University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a highschool student, I never had any problems with discipline, studying, or keeping up with schoolwork. The one thing I regret doing is not getting involved more in extracurricular activities. I also used to worry quite a bit about what others thought of me. If I was to go back and change anything, I would tell myself not to worry so much. Highschool is only a glimpse of one's life. It is a milestone, but it is not the end of the world. I would tell myself that I was doing a great job in school, and in the end, that will get me farther in life than having friends or going to parties. I was never the popular student; I was the last person students looked at for an extrovert. I kept to myself and minded my own business. The last semester of senior year, it was predicted that I would never get married, never have a family, and never be a "fun" person. Well, I am married, I have a wonderful daughter, and I am pursuing a PhD. That is more than most people in my class accomplished. I am proud of me as a person.


Go into the arm forces (I was accepted) for a career while in there go to college to get your AS, BA, Master. When you get out you will have two or more careers to fall back on. Keep your dreams and goals do not let a man (lover) change your mind and not go. Never say never always I can and do not let anyone destroy that. Go into Law you would make a good lawyer. Stop being so critical on yourself and a perfectionist enjoy life. College is going to be adventurous, exuberance and merriment.


Don't be afraid of the fact that you aren't going with a lot of friends. You meet a lot of people just stay positive and don't let the first few weeks get you down. Your family and friends are only a phone call away if you get homesick and bring a lot of clothes (especially socks and underwear) because laundry takes time and money. You can save a lot by just waiting until you can go home next, if that is an option. Otherwise make sure to know when people on your floor are doing laundry because you can throw some clothes in their loads if need be!


college is not easy. It takes hard work and endurance. Study every day, don't cram at the last minute. Get the most out of your professors.


Excelling in the classroom is not the only thing what will land you a job where you want to work. It's all about building relationships, getting involved on campus, applying your classroom text books and powerpoint slides in valuable ways through internships, fellowships, volunteer work, and participation in career-focused associations. All that aside, this is your time to make college your personal playground. Explore the campus grounds late at night, search the university archives to find old college yearbooks, discover what they used to do for homecoming in the '50s and '60s, discover school secrets, make up legends, or become part of one. You might remember a stressful week of mid-terms, or how you pulled an all-nighter before Thanksgiving break; but the times when you and your friends discover some message scribbled on a tree in front of the oldest building on campus, dating from the 1900s-that's what will make "college" college.


I would advise myself to go on campus visits to see the college itself, I would maybe even suggest that sitting in on a class would be a very good idea to get a sense of the students attitudes towards the professors and the classroom environment. I would advise to look at the different programs in each school because they may have the program that you desire at a school closer to home or cheaper than the big fancy school that I was interested in. I feel that the best advise I could give would be to really research the school you are interested in and talk to students in the school before making a final decision on the college that you want to attend.


I would tell my high school senior self this: Bridget, calm down. College life is hardly anything to be worried about, so stop worrying. It's high school 2.0 for you and adjusting isn't going to be hard. You're going to make better friends, I promise you. Yeah, a couple of those friends here in high school that you want to get rid of will still be there in the same college, in fact, the same building, but don't let them get you down. You are going to make some great friends who actually want to be your friend. Oh, and classes? You'll do fine. Just make sure you focus in lectures, even if the professor is boring. It might not be fun, but you'll understand the material so much better. I'm not worried about you, so just stop worrying adjusting to the new social scene and academic environment so much, 'kay?


Get Involved! Time after time you will hear people tell you to put yourself out there and try new things. Whether you are shy or outgoing meeting new people and trying new experiences will help you adjust to your new college lifestyle. Getting yourself out there helps you relate to others who have the same feelings: homesick, scared, nervous and excited. Realizing you are not alone and that other students are having the same feelings brings you closer together and makes you new friends. These new friends might not stay close over your college years but you know that they will help you whenever you need them. It is all about the relationships you build and the friends you make which will get you far in life. Never close a door to an idea until you have tried it. Finally be opened minded and do not be afraid of rejection. Rejection is another form of criticizes which can help you grow as a person.


