University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

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UNL is a very large college, and unlike other big schools UNL makes sure to have the professors take time to get to know the students. With other large colleges you hear about how the professors ave big classes and that they dont care about their job, at UNL it is obvious that the professors are passionate about what their teaching which provokes my interest more in class also.


UNL is unique from other school because of UNL’s ability to provide research undergrad opportunities. In terms of obtaining a biochemistry degree, lab experience is crucial to being an effective student and scientist. Students whom work at the lab at UNL can also obtain a grant that pays them for working alongside professors. Here the professors don’t have the lab assistants clean all the petri dishes and pipets, but rather have students work on their own project. UNL believes that students are more than capable when given the opportunity to succeed.


The most unique thing about Lincoln is the diversity of students and people you encounter. This school is affordable for both in state tuition and out of state tuition. People from across the country come to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and this makes an experience that you can't get anywhere else.


My school is unique because a lot of people know each other and the people are friendly, making it fairly easy to make friends.


They were the only ones that offered a Forensic Science program that was offered practically anywhere. I love the program because it's not too big which makes it easier to get to know the professors well. The program is hands on, plus there are internship opportunities and seminars where you can hear from actual forensic scientists in various fields.


Compared to the other schools I applied for, I enjoy that downtown Lincoln, the Haymarket, the capitol, and various parks and recreational areas all surround the campus.


The University of Nebraska campus is close to downtown Lincoln and many restaurants and bars and entertainment are located within a five to ten minute vicinity. There is always something to do on campus with the wide variety of clubs and activities. You can be sure to find your fit in any area if it be Art, Math, Knitting, Reading, Music, and there is opportunity to meet with someone to study with or tutor in every area of study. The campus is pretty and Greek life is present and active. Football gameday is always an all-day event.


The honor's program was very appealing because of the small classes and thesis you do your senior year. The greek life and the campus's appearence was also a big plus.


I believe that every school has it's own unique qualities. UNL was unique to me because it had a different feel than other schools. I'm not really sure what exactly it was, but the campus just felt like home in a way that no other schools had.


UNL offers many different educational aspects, and many professors are the writers of textbooks, so you know you're getting the best of the best information possible. I was also driven to UNL because of the Greek system. The sororities and fraternities on campus are not only great places to make life-long friends, but they are also very persistent of grades, persuading everyone to achieve their highest gpa possible.


UNL has a large-campus feel in a smaller town.


The University of Nebraska, Lincoln is a school of diversity. There are undergraduate and graduate students that come from all around the world. The school is filled with a variety of students of different religions, backgrounds, races, and they all have different majors and directions they are heading in their lives. But everyone of those students no matter where they have come from all are here for one reason and it is to be educated. This makes our school unique because not only does it educate, but unifies the students. It brings several different worlds together into one university.


It was the best finanicial choice that still had a strong academic record.


I think the Greek life is great to get involved in and really let's you meet tons of people. It is also a great way to network in order to do better in classes.


Great social life opportunities.


The people that go to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln have way more pride in their school than the other schools I looked into


The level of school spirit here is just simply unheard of.


It is much bigger, but much less expensive than other schools I considered. It's not very unique.


you can choose your friends, and be connected with many people, but still be surrounded by people you like, and want to be around, with a strong feeling of community. it's bigger, better opportunities after graduation.


This school is much larger than all the other schools I considered. It has a wide range of programs of studies and more opportunities than many small schools.


Again its our Husker pride, we love our football team, and we hope and dream of new eras in using modern technology to improve our university, and provide a better tomorrow for future students.


All of the programs offered on campus offered to help students out. I easily became very involved in campus and take full advantage of all the programs the school offers. The school is always willing to help students out at little to no cost. The people are by far the nicest you will meet than anywhere in the world. I am from out of state and all of my friends from my dorms or my sorority are more than willing to help my out in any situation, even sotre all my winter clothes over the summer.


It is largely researched based. Many of the professors teach and conduct research as well. Often in classes we have the opportunity to participate in the research experiments as well. We conduct many experiments for our own understanding as well as for various businesses and companies everywhere.


The size. UNL offers everything a large university can offer, yet there are clubs/groups/programs that allow you to have the "small university" feel as well.


