University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


We have 2 food courts associated with campus, one on south campus and one on north campus. I have only experienced the food on north campus, but it's pretty good. They have healthy options and that fat greasy junk that I love so much. There is a sandwich place, a pizza place, a hamburger place and an Asian food place as well. They offer an assortment of bottled beverages and on tap options. UNO is a pepsi campus, so don't walk around campus aimlessly looking for coke, because you won't find it my friend. I was lucky to find Dr. Pepper. If you aren't looking to eat a meal there is a convenience store in the student center that sells snacks and random other items. There are vending machines in most buildings for those kids who can't go through a class without some kind of caffinated beverage at their side (thats me). If you aren't interested in eating on campus then there are plenty of fast food and sit down restaurant options scattered in various locations located just off campus. I can remember walking to Qdobas mexican grill with my roommates my freshman year in a snow storm just because we were hungry. Clearly we weren't thinking. I got my nachos though! I see Jimmy Johns all the time being delivered on campus. Jimmy Johns is a sandwich place for those of you who live under a rock.