University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My School is best known for it's Mavrick team and Huskers club.


I would say that my university is best known for the awesome hockey team! We also have one of the best libraries in the area, the UNO Criss Library and I have found it and the librarians very helpful. Another thing that I think is nice are the dorms, it's part of the reason I came here because they are nice and homey feeling, after all they are my home away from home.


I really enjoy welcome week each year. It occurs on during the first week of school. All the different organizations on campus put up booths outside of the student center and advocate for their group. You get a lot of free random stuff and every once in a while you come across a truly unique club that you'll want to check out. I enjoy it because everyone is outside, the university offers free lunch to the students during welcome week, and you meet a lot of new people.


From what I can tell UNO is known for the Mavericks Hockey.


The wonderful programs that help students futher their education. The staff in each department and building has been a true friendship and rewarding in this journey that I started. I have enjoyed my time here at UNO and would like to remain at UNO but right now my schooling is very costly. I love how the staff encourages me to try solve all my problems and gives me wonderful community resources to help me and my family. Just because I am a older student with four children I was not turn away. I feel UNO is very comfortable for me.


I'm not really sure what University of Nebraska at Omaha is best known for. I suppose it is known for its hockey team, as it is not very common to have a hockey team, and our team is ranked rather highly.


UNO is classically a commuter college. Some students live on campus, but the majority of us travel to school. In my opinion, this enables students to have a social life outside of school, but not one that is overally distracting from school work. If you're serious about attending your classes and doing well, go to UNO. If your interest lies in social activities, go somewhere else.


University of Nebraska at Omaha is best known for its diversity. When I visited the campus for the first time I was surprised by diverse society they had created at UNO. So, I did not feel akward when I said " I am from a different country".


University of Nebraska at Omaha is known for its business and international studies programs. Our international studies dean, Dean Gouttierre, is well known for his consultations with the US Government. Our school also has great diversity on campus, as many students from all over the world come to Omaha to learn English without an accent. University of Nebraska at Omaha also has various speakers that come to our campus to give lectures on current topics.


Warren Buffets alma matter


My school is best known for their hockey team. They bring in many fans. Also, the school is well known for the "Maverick Mojo", which is people reaching out to get people informed of what UNO offers.


I think the University of Nebraska at Omaha is best known for being a good business, psychology, and education school. The university just recently celebrated its hundreth brithday (centennial). The school has been around for a while and has amazing connections with the city and area around the university. This allows students many job and career opportunities and connections.


Our university is an all around good school and we focus on our business, information technogy, and our public services.


The Mavrick hockey team.


Hockey team, students wanting to pursue a career in the medical field, the really good Chemistry program.


School of business and Education


Buiness and Education