University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are a bunch of groups here encouraging politics and strong opinions from college-aged students. It's easy to get involved and meet plenty of people doing things that you all find interesting and worth fighting for.


I've never experienced discrimination, but some of my gay friends have been met with hostility. There are liberal environments, but outside of those pockets, a liberal individual may feel out of place and meet with some backlash. Students mostly wear jeans and T-shirts to class. Some girls wear pajamas. Some girls wear skirts and heels. The most prevalent financial background is definitely middle class. There is a contingent of students who are very politically aware and active, but there are many others who couldn't care less. The student body swings to the right, politically, whereas the faculty swings toward the left. However, both viewpoints are represented in most classrooms.


The UNL is a left-wing breeding ground in the middle of a right-wing state. An interesting thing to point out is that most of the "noise-makers" are the extremists, left and right. One tidbit that must be accounted for is that, for most college students, the main reason they are being so outspoken is because it is encouraged, for one, and they are just realizing they have a voice after spending the first 20 years of their lives assuming themselves squelched by the adult elite. --- The student body maintains a decent diversity, mingling with many here is like saying 'hello' to everyone you pass in Time Square. Not necessarily wrong, but certainly odd.


I think that UNL is a very diverse campus, you could see anyone here, rich or poor. people tend to wear whatever they feel like wearing, most wear what is "in style" but you aren't expected to wear it. i have found that pretty much anyone will talk to anyone, of coarse some more than others.


People at UNL are very welcoming and friends. People are pretty normal or typical (for ex/ most people wear jeans and a sorority t-shirt or Nebraska sweatshirt) which sometimes makes it feel a bit cookie cutter like. But you will never find more quality people in terms of friendliness, polite and respect for others. Many people do have very conservative views. I have heard people not focusing so much on money for their future but on what they really enjoy. Some of my friends have changed majors numerous times, not scared to find what they love at the cost of making less money down the line.


The Womens Center or what ever you call it is ridiculous...and I am a women. With that being said.... The student body is diverse racially, economically, and ethnically. I will say that I do not see or hear very much about hispanic or Native American groups on campus. There are degrees to be earned on the studies of these particular groups of individuals, but I have never heard about any skpecial cacus, club, or commitee for them. I do not hear too much concerning any religious groups on campus, unless a religious group is a fundamentalist Christian group then there is an up-roar. I know that there has to be other groups based on religion due to the diverse student population, but I have not heard of them. Greeks are always having some kind of fund-raiser, and there is always something going on with African-American students. But that doesn't mean that other groups, either grouped racially, ehtnically, religiously, or economically don't exist. I just don't know of them. I am sure that becasue I am quite a bit older than the average student I am way out of the loop.


See question #1 about stereotypes.


The University has something like 450 different student organizations, with the freedom to create one if need be. So the student body I feel is definitely accommodated, with open arms. That was something that really shocked me was the way the university basically has a club or organization for anything and everything that you are interested in. If not, then you have the power to make one on your own.


Student body is very diverse and accepting. Very friendly, down to earth people. A large popularity in Sorority and Fraternity groups as wall as school government, Athletics


As a Latino Achievement Mentoring program mentor I have dealt a lot with Latinos during my years at UNL. I have come to learn a lot about Hispanic culture, tradition, and Latino youth in general. I have taken several courses in the Women's studies program and feel that I have become more involved with the LGBT community. I attended the Vagina Monologues this year, watched "Boys Don't Cry," read "Stone Butch Blues," and have been to many campus events that talk about GLBT individuals and how everyone can fight for the equality of GLBT individuals. Most students in the dining hall talk about how tired they are with school and wish it were the weekend or wish that we were having a spring or fall break soon. Students laugh a lot about their own friends and make jokes with one another. The financial backgrounds of the students at UNL are of lower to middle social class. Some students, of which I do not know, are porbably upper class though. Students are politically aware, but not all are active. If I had to guess I would say that most students in the dining hall are center in there political beliefs. I do know that myself and the rest of Sociology majors and Sociology graduate students are far left though! I have never heard other students talking about how much they will earn one day. I think it is something we all hope to do-make money and do well in life, but for right now most students are focused on doing well in school and graduating from college.


I haven't heard any conversations of students talking about how much they will earn someday. Student body has both socialites and introverts. Few are bitchy, but many are polite and outgoing. Regardless, the UNL student body is HUGE.


The student body is wide and varied. There is a very diverse mix of people.


