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University of Nebraska at Omaha

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When you step off campus what do you see?

UNO is in the center of Omaha, or commonly referred to as "Midtown". If you step off campus going North, there is a quaint area of town known as Dundee where a lot of the art scene takes place. If you go West there is a multitude of businesses and shopping centers including fast food joints and of course the mighty Starbucks. If you go East you're on your way down town and into the old market, which is the area of town that still pulls off the old brick road style. If you go North there you will run into the beautiful Elmwood Park and an area of South campus called Aksarben. Aksarben is a unique experience of its own. The delicious Jones Brothers Cupcake store is in Aksarben along with a newly built movie theater and a refreshing Juice Stop. It is a very popular college hang out area.

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