Teacher Education degree but UNK focuses more on helping students interested in the area obtain their degree.


There are a lot more opportunities in my major as an undergraduate student than at the other schools I considered. For example, I am given the opportunity to run my own research project whereas most universities don't offer that, and students must wait until they are graduate students. This unique opportunity helps build my resume for Graduate school and sets me appart from other applicants.


It is very diverse and all the students get along. We are very into out varsity sports, mostly football, volleyball, and wrestling. There are many clubs and activities to join and many people to meet. The classes are not very big, thirty students at most in one classroom. The campus is just big enough to fit every student and it doesn't take long to walk to any class. The teachers are very friendly and are willing to help students if need be. The exersice equipment is very well kept and is available to everyone.


The University of Nebraska at Kearney has been awesome so far. I am a transfer student from Otero Junior College in La Junta, Colorado. I find that UNK is similar to the small town aspect but a big enough town for me to have a ton of fun. I love that Kearney is still considered an Aggricultural town in Nebraska. I think it is the best fit for me because it is not to big and not to small.


Kearney has an excellent honors program. Kearney is the best reaseach university in the Midwest. The undergraduate research program allows you to do independent research and get a stipend. Your research can be published. The Reseach Council grants funds to students and they have a Summer Student Research Probram. Phi Gamma Delta has chartered themselves on this campus. This fraternity is very active on campus and in the community catering to youth. Kearney has an excellent Fine Arts program including band, vocal and drama. The advisors and faculty at Kearney have the student's interests in their hearts. Go Lopers!


One of the top business school in america.


The size of my school is unique becuase it is considerably smaller than the other schools I applied to, but in a good way because for me, it is the perfect size.


Location, and the fact that the fraturnities and sororities are located on campus.


Kearney has the experiences of a large city university, but its in a small town setting. The mixture of local kids from the town and the state mixes very well with the out of state and exchange students.

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