University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone is welcome at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. It has a diverse group of faculty and staff. Everyone is welcoming.


There are so many different kinds of people that attend this school. I have met so many people I wouldn't have known if I did not come here. The school is very diverse and I find nearly everybody to be kind, accepting, and helpful to everyone. It's not too big, and not too small. There are so many great opportunities here for everybody from arts to sciences to business programs.


An outgoing person. If you are not then you will not meet many people.


I think anyone who wants to excell and get their moneys worth for an education the University of Nebraska at Omaha would be a great choice. Personally, I would describe the University of Nebraska at Omaha as a melting pot. We have such a diversed group that you normally wouldn't get to see at a private college. However, I think that is because the Campus is conveniently located in the metro area. Which gives students a variety of career options for the time being.


Anyone from Omaha or the surrounding area can attend. UNO is still a commuter school, they don't have enough dorms for the Freshman to stay in so only people who choose to stay on campus. UNO is decently sized, and when you get involved you can meet people. People who are worried about not having anything to do in college should consider Omaha, because there are plenty of things to do here outside of the university setting.


THose looking for a smaller feeling campus should attend this campus, also this is a commuter campus.


This school is really great for anyone. Especially those who are looking to stay at home while in college and those looking to transfer to a bigger university because the classes are really good.


University of Nebraska at Omaha is a very diverse school. There is a very large percentage of students that are on exchange programs from overseas. Overall, I believe that any "kind of person" could attend this campus and be extremely happy with it. I know I am.


I believe that anyone with a free spirit should attend UNO. It is a very liberal campus and it is open to everyone. I have never seen anyone that has been hated against on this campus. I mean they do different days on campus to celebrate all types of people. Last semester they did a gay, straight, and transgender day to show their support. During the election I saw just as many Mccain supporters ae I did Obama supporters. I just think that anyone is allowed at UNO.


UNO is great for people who already have a good friend base and want to come here to STUDY. You don't have to party, drink, or use for people to like you. But, if you really want to meet NEW people, you almost have to join a sorority or fraternity. There ARE social events here, but most of them revolve around either sports, music, or an educational lecture (haha) which can be difficult to meet new people at. It's very easy to stay focused on your studies here, there are multiple study sites on campus.


Anyone can attend this school! I've had students in my class who graduated high school early all the way up to people my parents' or even my grandparents' age. But the majority of people are right out of high school around the age of 18 up to 23, so anyone outside that range may feel more excluded.


I feel that more independent students should come to this school because it is a "commuter" college making campus life very minimal compared to other campuses. There are activities offered, however, but as a student you have to be willing to find them on your own.


I honestly believe any type of person could attend this school. From young to old, white to black, all type of people attend this university and just about anyone can fit in and be happy here.


Someone who doesn't want a huge campus or a small campus