College life is a life on your own. Even though you depend on loans, jobs, and financial aid, it all starts with you. You have to make the steps to make everything work out for your benefit. College life can and is fun but requries a lot of discipline, responsibility, and effort. Even though we are told this in our Senior year of high school it is so different when you actually experience it. Take nothing for granted! Time is essential! No matter the schedule made for your benefit, time flies by. One minute you will grab your high school diploma, next thing you know you have a career. Although, again, it won't be that simple! Take opportunities, work hard and stay focused Alicia! every step you take fills the path. What is at the end of the path is all your doing. Make it the ending you want. This is a book you are writing out with your steps from mistakes, decisions and faults but all learning ones. The title is College, the author is you, and the ending is finished when you grab your college degree, whatever it may be.


The first thing I would tell myself is to get involved. Join different organizations so that you can meet new people and make connections. Connections and friends are everything in a new college and in any new situation. You need people to go to if you have a problem, if you have no one to turn to it is going to be a lot harder to get your problems resolved. College is not only about the education but also about having fun. Meeting these new people and making new friends is the best way to do this. Talk to these new people about their experiences and so you can learn from them and gain from their experiences. Also stay in contact with people back home, do not replace your old friends with new ones, it is good to have friends all over.


At the end of senior year, I would tell myself to roll with the punches. College can be fun if you let it happen. There are a lot of new people to meet and new experiences to be had. Yes it is a major lifestyle change, but what would life be like if nothing ever changed? Humans are built for adaptation. Keep schoolwork as the top priority, but save some time to relax. It's never as bad as you think it will be. Heck, maybe you'll even learn something in the process.


I would tell my senior self to apply for more scholarships and also to apply to more schools to see what financial aid they would have given me. But the main thing I would tell myself is to apply, apply, apply.


Be Prepared! That's the advice I would give myself before coming to college. I would tell myself to study alot more and focus alot more time on getting a really high GPA and ACT score because that that will prepare me for college studying while also giving me alot better opportunity at getting scholarships and other financial asssistance. I would tell myself to practice more time management skills. With having so much to do and alot more to study at one time in college, I need time management skills to make sure I plan everything out and get my studying done in an orderly fashion. Lastly I would tell myself to practice and practice study skills as often as I could. Good study skills will make it easier in college to study for tests and exams. It will also cut down on study time and not make me procastinate so much. If I do things and be prepared, I will reach my dreams and goals in college.


I would tell myself to get to know my professors immediately. Even in a big class, it is so important to set up a time to meet with your professor and get to know them. I would tell myself to make sure and stay organized and responsible and stay up to date with my homework and try hard not to fall behind. I would tell myself that it is important to balance schoolwork with social time.


I think that at the very least college has been an important buffer between high school and real life. It throws you new responsibilites you've never had, but provides with the safety net of faculty and staff, something that people who go directly to the work force miss out on. I've certainly had my fair share of screw ups in my first two years and most of the time I've been able to make a few phone calls and everything has been taken care of. I can't imagine going out into the world and immediately having to grocery shop for myself, pay rent every month, pay utilities, and deal with everything the independent life entails. As a college student, I get a great education and along with that, a chance to prepare myself for the outside world in a safe environment.


So far, I have gotten a ton out of the college experience. I am a major in Music Education with an emphasis in trumpet. I feel like my talent and skills have grown immensly since I have been here. I have met a lot of new people that I am proud to call my new friends. I am from a different state, so it has been interesting getting to experience Nebraskan culture, which seems like it shouldn't be that different from my own since I'm just from Colorado, but it is. Being in college has also helped me realize that one major isn't enough for me and I also really want to major in Journalism. It has been completely valuable to attend. I feel like I am getting a quality education and growing as a person!


University of Nebraska-Lincoln is ranked very highly for their Speech-Langauge Pathology, which was my major in my undergraduate career. They have several world renowned professors in this field , and I felt I gained valuable knowledge from these individuals that has helped me in my graduate program.


