University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

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Uno provides a great overall experience for any individual. I particularly like the pride students have and the loyalty that comes with the community within the University. It provides not only a wide range of academic programs but it also enables a student to grow as individuals.


The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers a high quality education at a very reasonable tuition rate. I was completely satisfied with the faculty, the programs offered, and the education I received. UNO also has great partnerships with local businesses. During my MBA studies, I participated in a Graduate Assistant program working at a local corporation that offered real world experience and led to a full time job after graduation.


I love that my college is located in a bigger city so I can expired the city life along with college life. My classes are smaller so I'm not just a number in my classes. The campus loves to be a green campus by recycling, planting many trees, and being eco-friendly. My favorite part is the dorms because every single dorm is apartment style with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen and living room.


UNO is right in the middle of Omaha, so it doesn't completely dominate your life.


I like the University of Nebraska at Omaha for a matter of reasons. First of all, UNO is in the city that I grew up in and it is where my parents and my other immediate family members currently live, which allows me to commute from home, so I get to see my family every day. Another reason as to why I enjoy UNO is because it has a community of people who are always willing and are prepared to help you in any direction you may want to take.


The University of Nebraska at Omaha has a wonderful business program, as well as one of the few institutions in the midwest that have an accredited aviation program. Both schools have a set curriculum that gives you an understanding of what classes to take in order to graduate in the average time it normally takes.


What is so unique about this school is the student-teacher ratio in most classes and how helpful they are. From the financial aid offices, to the teachers, to even the academic advisors, this school wants you to succeed. Now with the previous community college i went to i didnt feel that they were trying to help me at all. The teachers only were here for a second job and the advisors was never there to help.


I found it to be very unique at UNO the amount of personal help recieved by student. Even though it was a very large university, they always made a point to ensure each student had the attention they needed to be successful with their endevors.


There really isn't anything unique about my university.


University of Nebraska at Omaha is unique in many different ways. I considered several schools, but the Japanese courses offered at UNO swayed my decision. UNO offers 2 years of Japanese and also offers many scholarships to go study abroad. The summer programs between foreign countries and UNO are also vast and numerous. This allows for a unique cultural experience that most of the other midwestern schools don't offer.


My school is unique because we are located right in the center of the biggest city in the state of Nebraska, but the campus is not overly huge. It is within walking distance of ten to fifteen minutes from one end of campus to the next. So we have the big city with the urban feeling campus.


Availability of firms to come into the classroom and talk about the career choice that we are making


Close enough to my parents if I have a problem, but far enough to grow as a person.


It is in the biggest city in Nebraska. I wanted to get out of the small town setting.


UNO is unique in that it is made for commuters primarily; most of our school does not live on campus and so the people who do go to school there go there primarily to learn, not for the college experience, (even though UNO has all the facilities any other college would have).


The school has a great studying enviroment, experienced instructors,great facilities, varied extra curricular activities and above all students do well n their studies.


UNO isn't very unique. It does not have hardly any school spirit. It is hard to get into many classes and there is never any parking available.


The proffessors and students are so friendly and engaging; the experience here is completely unlike the one at any of the other schools I considered. The school spirit and sense of community is so strong, you're always involved in something on campus.