University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is myself. Once you fall behind than it is very hard to catch up. I attended this college in the past but becuase i caught Mono i lagged behind and soon was placed on Academic Probation. I found out that i was not ready for a 4 year university so i decided to go to a community college and i am now on the right track by coming back to the univeristy to obtain my bachelors degree.


I found the most frustrating part of the school I attended was balancing work, classes, and time to study. It was always a challenge to get everything done while providing for myself.


I would have to say the parking. If you want to be guaranteed a parking spot throughout the year, you have to pay 150 dollars, and the pass only works for that school year. A lot of the students cant afford to pay for these passes and have to park in a nearby community park and walk all the way to campus. I am halfway through my freshman year and my car has been broken into twice because of this.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking issue, in my opinion. There are very few places to park , and as a school where most of the students commute, it makes it difficult to find a spot close to school/classrooms and then make it to class on time. There are shuttle buses, but some buses only run for certain times during the day, and in the late afternoon there are fewer shuttle buses making runs.


The most frusterating thing at my school is you can only drop or get lower than a C twice. Although this is good to make students try harder it puts more pressure on the students and adds more stress.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the city is so big and there is not much on campus housing. So, it is really hard to meet people because so many people live off campus. The only way to really meet students then is in class, but usually you are in a class with people your same age and are in the same situation you are in.


The shuttle route could be better planned with each bus being spaced out evenly to prevent huge lines and overcrowding.


I would say that the prices of food on campus are outrageous! Extortion is not just in the cafeteria, but also in the vending machines as well. I realize we live in hard economic times but college students above all should be given some discount or benefits considering the phrase "broke college student". Especially those of us who are paying for ourselves.


Not giving snow days when the roads are terrible


Alot of the teachers plan tests on the same days.


The high cost of books and little money on returning them.


Campus security tries to over-use their illusion of power.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of parking available. Parking permits are very costly for the school year and most students have to park off campus and take a shuttle bus to the main campus while still paying full price. The parking lots are always full from 9am-3pm. Many students that wish to try to park on campus come about an hour early just to wait for a free spot to open.


It can be somewhat void of college spirit at times.


The most frustrating thing about UNO is that with being out of state I have to pay a lot more than resident students which makes it discouraging, knowing I'm paying a lot for my classes when other students who are in-state don't have to.


Parking -- It is horrible, but they're working on it and building new parking structures!


I think it's great! I'm on online student and they offer a great bachelors program online.


See above.