University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about UNO is that there are so many students who are very involved in organizations on campus. It's amazing of what an impact students can have on others. I wish our school was a little bigger even though we have a north campus and a south campus, but it's a definitely a "go to" school. People who live in omaha automatically assume they'll go to UNO someday unless they have bigger plans for their future and move out of state. When I tell people I attend UNO they're not surprised or anything, but they assume that's where most students go who live in Omaha. I spend most of my time at the library, and it seems like the library and the student center are the two most common places for students to be or hang out. I'm content with my school's administration, but I know some aren't a huge fan of the greeks. That will change very soon! There's not a lot of controversy on campus but sometimes the religious groups can "in your face" sometimes. Just keep your cool and keep walking. Nothing unusual about the school, but there some interesting facts/rumors about our school which you'll find out at orientation if you decide to come to UNO! There is a lot of school pride especially at hockey games. Most schools are big on football games, well for us it's hockey! It's a different atmosphere but still very exciting, trust me. I'll always remember my greek experience here at UNO because it has done a lot for me as a person/leader. Also, the most popular topic you'll hear a student complain about is PARKING!! there's nothing you can do about it, but the school is always trying to brainstorm ways to make parking easier for the students. Overall, coming from a student who wanted to go to California for school and did not want to stay in Omaha, it's been a fun journey so far. College is college and wherever you go it will be an amazing new experience.


There is so many organizations and things to get involved in. There is a Student Government, Radio Station, Maverick Productions (which hosts a lot of events and concerts), Fraternities and Sororities, Investment Club, Intramural Sports (everyone can play!), and tons and tons more things to do. There is giant gym on campus with swimming pools, multiple basketball courts, indoor track, rock climbing, racket ball, and lots more. You can check out canoes and other stuff from the Outdoor Venture Program. There is even classes/activities you can take for Golf, Dance, Scuba, and other fun things.


UNO offers nearly everything a student could want. You can almost always find some sort of construction being done at the school, signifying that UNO wants to stay competitive. One thing that is AWFUL is the parking on campus. Be prepared. UNO is definitely a local school, not known outside of a tri-state radius. There are plenty of extra-curriculars and a great sense of school spirit. The biggest recent controversy on campus is the last-semester dissolution of the football and wrestling programs in order to join a new sports conference and to save money.


I love UNO! Because it is a smaller university, it is easier to be involved and start making a difference. Some people think it is only a commuter school, but really it has become quite the traditional campus. I love that it not placed in a "college town" so you have a lot of opportunities to get away from campus and get involved in other things. Many fortune five hundred companies specifically want UNO students as interns and literally will make the ink glow on your resume. I will always remember how many opportunities I have been offered as a student at UNO.


I am originally from Lincoln Nebraska, but I went to Omaha to study because I wanted to stay close to my family but still pay in state tuition without living in the same city all my life. UNO campus is in the heart of Omaha, only minutes away from downtown and major shopping malls. There are a lot of employment opportunities scattered around the campus area for students looking to work part-time. My school is best described as medium sized. It is not so big that you can't walk across campus, but not so small that everyone knows your name. I spend all my time in the Milo Bail Student Center on campus. There are lots of food options and a starbucks available. The study abroad agency is well known on campus and its rare that i meet someone who hasnt studied abroad at least once. The dorms are all apartment style, and the campus is right next to a park so a lot of students spend time in the park during the warmer months.