University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are a diverse group of people who enjoy interacting with one another as a way to understand how others think, while also expressing their own opinions on several topics discussed in class.


Mostly spoiled brats who either live with their parents or live in the dorms with all expenses paid by their parents. Msot do not work and take any more than a full-time academic load, yet will constantly complain about the amount of work given in courses.


I am not a very religious person but walking on campus you will see different racial and religious organizations putting on events for students to attend. It's definitely interesting to see. A student who could feel out of place at UNO would probably be someone who's from a different state/country but that's pretty normal at any other college. Students mostly wear sweats to class but sometimes people like to dress up a little too. You'll always see different types of people interacting with each other on campus, and you get to meet a variety of people. Most students are from Omaha, or another town in NE, and everyone seems to be financially stable but some students do need some loans. Overall, students at UNO seem to be very active. There are always a bunch of fun events going on such as concerts and bake sales. We show a lot of school pride and we definitely show it during welcome week, homecoming week, greek week, etc. You'll constantly be meeting new people all year and it's awesome because our school is so diverse.


I would describe UNO as left-leaning. Most students come from a middle-class background and some are politically active. The democratic organization on campus is much more populated than the republicans. Most of the students are from the general metropolitan area, although many cultures come to UNO for the diverse amount of programs offered. There are no uniforms required, so clothing in classes is quite varied.


Students are very diverse. There are many organizations (over 100) that you can find people with similar interests. The dining halls are very social. People are friendly and anyone is willing to help you find classes and do study groups. Any stereotype you can think of, will be found. People with any interests will be found. There are both democratic and republican organizations. It would take me...FOREVER to describe each type of student.


UNO offers many different clubs and organizations. There is one for each students individual interests, and if there is not, anyone can create a club. There are political groups, both Republican and Democrat. There are rock climbing clubs and a GLBTS (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, straight) club that has a big following as well. The student government has agencies that make sure all foreign exchange students, disabled students and American students have equal opportunities and rights on campus. If you have a complaint, talk to student government and they will address it. There is a huge foreign exchange population at UNO. We have the biggest Afghan studies program and section of the library in the United States. I just picked up several foreign exchange student from Oman just the other day. The economic background of students at the school are ranged, but if I were to make an assumption I would say they are all mostly middle class. Students wear jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, gym pants, pajamas, you name it they wear it. There isn't a dress code.


Diverse group of ambitious students.


They seemed to be pretty layed-back and are always will to help if I miss a day or two of class.




My classmates were shy at first, making a lot of tension and akwardness since there was a classroom with about 50 students in it and every single one of them was quiet but they eventually warmed up and started talking more throughout the year.


they are helpful, trustworthy, intelligent, kind, and amazing to know.


My classmates are very school-oriented.


The students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha from what I have seen are not afraid to voice their opinions and are willing to help others.


My classmates are dedicated and goal-orientated students.


Classmates are respectful and attentive when coming to class.


My classmates are fun, open, helpful, good, hard-working, and great friends.


My classmates are reasonable people?


Generally only talk to those who live on campus or are in sororities/fraternities. Some classes students will form study groups with students sitting around them.


My classmates are very honest, nice, hard-working and dedicated.


Conservative under-thinkers.


Very diverse, a lot like the mix of kids I went to high school with.


they are all typical, run of the mill college students. they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and age groups.