My college experience has granted me the confidence to go after a great career. I am currently awaiting acceptance into the radiologic technology program at Hudson Valley Community College and without the help of my advisor I would never thought I could be accepted into such a competitive program. College has allowed me a fresh start in education and allowed me to prove to myself that I can apply myself and be rewarded with good grades. In the semesters I have completed at HVCC I have become a member of Phi Theta Kappa which is a prestigious 2-year College honor society which is something I never expected of myself. I believe that anyone who has motivation to succeed and discipline will be able to have a fresh start by enrolling into a college program. Enrolling in college has been the best decision I have made so far!


So far, I am in my second term of college and needless to say what I am learning is priceless. College allows me to seek the knowledge that I need in order to have a successful future for my daughter and I. The learning experience by far has been an amazing challenge, and I enjoy challenges. By attending college I have learned that the best way that I would like to save lives is by becoming a paramedic. Many people think that you need to figure out what you want to be in order to attend college; however, I beg to differ. College was where I found what I want to be and it is also the place that will help me reach towards the goal of becoming who I want to be. This experience has guided me so far and it will continue to guide me as long as I allow myself to continue this wonderful journey!


Going to school in Lincoln is a great experience because Lincoln is pimarily a college town. It's not a "party school" but there are parties all the time and the school is surrounded by neigborhoods where college kids live. Lincoln also offers a huge variety of classes, you can pretty much major in anything, get a great education and take extra classes that peak you interest.


In my first year of college, I have already learned so much, inside and outside of the classroom. I've learned what it means to actually work hard in a class to get an A on the midterm. I've learned important time management skills, which have not only improved my grades, but also my performance at my job. I've learned that there are many types of professors, not all of whom I will like, but I know they are there to help me help myself and I have to utilize what they have to offer. College has also taught me more about the world. Already I have met so many different people who have come from different corners of the world. College has taught me that there is more to life than what Fort Worth, Texas has to offer, and I can't wait to get started.


For my college experience I would say I have learned a lot of life leason, and some of which will set me up to succeed in my carrer path. There are only 20 schools in the nation with a Proffesional Golf Management major, and this is one of them. Since this is such a limited major it allows me to stand out in a job field. By coming to Nebraska from California I feel i have set myself up to succeed in the work place after i graduate. Since job fields are already so small, and unemployment is still high it is important to stand out on a resume and on paper, because if not then its more difficult to even be considered for a meeting. I have learned so much from school, this alone is a valuable reason to attend, the atmosphere and the knowledge have been the best part of my college career.


So far I have gaind good frineds and knowledge that will both last me the rest of my life.


I have learned a lot of responsibility from being in college. It also has taught me the true value of my education. With that, I study a lot, make sure I go to class, am attentive, and try really hard. I want to get the most of my education. I have also already met some of my best friends, and they make college a much easier ride. The value of support has been extremely important to me this semester as I went through a lot of rough changes before school started. College is also starting to prep me for the real world, but I still get to be a kid. I'd say, it's definitely been the best of both worlds.


Since having my daughter almost two years ago, it was her existence that has encouraged me to go back to school. Since going back, I have learned how valuable school is to me. I have had a renewed sense in the fact that it will be this education that I am receiving currently that will help me get a good job to give my daughter a good home and an over all positive attitude that an education is important and essential. So not only will I benefit from a good education so will my daughter. And although I have not been in school for some time, last semester I had a 4.0 average. This speaks so much that at any age, whatever the background or problems one may have faced that a quality college education can help.


My college experience so far has been incredible. Through the fraternity I'm a part of, I've started making connections to various alumni and business owners, as well as making many friends that I'll have for a long time. The classes are stimulating and challenging, but if you immerse yourself completely in them you'll have a lot of fun while learning things that will land you in your career of choice. I've become a more responsible student after attending Lincoln, learning the skills it takes to live without a parent looking over your back and without teachers keeping you in line. By that, I mean I have learned necessary study skills, time management skills, communication skills, and the like. Lincoln has allowed me to discover myself, truly discover my strengths and weaknesses, and I've matured so much since I've been here. The one thing I deem most valuable is the growing relationship between me and my parents. When I left, the bond between us was strained and difficult, but now my family is my greatest asset and has helped me through so much. Lincoln, in my eyes, has made me who I am today.


