University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers! There isn't much to do in Nebraska so we take our football to heart.


Within the campus of, UNL is known for it's big campus as it's currently expanding with it's innovation campus, in addition to it's previoius 2. Within Lincoln, Nebraksa, UNL is known for providing academic resources such as college focus groups that help pre-college student develop interest and skills for college. Within the United States, UNL is currently in the Big 10 for football and has one of the few fan bases where tickets have sold out every season since 1962.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln is best known for their football team The Huskers. Lincoln and all of Nebraska is crazy for them and I've even heard of people outside of Nebraska getting Husker Fever.


my university is best known as huskers. Onces you are admited you become a huskers. it is a traditional but also cultural way of life here in Nebraska. in the midwest they are best known for cornfield. they grow corn here in Nebraska.


Our school is best known for the football team The Huskers and being part of the BIG 10 the last year. We have one of the best NCAA football teams in the USA and there is no secret that Husker football is celebrated with each game. Any home game at the famous Memorial Stadium is usually always sold out and it can very hard to get tickets. The fall is always an exciting time for and usually every student partakes in the festivities.


Husker football


Its football team. If they did not fund so many of the academic programs I care about, this would be my greatest frustration. Instead it is my second greatest frustration. Seriously, what does men hitting each other and running a pig's skin 100 yards do to advance humanity?


For being the home of the Huskers.


I feel that our school is best known for our football and volleyball teams, the Huskers.


I think homecoming is the best tradition on camus. All the dorms and the Greek houses compete to get the most points and to win the spirit leaders. Points are added depending on howmany people in your dorm or Greek house attend Homecoming events throughout the year. The best part is the Homecoming parade. There is a theme every year and everyone makes a float to represent their dorm or Greek house and then Friday afternoon they all have a parade and get judged. My first year we were so excited to win. The theme was "Game On" and we made a float with tw robots that fight with each other and had people inside the robots fighting. But it started to rain just as the parade started so the judging was cancelled so no one won.


My school is best know for their high academic standards but also for their football team.


University of Nebraska- Lincoln is best known for Husker football.


UNL is best known for it's Athletics. UNL students are faithful Husker fans. After that, comes academics, which are very important and competitive at UNL.


The Husker Football Program. Fall Saturdays are the best days of the year not only cuz it is the weekend but because its GAMEDAY!!!


Our football team and school spirit.


The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is best known for our football team, volleyball team, and the large, dedicated fan base that follows them


The University of Nebraska is best known for its outstanding athletic teams, especially football. The University of Nebraska is also known for having an active Greek system of sororities and fraternities. Many students pledge houses and make membership a part of their college experience. While campus is known for having a large number of commuter students, there are many restaurants and activities located within walking distance. People in Lincoln are friendly and genuinely nice.


My school is best know for football. The Huskers! However, there are many other amazing attributes that UNL offers besides amazing sports. There are so many different opportunities available for so many different majors from Engineering to Apparel Design. UNL is easily and professionally able to accomidate to its wide range of different students.


UNL's sports fans are known for exellent sportsmanship conduct and at all sports events. Our football organization is always been supported by the fans.


Football and engineering.


The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is best known for it's football program, but it should really be known for it's Agriculture and Geosciences programs. Both of these programs are top-notch for the North-Central region of this country. The teachers in both programs care about their students, which can be rare for a large university. They get to know a student on a personal level, working hard to make sure that they do his or her best.


Nebraska is known for the great football tradition. Also, our engineering, chemistry, athletic training, exercise science, and business departments are very competitive and well known. Nebraska is also a big research school.


I would say our school is best known for it's loyal, undying fans that can quickly mobilize (which is how Ndamukong Suh won the ESPN Heisman Vote). I have also heard from many transfer students that the staff and students at UNL are some of the friendliest they've met.


UNL is best known for its football team. Most of the students are at the football games, having fun and getting to know each other. We also have very good programs and have a diverse number of degrees offered.


If you said "University of Nebraska" to an average person anywhere in the country, the normal response would probably have something to do with the Nebraska Huskers football team. So, nationally, that is probably the most well-known aspect of our school. But if you are from the state or surrounding area, you would also know that at UNL we have first-class researchers and professors that are experts in their individual fields of study.


The football team


The Greatest Fans in college football... GO HUSKERS!!!


Football Go huskers!!!


I'm pretty sure everyone knows the Cornhusker Football team at our school. It's huge here. The big red 'N' is everywhere! It truly is a big sea of read here!


Definitely Husker Football... team spirit's super high here :).


My school is best known for their football team. They are one of the most winning schools in college football history and also is in the top 100 for a poll for top public universities.


UNL is a very research based school, but it has a wide variety of programs that can fit almost anyone.




UNL is best know for football. Many people seem to attend the school for this reason alone.




Our school is best known for our football team, our research and development in numerous departments, and for the large number of well-educated students in many fields.


Husker School spirit is probably what we are known for. The school is also known for providing one of the lowest housing rates in the BIG 12.


Husker Football


WE ARE THE CORNHUSKERS! Our school is all about our football team on Saturdays Fall Semester. You better be a cornhukser :)


My school's probably best known for its agriculture programs and its football team. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't also have good programs in other more academically-inclined fields, but athletics still does tend to hog the spotlight.


My school is best known for having an astounding amount of praise and spirit for our athletics department. The Cornhusker fans are honestly the most diehard and respectful of any college fans I have ever witnessed.




The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is BEST known for two words....HUSKER FOOTBALL!! Come to a game...and you will know exactly what I am talking about!




Football, volleyball, and academic research.


Football!!! Cornhusker madness!


This school is best known for the football and agriculture.


My school is best known for its football team- The Nebraska Huskers.


My university is best known for Memorial Stadium and our sports programs; however, there are still several research programs that have been noticed nationally.


Our school is definately best known for its football.