Very friendly campus...Great school spirit!


This school offered more affordability and was much closer to home.


One thing I believe is unique about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the people. Here people are much more thoughtful and caring, it is the Midwest culture. We are brought up to have and use manners in everyday life. When someone attends this university, they should expect a kindness and caring nature from others. Also, Lincoln is a city centered around incorporating both the collegiate and surrounding community. The University wants students to understand the importance of altruism and how it can improve the world we live in for ourselves and those around you.


The amount of emphasis on the football program and academic research. Also, the Journalism school is among the top in the midwest.


This school is unique becasue there is a tractor race track for farm tractors. I have not seen any other school that has this.


They had a nice selection of on campus housing. I got a super double room (so worth the extra hundred bucks!) and it was nice a big and with a carpet and futon it felt like home.


The university is really stingy. They will cheap out on anything given the chance and sometimes campus is just dead. UNL is in a pretty run down part of the city here, and encounters with the locals are usually bad. There are gangs that roam around looking for parties to bust up, and sometimes they make their way on campus but the police take care of them. Dont take Chem110. The greek system is a waste. There arent nearly enough protests on campus. Be kind to animals, kiss a rugby player!


Nebraska is a great school if you are looking for a personal place and a nice size college town.


This town has a ton of coffee shops.


Spend some time researching the UNL prior to signing any enrollment forms. We have some very valuable programs that can prove quite rewarding if you're strong enough. However, we also have programs for those who don't care and aren't investing much into their education (General Studies major anyone?). If your tendancy is to lean toward laziness and procrastination in academia, you will fail, whatever your goal.


i'm sure everyone has a very different opinion of things. people with different majors can view things differently, i spend alot of my time on campus in the training room. i don't know what else to say.


I think that about sums everything up! I have had a great experience at UNL. I have learned so much; I feel intelligent, well educated, and I feel that I have become a better person since attending school at UNL. The faculty has helped me realize who I want to be and how I can better myself to make a positive impact on the community.


Make school more affordable, don't hire professors who don't know how to teach their subject well, pay student workers who work for the university MORE than $7.50/hour, when my assigned advisor DOES advise me about school schedules and whatnot(which is much less than she should), she does it poorly. I don't believe it is all her fault, I believe UNL needs to have a larger academic advising department. 5 women and 1 guy can't do it all by themselves very well. What else....OH...PARKING. Something needs to be done about the cost for permits because we as students are paying way too much for it. We dont have time to work, we rely on parents and what little money we do make to support ourselves with cost of living, not parking permits. Finally, Dave Matthews Band needs to come to Lincoln and I think the only way we can make that happen is to open up Memorial Stadium to them. So make that happen, please.


UNL is a great place to be...I can't imagine being anywhere else. Go Big Red!


Frats and Sororities are dumb unless you are from out of state and don't know anyone else that goes to UNL. You don't have to be in a frat to go to most the frat parties and the ones where you do you don't want to go to anyway cuz the girls at those frat parties are not the ones that are fun to be with anyway. Always get season football tickets cuz you can sell them for 5 times the rate they are, basketball tickets are iffy but fun to go to. If you grew up in a town with not so many attractive females, COME TO UNL. The girls here are the best.


UNL is a fantastic school!!! You should come here. Yeah.


My advice to you... take a random class for fun (it's worth it) wear shower shoes in the dorm bathroom showers (someone peed in the shower next to me once, ew) give people who are new and different from you a chance (you might learn something!) eat at Bison Witches downtown (cheap and delicious!) don't be afraid to change your major (one of the best things I've done in school) experiment with different social stuff around town (movies, bowling, concerts, coffee shops,dancing, karaoke... there's a niche for everyone) procrastinate and have fun, but don't completely blow of school (people get surprised by how easy it can be to fail out) don't get a credit card / use it when you shouldn't (yeah I did that...) give all your friends funny nicknames (makes life more interesting) expect to have half good, half bad professors every semester (the 50/50 system has held true for me all through school enjoy it!


UNL is the worst school anyone could ever go to. Everyone I've talked to hates it or has dropped out, is not doing well or transfered that I knew.