I have learned skills that are useful for my future career. I have also made friends and lifelong relationships. I have grown as a person and know more about myself and my abilities.


My college experience has taught me how important education really is. Not only does knowledge give one power but it also opens up doors for his/her future. My high school teacher once said "Ignorance is bliss" but my college professor said "Ignorance is bliss for the wise." A quote as simple as this made me realize that without a proper education I will be that unknowing person but because I am attending college i will instead be the wise. Attending college is valuable not only for its educational purpose but also for the overall experience. It's a time when one gets to discover him/herself and establish goals for the future. No one should be denied the college experience for it shapes and guides our future.


Attending Palm Beach State College has been a positive experience for me. When I first started enrolling full time at the college, I got envolved in a couple of the clubs and fellowships there for socialization. Since then, I've blossomed as a young adult. In most of my classes I've made several friends, some of whom are still my friends even after class is over. We would meet up together to study which improved the way I was involved academically. This college has taught me that academics can be fun. The labs and tutors are all so supportive, all my questions have been answered. I never knew what a great learning asset the college was till I went to the math lab. I have done all my home work there and even helped a few other students as well. Now, I have been asked to apply for a position as a tutor because I have the qualifications to do so and I've been so friendly to everyone there. I will never regret going to college because it has taught me some important life lessons. I want to show others how beneficial and essential college is in life.


The experiences and knowledge learned in the classroom so far during my college career can only be described as priceless. I learned to open my mind and accept ideas that are foreign to me and become accepting of others without hesitation because everyone has the same goal, to become educated and to do our part to make the community, and the world a better place, whether it be doctors or nurses caring for patients, or police officers or lawyers protecting the public from criminals and crime. My college experiences come of great value to me because I have learned to become an extrovert and go out of the way to meet new people and experience new things, which I feel makes me a more rounded and diverse student. It is of great value to me to be able to attend UNL because if I were unable to attend I would without a doubt miss out on the greatest experiences in my life, not only do I learn outside the classroom from my classmates of different cultural and religious backgrounds I am bombarded with knowledge and learning inside the classroom which has given me an insatiable desire to further my education.


The most important thing that I have gained from my college experience so far is the education. I have learned throughout my life that education is extremely important for one's future career/goals. I firmly believe that the University of Nebraska at Lincoln is a wonderful institution that will give me the excellent education that I need to accomplish my goals.


During my first semester at UNL, I have learned a lot of valuable things. I have learned how to truly study and read the textbook, while managing my time. College has kept me busy, but knowing how to make times for things that are must important has been a very valuable thing in my life. I have learned how to be a better student in general, by attending all of my classes, taking notes in lectures, and getting to know my professors. College has been a great experience that I would never want to miss out on and will definitely change the person I am (for the better) for the rest of my life.


My college experience has changed almost every semester, but in the duration of each one I learn something new. I have learned how to prioritize (silly relationships DO NOT come before class). Holding a job AND achieving academic success can be challenging but if the time is taken to sit down and actually make a plan to do both, this challenge can be easily overcome. Attending class has been exteremly valuable because success is more likely to occur witha higher attendance rate. Having the dreams I do for the future requires me to have an above average GPA. Not only is this required, but being on first-name-basis with a teacher is also a necessity to provide good recommendations to a post-graduate school such as medical school.


The college experience so far has been fundamental in the process of learning about myself and the world around me. After befriending some opinionated and intelligent students on campus (those of which I thought that I could not relate to), I have learned the value of expressing my own opinions and, as of recently, have a newfound appreciation for learning. What I am learning in college, in class and otherwise, is proving to be invaluable in my growth as a person. The pride that I hear in my parents when they speak of me is nice too.


College has taught me how to break out of my shell and do things that I might not normally do, as well as handle a significant amount of stress and activity at one given time. I have made life long friends through a number of outlets at my school, and know that I will not only take away what I have learned in the classroom, but also what I have learned from my friends, as well as from the many situations I have been in as a college student. I couldn't have picked a better school for me to attend and receive the eduaction and whole college experience I was looking for!


