University of Nebraska at Kearney Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Currently there is a lot of construction going on. It's great for the school, but a little inconvenient for getting around campus.


There's a huge alcohol culture here. It's bad. Even though the laws for MIP are the toughest in the state, the drinking culture here is such that when a party off campus is busted by police, no one ever gets carded, they all simply get thrown out and go to the next party. Drunks roam the streets at all hours of the night on weekends.


The school spirit around campus is very weak. Going to a big high school in Texas there was school spirit all around the community. I feel like I am going to high school all over again. The athletic teams are not the greatest, but the schools athletic department does not invest alot of money into athletics like I feel they should.


Some of the teachers aren't from the US so breaking that language barrier is sometimes difficult


I don't like the meal plan. It is manditory and I often find it not needed.


The worst thing is the cost to attend. I had to take out many loans to pay for school, just for my first year. I know it's only going to get worse and I can't afford it. I should have taken a speech online course this semester but it costs a lot more than a regular course and I can't afford that.


UNK is a really great facility and they have a lot to offer, but the food isn't all that great. In my opinion, I think there should be at least one thing in the cafeteria that is there everyday that could be a go to food if nothing else seemed good. Also, the other places that you could use a meal transfer don't have very many options to pick from. It seems like they are always trying some new way to work out the kinks but they just haven't figured out what works well yet.


Parking lots are probably the worst thing about the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The parking space we have is very limited and there are certain zones you can park with if you have that particular parking permit. I have had to park four or five blocks away sometimes because of the lack of parking space.


The classes are so small, and everyone is so nice, that your teachers WILL know you're name. That can be a really good thing, but it could also be bad, depending on the kind of student you are. Other than that, UNK has been a great school so far.


The worst thing about this school is that at times it felt like teachers were more willing to go out of their way for athletes who missed class than students who were sick or struggling. I understand that students have a tendency to just skip class but that's not always the case.


I personally think that the cafeteria could serve the students a better variety of foods that will attribute to student athletes.


It's small variety of people and entertainment.

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