There is a huge variety in social and racial backgrounds which I think makes UNL unique. The only complaint I have is that in at least one class every semester I have to deal with a student who comes into class drunk and dissrupts everyone around them.


i have been to some LGBT events i dont know no not really i noticed alot of groups members stick together na na middle class some are conservitive mostly has been my experience yah all the time


I am a mentor for a program called NU Connections which is centered around students of color. Not only that, but the religious groups available on campus is a great number. Also we have an excellent group for LGBT people and supporters. I don't think any student would feel out of place at UNL. There is not a lot but quite a bit of diversity. Most students dress very casually to class, comfortable. Most UNL students are from Nebraska or surrounding states. We also have a foreign exchange program that brings in students from all over the World. I think middle class families are what most students come from.


There are more than 400 student clubs and organizations at UNL, so there truly is something for everyone. Also, our student government and University Program Council are very active and pay close attention to the needs and wants of the students. UNL is a fairly diverse campus in all different aspects. There are numerous cultures represented; people from all over the state, country, and world. There are all kinds of people who bring very different backgrounds and experiences to our campus.


Awesome! Anything and everything you can think of is here.


Diversity on campus and students attitudes towards diversity on campus may be one of just a few pitfalls of UNL. It is difficult to separate UNL and the surrounding Lincoln area because it definitely blends. UNL is a great environment and while it's not liberal, it is definitely more liberal than the town it is in. I cannot speak from personal experience in this category because I am a "typical" student here, but I can imagine that there are students that face problems here on campus due to intolerance of different lifestyles and different backgrounds. I think that UNL is definitely making very small steps to change this but it only has influence on campus and I think that Lincoln in general may have a lot more to do.


I have never had any experiences with UNL groups like these, but there have been a lot of outside radical religious groups/speakers on campus. I just ignore them for the most part. I don't know if anyone would really feel out of place at UNL, but it's hard for me to say because every single person is different. Most students wear anything from jeans to athletic pants and t-shirts to hoodies to class. Some dress up more than others, but most are very laid back. All types of students interact with each other. Most UNL students are from Nebraska, but there are a lot of others as well. Students are mostly from middle class backgrounds. Students are very politically active. There are students from all sides, but a lot are middle to left. I hear a little talk about how much students hope to earn one day.


-I think the student that would feel most comfortable at UNL would be a white student raised in a small town. It's sad but true. -Most students wear either sweats or jeans and a nice shirt. -The vast majority of students are middle class. It's in the Greek houses where you can find wealthier students.


From what I've seen, most people seem to mesh pretty well together here and people are mostly accepting. I'm sure there are extreme cases, but this is certainly true in the groups of people I've known at the university. There are quite a few support groups for different classifications of minority students as well. We host lots of scholarship and foreign exchange students who are from different parts of Asia, the middle east, Europe, etc. It can be really cool to get to know these people because their experiences and culture are so different from yours. As far as interaction goes, you choose who you want to interact with here. Sometimes you notice the groups, sometimes you don't, but I think a lot of it has to do with you as an individual. You can decide what kind of group you want to hang out with. We have a lot of students from all over Nebraska. Most the people I've met have grown up somewhere in the Midwest. Politics have been an exciting ordeal on campus lately. We had Chelsea Clinton drop by the student union a couple weeks back and give a speech, as well as Senator Obama's wife. There are young republicans and young democrats groups available to those who want to be active in politics.


I think there is a place for every student on campus and so no student would feel out of place unless they didn't try to meet people or get involved in something. Most students wear what they want to wear to class whether its sweats and a t-shirt or jeans and a nice shirt. Yes different types of students interact. Most UNL students are from Nebraska or the surrounding states.


The Univeristy of Nebraska at Lincoln is a great campus to get to meet new and interesting people. There is a lot of diversity around the campus, but that is what makes the university so great to be at. I don' think that there is a student or individual that would ever feel out of place at UNL. Most students wear jeans and a shirt to class, but there is a good chunck of students in the morning that wears lounge clothes. Students tend to wear what ever they feel like.


I have participated in a few campus ministries, and that has been fun because I've gotten to meet many wonderful people. There isn't very much interaction with racial minorities on campus. My roommate is involved in LGBT activities on campus, so that has helped to broaden my perspectives on homosexuals. Students dress casually for class, with sweatpants, jeans, sweatshirts,and t-shirts being very common. Many of the students on campus are conservative, but I wish there would be more political participation and activity on campus.