University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I think it is important to find a school that fits your social needs. Almost any school is going to get you the degree you are going to need to succeed in life, but it is your out look on life that gets your through college and determines the amount of effort you are going to put into your work. Making friends in a new place is very important. Your friends are what get you through all of your difficult times and keep you up beat and positive. With a positive out look on life and school, you are better equipped to do well and succeed in your classes. So find a school that does a good job at getting all of their students involved in extra activities and promote the opportunities to build the relationships that will last you a lifetime.


Don't just look at one college, explore your options. Also, don't be afraid of colleges far away from home. The best situation is to attend a successful college with support for what you want to study in a location that is comfortable for the student. So go out there and visit colleges you are interested in and picture yourself attending that place everyday for the next four years. Once you find one that you like and that is affordable, strive to attend that university. If for any reason you don't like your field of study or the college itself, make a change and do it soon. I spent two years in a major I didn't like so now I am behind. So if you think that you are in the wrong major, switch it for a different one and do it early. Attending a college that is comfortable to you and studying a major that you truly enjoy will greatly increase your chances of being happy and successful later in life.


I would tell them to make the most of their studies because they are paying for it. I'd also tell them to study what interests them and not what someone else expects them to study, because in the long run, you've got to do what is right for you. They should put as much effort into thier studies as possible, because you get out what you put in, and if you don't work and learn something, you've just wasted a lot of time and money.


As a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha, there are many things i can tell you about finding the right college but in the end it is what feels right to you. First I should start by saying I am not a nebraska resident, I am a colorado resident and my whole family lives in Colorado. I didn't do much to look for a school in fact I never even visit UNO before coming here. I do think it is extremly important to take I tour of the school to see what it is like and to see what they have to offer you. I would also recommned writting a list of things you want in a college such as size, majors and etc. Last if your thinking of going out of state only to be farther away from home, I would think twice. Just being on your own is hard enough for the first time but to be 5-20 hours away from your family is even harder. So just go with what your heart tells you and whatever you decide will be the right decision.


I had a representative from my dream college come visit me, and I had also visited the school with my father. I received multiple phone calls and application wavers from the school. For some reason, I ended up getting scared of going to an out of state college, and applied to colleges locally. My advice is to press through and apply to all the schools that interest you and don't hold back. If you do, you'll end up with woulda-coulda's like me. If it is decided that you will attend a college out of town I advise the parents to make sure that their child is in a comfortable environment. Meaning take the time to decorate the dorm, find a church home, and family friends so that the child doesn't get too homesick and wants to come home. Doing this also gives comfort to the parents knowing a friend is watching. A friend of my mother's once told me that her biggest mistake was that she didn't take the time to make sure her first child was comfortable. That same first child has now dropped out of school.


If I had a little brother or sister and my parents were asking me for advice on which school would be good for my brother or sister. I would tell them that five main things that you need to look at when deciding on a college for them is ; class size, availability of your major, class size, availablility of on campus or off-campus living, and the professors. This is some of the same advice my sister gave me when I was choosing a campus to go to when I was a senior in highschool. This is some of the best things that have helped me decide what and where is a great place to go to school.


Finding the right college is all about finding the college where you know you fit in socially and academically. If it feels like a strain to fit in when visiting or if it feels uncomfortable in anyway whatsoever, that college is probably not for you. College is a time to grow, and you can't grow if you're being held down by people who make you uncomfortable and don't allow you to be you. As for parents, look into the education and programs the school offers. School should act as a safe haven for your child when you drop them off to stay and live in the dorms their first year of college. This means you should be assured that there is a medical center on campus, a learning center, a good resident life program, and trustworthy and smart professors. It may also be smart to check how much the campus partakes in using illegal substances, because as much as you don't think you'll kid won't do it, they just may be forced into that situation. Overall, go to the college that just feels right, when you visit you'll know.


There are great colleges out there and every students if they are ready to learn and with the help of our parents we can all achive the best.


The best advice I could give parents about helping their child find the right college is to let them decide where they want to go. Make sure however, that when they choose a school based on their decided major, that they also have a second major in mind that they will be able to switch into at the same instituion. Transfering between schools is one of the most time consuming events a student can encounter in college.


Speaking in general terms, as there are naturally some colleges out there that aren't as good for some subjects as others, a student can do just as well, if not better by going somewhere that isn't at the tip of your budget. If you do serious research into schools and don't go by the word of the recruitment staff, you'll find that the best option might be relatively inexpensive and closer to home. My school is relatively cheap (in-state), but is absolutely fantastic at a variety of subjects. And when I need free food, I'm only about 10 miles from home (which is also far enough away to be independent, thankfully).


Do your research. Plan and make several college visits, but also know that you can always transfer to a different school later. Give your school a chance, though, before you decide that you don't like it. Consider going to school in-state for at least the first two years, it will save you soo much money! Be open-minded and don't just go where you think is the most popular or go somewhere just because your peers are "all" going there. College is an opportunity to meet new people!


The first piece of advice that I would give would be to find a campus you feel comfortable on. Somewhere that is diverse enough that you can truely learn from others and find some lifelong friends. Secondly, make sure this school has a great educational background and a good program for your major. GET INVOLVED ON CAMPUS!! That is such an important aspect of college life. You will get out of college what you put into it!


While money does play a part in deciding where to go to college, don't let it dominate your decision. Sometimes, paying more means getting a better education and getting a great college experience. You don't want to look back thinking "what if"


Don't sell yourself short because of financing. Settling for something local and cheap is akin to selling your ambitions off for a few extra dollars. Climb the moon and reach for the stars!


Choose wisely a college that will help you grow in the area you are gifted. Colleges that equip students to not just learn materials but to also carry themselves in this world are the way to go. Study hard and take college seriously. It will make or break your future.


Get invovled. Don't be afraid to get to know people different from you, you may have a lot more in common than you think.


To find the right college it's important to go on a visit to see what the college is like. During the school year is the best time because it allows for a potential student to get a better feel for the college environment at that campus. To get the most out of college all that is really needed is to put forth an honest effort and to do your best. It's also important to choose a major that you will enjoy studying and learning. It will improve your grades and give you a better outlook on your future. College is a time to experiment with some new found independence also so there is nothing wrong with taking part in some activities that you wouldn't normally do. The experience will ultimately make you a better person.


Find a school that's really interested in YOU. The school that asks what you need rather than pursuing what they need from you is the school you need to gravitate towards. The people are what matter, not the facilities or the location, but the people in it.


In finding the right college, I would suggest to know what extra curricular activities would be interesting outside of the classroom. Friendships will form in the classroom, but having another activity or sport to be involved in, especially if it is through the school, gives a sense of school spirit and pride. This will make the college experience more enjoyable and memorable for the future. Having school spirit also is important because every student should be proud to be a part of their school and where they are receiving their education from.