University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The University of Nebraska at Omaha is mostly a commuting school with very few dorms on campus. Therefore, I found it difficult to get involved in activities and to have the full college experience during my undergrad studies.


Before I had came to the University of Nebraska Omaha, I wish I would have known about scholarship opportunities for students who are akready attending college and not just learning about the ones offered to high school graduates.


The financial aid office will not offer you hardly any money if you have a job. They also will send you your money only a day or two before the semester starts (if you're lucky). Scholarships are only given to entering freshmen students. It doesn't matter if you have a 4.0 GPA, you don't get a dime of assistance unless you are a first-time Freshman.


I wish I would have known how expensive it would be. It's hard being a full time student and working over time to make ends meet. I wish i would have started saving a long time ago.


I live in the dorms and I wish I had known people who had lived in the dorms early on before I applied for housing, so they could tell me what it was like. I don't get along with one of my roommates and living in the dorms is a totally different experience than I thought it was going to be. I just wish I had thought about it more before I moved into the dorms.


I wish I had known more about how to achieve my degree. I didn't know anything about the classes I had to take until the very last moment and I still don't really know much.


I wish there was a student rating system about proffesors so as not to be hindered by poor instruction.


that i need to study more so that i could be more prepared for classes and exams. its a bit more difficult that high school when you have a lot to fall back on to.


I wish I would have known when to ask a professor for help and when to talk to my advisor about classes to take. In high school there were advisors always coming to you and helping you to do your best, and in college it is the opposite. Your advisors won't know something is not right or that you're upset unless you tell them. Until then, they can't help you, and the problems don't get solved. I also wish I had known how to be more involved early on.


I wish I would have known to feel out some of the classes first before buying the books. Most classes claim that a book is "required" when it truly is not absolutely necessary. I now prefer to find out how much it is needed in the class first before I blow $100 on the book.


I wish I knew more about Omaha because I came from a more developped town


I wish that I knew how much different college was compared to high school. College requires much more work, and I realized that quickly. Other than that, there is nothing specific about this school that I wish I had known before coming here.


I wish i would have known about the Architectural engineering program


Most of the professors are so great and helpful with not only their class, but with your futire and other classes. There are a few who are absolutely impossible to contact outside of class and are completely unwilling to help you. Find out about the professors before signing up for a class to better succeed. Living at the dorms is the best choice I made my Freshman year! Also, working full-time will really hurt your grades.


I wish I had known everything it took to complete my schooling and receive a degree. I feel I was not explained how and what I had to apply for to make it through the schooling.


To take more classes than recommended or required to be fulltime. It'll help you graduate on time


i wish i would've sat in on some of the classes


How dismal the parking situation would be.


The things that I wished I would have known before coming to school is that the parking on campus isn't the greatest, but there are shuttle buses that can take you to campus from parking lots around campus. Also I would have liked to know that there seems to always be some type of construction always going on on campus, but that is a good thing because UNO is always trying to stay techno advanced.


It would have been nice to know how terribly the administration here is. No one could even tell me where to find the Dean of Students, or who was in charge of housing. I would also have liked to know that there are no dorms here (only apartments), that there is no cafeteria, and the social groups on campus are nearly non existent.


That not many people are invovled in campus activities.


I wish I would have know how much of a commuter college this school is. It is really hard to meet new people or friends on this campus because people at this college drive to school and drive home. There is no campus life like most colleges. It also would be important to know this ahead of time because it is almost impossible to find parking throughout the day.