University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What are some hot-button issues on campus?


I would assume that the hot button issues on campus are the same at my university as any other. We have clubs for pro-life and clubs for pro-choice. One group hands out condoms where as the other hands out roses on valentines day. You can guess which group does what. We have the young republicans club and the young democrat club. The democrat club just let a bunch of students take pictures next to their life size cut out of president Obama the other day. There are pastors and preachers who reserve times to preach in the student center and that causes a big scene whenever they come. It's usually in the warmer months, because they have to stay outside in the commons area. There is a lot of debate that circules around that one. The never ending argument about is God real? and why is my religion wrong but yours is right? These are all things I love to witness but never participate in. At any campus you will have these issues and you will have the kids who are outspoken and love to argue their points. We are who we are. I can remember one year there was a speach in the student center about why weed should be legalized. I think I was busy that day.

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