University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are a mixed bag- some (the majority are somewhere in the middle, but closer to this end of things) are really smart and are willing to do the work required to get good grades, and set goals to get jobs or into graduate school after college, while others are just there for partying and don't really care about school or their grades, beyond not being on probation.


My classmates at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln are very kind and easy to talk to.


There is a huge divide between students here. A majority of students are white, from the midwest, or in-state, however there is also a very large international population due to the connection with a Chinese University. However, there is very little interaction between these two. There have been racial issues in the past. Though it is a university, which you would hope to be open minded, taking a walk through the union you will hear racial slurs or epithets and demeaning language to the lgbt community. This university caters to athletic jock type students.


They were very disconnected with the college life. I was there to learn, and they were there to party.


I have attended some religious organizations such as the Navigators and I'm also involved in the group OASIS which also encourages exploring different cultures. I think that students who aren't willing to try new things or get out of their comfort zone would have a hard time fitting in here. Most students wear a t-shirt and jeans to class. I think that there is interaction between different students during classes. One of the tables probably has a lone person sitting there on his or her phone the second has a bunch of loud people the third has a couple and the fourth has 3 people sitting quietly. Most students are from Nebraska although there are a majority spanning from neighboring states to countries on the other side of the world. I think that upper middle class is the most common financial background. I have seen a combination of political backgrounds it seems like most people are pretty close to the center. Students don't normally talk about how much they earn in a day.


Some are active on campus....some aren't. You can't really just generalize that especially here since there are so many people. And we are diverse as I said before.


Active learners


I am not going to lie, UNL is a very WASP-y (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) school. Because some 78{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students at UNL come from Nebraska, it can sometimes be pretty difficult to see the diversity on campus but with recent additions and developments on campus like the new Jackie-Gaughan Multicultural Center, I feel like diversity is becoming more and more prevalent. Politically speaking, Lincoln itself is a somewhat Liberal blip on an otherwise Conservative map and UNL reflects that. I think that the UNL campus is home to students, faculty, and staff who lean left, right, and every which way in between.


The students at UNL are incredibly diverse. There are numerous churches on campus as well as religious organizations to help you live out your holy life as you choose. Additionally, there are many organizations to cater to any group. We have the largest Multicultural center around which offers many opportunities on campus. The dining halls are filled with many types of people and opportunities to mingle with others.


Just by walking around campus you can see that students throughout campus are all individually different. You will see all types of cultural involvement occurring on campus inviting all that are interested. Even in my classes I have had the LGBT panel come and speak to one of my classes which helped me have a better understanding of what that involved. The Greek system is a great way to meet people that you share a type of interest in and you can become very close with the sorority of fraternity you join. I can honestly say no one student would feel out of place in any of my classes because no one student is alike. This is what I like so much about UNL and it's class environment because of the diversity. Students dress how they feel would fit them best whether that be if they want to dress up for class or just simply dress down, it's whatever the student feels most comfortable in. In my classes I have worked with students in groups and made connections with them because of my major. While working with students in my classes I have met people from Texas, South Dakota, California, small towns throughout Nebraska and even places as far as China.


The University of Nebraska- Lincoln can be a home to anyone who makes an effort. You can find a niche where you feel comfortable and make the best out of your four precious years here. Most students wear jeans or sweat pants to class. It is somewhat cold in the winters but we all get to bundle up together! I don't think there is any type of person who would feel left out or out of place here. Everyone I have met has been very open to hanging out or studying or getting together to get coffee. I do think it is very important though that one gets involved as a freshman. It will make your college experience ten times better.


