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    • What are the academics like at your school?


      The professors at UNL are great, and especially in your own department they know you're name. I am in the college of Journalism and Mass Communcations in the Adertising and Public Relations department and the classes were really nice because they taught us a little bit about everything that we could do in our field. I was worried that the college would just be focused on one thing, like graphic design, but I was able to learn about that, writing, research, media planning and we were even allowed to be in a campaigns class were we worked for a client. I my case it was the Public Health Services.

      In COJMC it is a requirement to talk and discuss in class, and this is also common in many other classes. The teachers there find it important to learn from what other people have to say about the topic.

      My least favorite class while at UNL was probably economics. I had a teacher that was not native to the United States and was a TA. I had a lot of trouble understanding what he was saying and just never caught on to the material. One of my favorite classes was History of Rock and Roll music which counted towards my fine art requirement.

      This college is geared towards getting a job. COJMC is very good about sending out daily emails about different jobs that are available to journalism students, along with internships.

    • What is your overall opinion of this school?


      I love going to this school and I believe that transfering here was the best decision that I ever made during my sophomore year. I belong to the College of Journalism and Mass Communications and the opportunities are amazing there. One example is that during the summer of 2010 I was able to work with the National Special Olympics when they were in Lincoln.

      UNL is composed to two campuses, City and East. I spent most of my time on city until my last semester when I found a much cheaper dorm on East campus. City campus is great if you like to be near downtown and aound all the action but East campus is a lot better if you like the peace and quiet.

      Lincoln is not a college campus, it is way too big for that. Once you get out of the downtown area there is no hint that there is a college anywher near it. There are a lot of experiences to have in Lincoln. UNL is a big school, and the dean has plans to make it even larger, but it never feels so overcrowded. I worried when I transferred here that it would be crazy with all of the people walking aroun, but it really felt about the same as the smaller school that I left in South Dakota.

      I think that there is a lot of school pride at UNL. Just going to a Husker football game can show you were I am coming from. The fans go crazy, and many students moods hinge on the outcome of the game. One of the reason that I decided to come to UNL was because of my dad and I watching the games when I was younger and I wanted to be a part of that.

    • What are the most popular student activities/groups?


      Campus nightlife is pretty popular on campus because they hold all the back to school nights at the beginning of the year. The Big Red Welcome is also a huge event that lots of students like to attend because many local businesses like to give away free stuff at the event

    • What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


      I think that the biggest thing that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is known or is their athletic program, and especially their football. This has become even more prevelant since the athletic program has been moved to the big 10 this last year.

      It is true that this is a big part of the University. Students sign up early for the tickets to the football games and there are always ten people willing to buy your ticket if you are not able to go. Students are dedicated to their team. Some will show up ten hours or more early to a game just to try and get in the front row to watch. In my experience row 67 is the best because no one races to go that high and since it is a walk way you are a couple rows above the people in front of you.

      But that is not all UNL is about. UNL is also about the academics and the whole campus experience. By the fountain by the Union one can always find something interesting going on, or they can just sit and relax while doing homework. There are always teachers around to help you, and between the new Gaughan center, the library, and the Union there is never an abundance of places to study.

    • What are your classes like?


      The classes at UNL are pretty interesting, especially those in the major that you have chosen. I have always believed that if you are not enjoying your required classes than you have signed up for the wrong major.

      There is of course a lot of work that goes into the classes and I spend a lot of my time on homework and projects for them. Of course it sometimes feels overwhelming, especially this last semester when I had projects due all the time and was getting married at the same time.

    • What are the most popular classes offered?


      I have heard that starting in the spring of 2012 they are offering a class that explores the potions that are found in the Harry Potter books and it will be one of the chemistry classes. I wasn't able to take it since I am graduating but I heard from many people that it filled up right away. UNL tries to keep up with all the new things that are going on in the world and put them into classes that they teach to interest the students.

    • Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


      I usually enjoy studying in my dorm room because that is where all my stuff is kept and UNL provides each student with a desk to use. Every once in a while I like a change of pace and to get away from the usual so that means going the library to study. They have some really nice areas to study with comfy chairs and a lot of quiet to concentrate with and there are always resources to go to when you need help with something.

    • Describe your favorite campus traditions.


      I think homecoming is the best tradition on camus. All the dorms and the Greek houses compete to get the most points and to win the spirit leaders. Points are added depending on howmany people in your dorm or Greek house attend Homecoming events throughout the year. The best part is the Homecoming parade. There is a theme every year and everyone makes a float to represent their dorm or Greek house and then Friday afternoon they all have a parade and get judged. My first year we were so excited to win. The theme was "Game On" and we made a float with tw robots that fight with each other and had people inside the robots fighting. But it started to rain just as the parade started so the judging was cancelled so no one won.

    • Describe a typical weekend.


      On a typical weekend I usually go home since my parents only live a few miles away from the campus or I go up to MInnesota to visit my boyfriend who goes to school up there. If I do stay on campus there are usually plenty of things to do like go to a sporting event, the Union has some type of speaker or a get together going on, the gym is open all weekend. If I sty on campus I usually either go to a football game or spend time catching up on my homework since I don't get much homework done when I am at home.

    • Tell us about the food and dining options.


      There are many options for dining at the dorms at UNL. All the dorm plans include a meal plan with them that allows you to eat at the 4 dining halls on city campus and one on east campus. There are also many restaurants since the campus is located next to downtown including several restaurants in the student union such as Planet Sub, Sabarro, and Runza-a local Nebraskan restaurant.

    • Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


      The sports scene at UNL is crazy especially for the football team. Tickets for the games go on sale in March the year before and if you don'tget on right away than you are stuck not going to a game or you have to buy one from another student who can't go, usually for a higher price tha the face value. Downtown Lincoln and the UNL campus are crazy with all the fans that come to support the Huskers. Nebraska Cornhusker football has sold out all of its home games since before 1968 and there is no end in sight.

    • Why did you decide to go to this school?


      I had always dreamed about going to this school bu I doubted at first that I could get in which is why I chose to go to a school in South Dakota. My family moved down to Nebraska a few months before I started college and so I was left all alone in South Dakota. After a year of being up there I decided to give it a shot and to see if I could get into UNL. I had decided that if I got accepted I would transfer and if not I would stay at SDSU. I got accepted and started my sophomore year at UNL.

    • Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


      I think that to someone who has never been on the UNL campus it can look a little intimidating. The first time that I was there I was worried that I would never be able to find my way around the campus and would never be able to find my classes. But now that I have been here for a few years it is easy. UNL has a very small campus feel about it that can make anyone feel easy and comfortable at it.

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