University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


The sports scene at UNL is crazy especially for the football team. Tickets for the games go on sale in March the year before and if you don'tget on right away than you are stuck not going to a game or you have to buy one from another student who can't go, usually for a higher price tha the face value. Downtown Lincoln and the UNL campus are crazy with all the fans that come to support the Huskers. Nebraska Cornhusker football has sold out all of its home games since before 1968 and there is no end in sight.


The Cornhusker Marching Band walking into the stadium prior to the 2006 Colorado Game


Part Two


Took a quick overhead shot while down at 9th and Q yesterday preparing for Huskers vs. USC @NE. No audio.