As the chairwoman of the Diversity Strategic Development Committee through our student government, I can proudly proclaim that UNL does care about diversity. It is obvious that diversity is always an uphill battle. As a student who seeks diversity I find numerous resources for students to use as they choose to identify with different communities on campus. As a member of DSDC I interact with our brand new multi-cultural center, our LGBTQA resource center, Women's Center, and many more resources probably more regularly than other students. What UNL realizes is that diversity is important and because it is so they provide resources and ways for students of all backgrounds to achieve and gain a quality education. I can fully understand the strain of trying to encourage the importance of diversity among a large student body full of specific agendas of each student, but UNL is continuously finding ways to encourage this type of learning and growth in its students. We have a history of appreciating diversity with the story of George Flippin and we have shown our continuation of support with our new Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center.


The school is mainly caucasian. I would say the asian exchange students and african american students are the largest minority groups on campus. There is a large community of greek students who are very involved on campus.


The classmates I have that are in my major area are similar to a family to me as we are a small group of people who have bonded very well.


Really open and friendly, they are very willing to help people out and very easy to interact with.


My classmates are very down to earth, caring people that are more than willing to help when I ask.


Classmates are very friendly and willing to help each other out.


They are fun and respectful. A lot of them are very similar to me in background and views.


My classmates at UNL are studious, respectful, and unified under the college banner and will go out of their way to please others, unlike other students at different colleges UNL students have a bond with each other that only strengthens over time.


They are fun, outgoing, and strive for excellence.


I would describe the students at UNL as dedicated, down to earth, incredibly nice, helpful, talented and creative people.


There is a large base of students at the Univversity of Nebraska at Lincoln. The student body is very connected through the traditions at UNL. They are a very dedicated group of students, and very talented.


Most of my classmates are hardworking, very intelligent, and have a goal in mind.


Most of my classmates I don't know on a personal level


My classmates are mostly from Nebraska and the Midwest. I have met very few from outside the Midwest. The students in my classes are usually around the same age or older than me. They are very hard working, tend to be conservative, and come from families that have lived or still live in the Midwest. There is mostly white students, very few black or hispanic students, and quite a few Asian students.


They are always fun, energetic, caring, and full of life!


My classmates are a very good resource to learn from, such as things to improve on and a look at another's perspective of the same project.


Everybody is willing to meet new people and new friends.


My classmates are fun and we usually belong to the same learning community.


My classmates are willing to go out of their way to help another student. I seen many classmates work with other students with difficult material or problems. It only takes confidence to ask for help.


My classmates are very helpful and very open to different things we learn in class.


Most of my classmates are crazy fun, but also goal oriented.


My classmates are outgoing, genuine peers who focus on their academics while still finding time to be involved on campus.


People at this college are very determined and driven. It is odd to come across someone not focused and intelligent. Classmates are very helpful when it comes to study groups and working together outside of the classroom.


My classmates are blonde, athletic, appearance-conscious, and they like to drink.


Make friends in all of your classes be willing and open to meet new people because it makes going to class so much more easy and more of a push because you know who you will be sitting by during class. Classmates are diverse and unique because we didn't all grow up in Nebraska, be willing and open to new cultures and differences than your own.


Everyone here has tons of school spirit.


My classmates have no idea how far in debt they are going to be.


A group socially diverse but accepting hard working students.


My classmates are outgoing people who believe hard work can get you anywhere you want to be.


They are outgoing, spunky, entertaining, hardworking, goal-oriented, and leaders.


My classmates are goal oriented.


Quiet, but engaged, hard working, and driven to get good grades.


My classmates are mostly small-town Nebraskans.


Not all of my classmates know exactly what they want to do with their lives, but most of them have a desire to gain knowledge and almost all of them are very willing to help each other out to get through.


The classmates here are confident and optimistic.


My classmates are a very diverse group of students. It's always fun to meet new people at my school.


Most of my classmates are from the state, very conservative, and career focused people- they have their goals set and there is no stopping them, yet very friendly and fun people to know.


Most students on campus are fairly chill. Since the school is so big, there is a place for everyone on campus. Most students are the stereotypical white, middle class, protestant student (myself included), but they are still cool.


There are tons of groups for anyone to join for anyone of many different groups!!