University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the cost, but every school is going to be expensive so theres really no difference.


I wish the University of Nebraska at Omaha had more classes taught by more professors and less Graduate Teaching Assistants. In the classroom I firmly believe a student is able to learn more with a professor who has taught the subject or class for years and who's policies tend to be more gracious and fair than a Graduate TA who has little experience teaching.


There is always someone outside playing music, handing out information, or preaching about something. When I only have 10 minutes to walk across campus it's nice to not be bothered.


The administrative office, I had a lot of confusion and trouble signing up for my new student orientation. Because I was a transfer student I had a seperate one from the incoming freshmen, but when I was told to sign up for one I wasn't told or made aware of that. So I had to try and get a hold of the office and it took me 3-4 phone calls and 3 different emails to get things straightened out. That's just one example. I haven't had a pelasent expereice with any staff.


Sometimes it is easy to get overlooked. The less you're involved in extracurriculars or the less outspoken you are, the harder it can be to get other students or staff to notice you.


Some shuttle bus drivers do not make any attempt to enjoy their job (shuttling students between the 2 UNO campuses), which puts a damper on my day.


Not enough black programs or single parnet programs


For certain departments, the academic advisors are not faculty members. This makes it difficult for them to know what classes are being offered during the next school year and has resulted in some students being misinformed when doing academic planning. Other advisors have so many advisees that they give bad advice just because they do not know the student well. I have been perfectly satisfied doing my own academic planning, but other students may not know what to do. Parking is probably UNO most notorious fault. Too many for faculty, virtually none for students.


The worst thing about my current school is the parking. I can never find parking in the parking lots close to my dorm so I have to park in the parking garage. What's bad about this is the parking garage is about a 20 minute walk, and at night it is dangerous to walk by yourself to campus from there.


Though it has the title of "university" it seems to be more like a community college. It's really difficult to get to know people here, because people want to go to class and leave. A small percentage dorm here, so you don't have the opportunity to make friends from your dorm building. It still remians to be a commuter college.


I think the worse thing about the school is connected with one of the best things about it. This school is for independent personalities. I have found that many students that have undecided majors or need guidance in finding their career paths have a difficult time at this school. The advisors are great at helping the students obtain their career goals, but are not so great at helping students find and start those career goals. This school is a commuter school and you really are on your own, it's one thing you must be prepared for.


The worst thing about my school is parking. It is so hard to find a parking spot, and it is expensive to buy a parking pass and not be able to find a parking place. I usually park my car at an alternate parking area and take a shuttle bus up to the school.


The school is older, and a lot of the buildings are showing their age with small classrooms with out-dated equipment. The shuttle drivers can also be scary to ride with.


The parking around campus. The shuttle system was alright, but the buses were not always in good condition. For instance, I know of two occasions when they broke down. Buying a parking pass was expensive, and it did not gaurantee a spot. When it would snow, which was often, they did not clear many walkways and getting around was difficult. For me, the parking got so frustarting at points that it would lead to skipping more classes than I should have. I would regularly miss 4 to 6 classes per semester because it was difficult to find avaliable parking spots.


Parking is probably the worst thing about my school. My professors and fellow students are great. Finding a parking spot was by far the hardest part of university experience.




There is not a lot of on-campus housing so this school is a commuter school. This can often times make it hard for you to meet new people/friends.


The worst thing about UNO is that not all of the professors are great. Some of them really are and encourage their students in practical ways, but some of them are just there to earn a living and consequently put little effort into their lectures. The University has a program that takes results from anonymous student surveys to evaluate professor performance, but apparently its too hard to replace mediocre professors with better ones, because some classes are just not worth going to.


that alot of people live off campus but there are improving that now with building 8 more new dorms making it upper 20 for building betwwen north and south campus


They do not provide job placement or help finding jobs paying off loans after you graduate.


It is set up as more of a commuter campus, so it is harder to make friends. Most people live off campus so there is not that much social interaction on campus daily.


The worst thing about UNO is the parking situation. If you live on campus you are forced to buy an expensive parking pass, and if you live off campus you have to buy a pass if you want to be able to park on campus. These parking passes are expensive even though the parking at UNO is unefficient. On average, it takes about 15 mins to find a parking spot and sometimes I don't find one at all, meaning I have to park off campus even though I have a parking pass.


wish they had more majors to choose from. Also I wish the sporting events were more fun to attend. For example the football games feel like high school football games.


That it's primarily a commuter campus in the heart of the city, and therefore lacks some of the traditional campus atmosphere. This is being radically corrected by construction of more on-campus housing, but I fear that I won't see much change in its' atmosphere during my tenure here.


The student life. After about 6:00 PM this place is completely dead; summers and weekends this place might as well not exist.


limited parking and unarmed campus security.


The cramped parking situation, and nothing besides.