I have learned a lot so far. I have found stuff out about myself, and learned what I want to do with my future. I also learned a lot about my college and what I need to accomplish to be able to graduate. My college is committed to my success and all of my professors and my advisor truly want to help me.


I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Design in the Spring of 2010 and have gone on to study architecture in graduate school at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in which i will recieve my Masters of Science in Architecture. I consider myself one lucky individual to be a part of the University of Nebraska’s College of Architecture. The faculty and other hands on resources are like a library of knowledge right at my fingertips. The small class sizes create intimate learning environments and the opportunity to really get to know the staff and students. I am inspired everyday but my peers and feel extremely comfortable expressing my thoughts and ideas; this is something quite unique about Architecture Hall. The students and faculty of Architecture Hall have created something special. We are like a family. We are all devoted to design and have the same interests at heart. This is the envirnment I hope to find everywhere I work an I will do my best to create such an environement.


In college I have learned how to learn. In high school the teachers were good about preparing information for the class so that the students could just show up, pay attention, do the homework and get decent grades. In college, the teachers might lecture for an hour and not cover what the homework is. To combat this, I have found ways to understand the material so that the teachers don’t have to spoon feed the information to me. This is a valuable skill to know because I can do almost anything I want. I have the ability to learn how an operation is done and then go do it on my own. I can also check the process to find quicker and cheaper ways to do the operation. I have learned how to be an asset rather than a liability.


I came into this aviation college to pursue my dream of being a pilot and an aviation maintenance tecnician . I have thus far developed so much knowledge and only want and need more. I'm addicted to information and knowledge. Talking to people is so different, I can tell them my opinion and actually know what I'm talking about. Everything about aircraft has broadened my horizen about the world. I have not had school in seven years before I started and it was difficult. I stayed on it and have been on the dean's list and the president's honor roll every quarter. I am going to further my education when I'm graduated and have a job.


College is a choice and is given as an option to students after high school. Choosing what university to attend and which major to study is that students decision. Even though college may be hard and confusing at times, it is a very valuable experience. In the current society that individuals live in, college is a necessity. Without college, jobs will be harder to obtain and feeding a family will become a hassel. With college, students will most likely achieve job security where they will have a stable job that pays for their bills, food, and family. Since I have started college, I have a new sense of accomplishment that high school is over and the journey to a new path is beginning. While attending college, I have met new people and am working my way towards my profession. I have been challenged and pushed to my weakest points. I have made new goals and achieved the old ones. Even though I started college not to long ago, I have grown as a person. I have made great memories, lifelong freinds, and have been through new experiences.


There are many reasons why students may like or may not like the schools they are attending. However, for me the 3 year college experience has been very valuable and I learned a lot. Besides the knowledge that I have received from the teachers in my school, I also learned a lot about real life out there. Our community college is a mix of all ethnicities and races. Being with all these students with various ethnic backgrounds taught me a lot. I learned a lot about different cultures and practices and I made friends with people that I thought I would have nothing in common with. This is the most valuable thing that I have got out of my college experience. My high school was a mix of ethnicities as well, however, it was dominantly white or hispanic demographic. Now, on everyday basis I talk to all different people, and I learn something from them everyday. United States is a great country to be in, to learn different cultures since there is so many of us with different backgrounds.


My journey into college has been a bit of wild ride for me; but not in a bad way. I moved a couple states away to a place where I knew no one and due to money situations, it was even a bit of a stretch to come to UNL. With that being said, I have more of the drive to do well in my classes and to make my family proud. It has been so rewarding to be able to manage my own time and learn from my mistakes on my own. Although this can be difficult at times, I appreciate that I am at a school where there are so many friendly people and faculty and staff really do care about you. I feel as though college is just a small preview of what is to come four years later and I know that I will be prepared come graduation. I am proud to have the ability to call myself a Husker, and to know that even through the struggles that I have undergone and will continue to face, I will know that I have gotten a quality and prestige education here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


I've already learned so much and abosorbed what its really like to be in college. The univeristy has really helped me adjust from moving out and the transition from high school to college. The professors are professional, well educated, and helpful. There are many social opportunities. Just recently there was a concert on campus and I had a BLAST! I have a feeling I will throughly enjoy my next couple years here at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.


My experience in college was diverse, varied, and colorful, to say the least. Breaking such a life changing experience down to a concise two hundred words seems a bit difficult, as if two hundred words would even begin to encompass the enormity of my college years. Through all the accomplishments, setbacks, laughter, and tears I believe one of the main things I got out of college were incredible the friendships that have nourished and sustained me through the years. The other gift that I received, in attending college, was the gift of self-actualization and personal authenticity that was honed and crafted by the critical thinking skills I gained coupled with being in an environment where individual brilliance was not denigrated, it was treasured. I would have to say that my 'coming into my authentic self' was the most valuable and lasting reward of my college years.


Enrolling in college has been most likely one the best decisions of my life. When I first started at Everett Community College, I was nervous and shy and felt completely overwhelmed by the whole process. All the people, classes, buying books, the homework, keeping up the assignments, felt intimidating. By the end of my second quarter my confidence level grew. I was getting good grades, handling the work load, working and managing my home life as a single parent. It was and is all going very well. I am now enrolled in Central Washington University. Classes begin this Fall 2010. I am enrolled in the teacher program. I would love to teach first through third grade. I have so much more confidence now than I did two years ago when I started this process. Most likely one of the best compliement I received was a few days before graduation. A fellow student that I know told me how much I had changed over the course of the past two years. That he had seen me go from a shy person to a glowing confident student and person. He said now when he sees me my head is held high.


I have not been in college for a long time, but the few weeks I have been there, I have felt like I belonged to something amazing. Being a part of the Husker nation is a wonderful feeling. I have made amazing friends and had a wonderful time in my classes. I have learned how to be independent and have learned one of the most important lessons in life, how to manage my money. I am proud to say I am a Husker and am excited to grow as a person and learn new things.


College was a valuable experience for many reasons. Being exposed to many kinds of professions, having the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and interact ing with professors and others on a daily basis shaped me into the person I am now. As an undergraduate student, I enjoyed a variety of classes in many departments, allowing me to investigate the possibilities of different professions. When I found the area that sparked my passionate interest, I knew I had found my future. Without this expanded level of awareness, I would not have the career I enjoy today. The variety of nationalities represented there is educational. Students in my dormitory came from Asia, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and Canada. We often discussed politics, customs, religions and self-expression, heard other languages and saw physical differences while living and studying together. My knowledge of the world and attitudes about individual differences were expanded. Professors and staff members had a dramatic effect on my development. They were so much more than simply teachers. Their examples and belief in my abilities shaped my character and prepared me for a more lucrative career. College made me grow in so many positive ways.


I learned that no matter how hard you worked in high school or how hard your classes where, college will always be slightly harder. I learned that in order to be successful, one of the major qualities a student should have is to be prepared for anything and for failure. The only way to improve is learn from your mistakes. I also learned that sometimes there aren't second chances. I lost my full tuition scholarship because I chose to challenge myself. My first year of school was really hard and I never got a chance to fix it. This taught me that you have to pick what you want, but that sometimes the costs outweigh the benefits.


I've learned that even though I thought I knew everything as a high school student still living at home with my parents, I didn't know much. It was a shock to be thrown out to the real world and finally be living on my own and taking care of myself BY myself. Sure, at first it's a ball, no more curfew, no parents telling you what you can and can't do. But after awhile, it takes it toll. Bills will build up, and homework doesn't do itself. College professors aren't near as nice when it comes to stretching out a deadline for an assignment either. You have to work three times as hard to stand out in a class that can be upwards of 200. But I wouldn't trade it for anything because I know through hard work I will be living the life I have always wanted to and I woulnd't be able to get there without a college education.


I have learned a lot about myself while attending college. Being away from home has allowed me to think more independently and I feel that I understand myself better both mentally and emotionally. Also, playing college basketball has given me the opportunity to travel places, meet people, and experience things that I would not have gotten to experience had I not played. College has given me more focus in my life. When I was in high school I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up. Now I know that I want to become a math teacher and this university has given me the appropriate direction so that I can achieve that dream.