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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There aren't many academic groups. The city is small and there aren't many events. Student Involvement may put on 2 shows a year and a few other events. Many students just drink to pass the time. Football games are huge, but if you have any work to do you can forget it, parking is taken over and it is impossible to get around.


Campus nightlife is pretty popular on campus because they hold all the back to school nights at the beginning of the year. The Big Red Welcome is also a huge event that lots of students like to attend because many local businesses like to give away free stuff at the event


Football is definitely a big one here and then there are many clubs that relate to majors and religious groups as well as LGBT and sororities and fraternities. I'm involved in OASIS and the Navigators and Circle K. Students always leave their doors open. Athletic evens are most popular, but there is also a lot of involvement with theater and arts. The dating scene is pretty lively and the opportunities are easy to come by. I met some from my high school and others from my dorm and organizations I've been in. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'm either doing homework or watching a movie. People on average party about once a week I would say. I don't think fraternities or sororities are important. Last weekend I worked, cleaned, and did homework. On Saturday's you can go to a movie, play or concert or just hang out. Off campus I go to different dance clubs and other people's houses and sometimes go out to eat.


The greek system is pretty popular on campus. Intramural events are really fun to get involved with. The many shows/plays you can see are fun to go to as well.


The greek houses and athletes


Greek life is very popular on campus. Additionally, the largest school organization on campus is the Scarlet Guard which is a program sponsored by the Alumni association and organizes events on Thursday nights that are fun ways for students to meet new people and become active on campus. There are hundreds of student organizations available on campus.


UNL is known primarily for its dedicated football fans. Named the "Best Fans in America" by several different top lists, it's no wonder that the home football games are a big event. Even those students who don't normally enjoy football find the atmosphere of the games fun and entertaining. Besides football, though, there are plenty of other activites - physical and not - to participate in. The Rec Center offers intermural sports like flag football, as well as a wide array of exercise equipment and activities. On the non-athletic side, there are numerous guest lecturers, cultural events, social gatherings, and just about anything else you could think of. While fraternities and sororities are definitely present on campus, they aren't extremely important. If you don't go greek, you can still participate in a majority of the events greeks hold. Many people chose not to go greek, yet still attend the weekly parties and philanthropies put on by specific houses. If you don't like partying, there are still tons of things to do that are social that don't involve alcohol or large crowds. A lot of times, Neihardt Residence Hall will have different activities - like a Lord of the Rings movie marathon or the Yule Ball - which are open to anyone. If you're still at a loss and can't find anything to do or be a part of, the Student Involvement office is always more than happy to help. Located on the second floor of the City Campus Union, the staff there is welcoming and know tons of campus activities that are often times free and open to students.


I would have to say that the athletes are held on a pedestal here. I played sports in high school but did not continue to do so in college. Those who do not play NCAA sports can get involved through the club teams which are taken just as seriously and also intramural sports. I have found that broom ball is a blast! It is kind of like hockey but with a ball and you slide around on your shoes. It is a great time! Going to the football games are a must do activity. Tailgaiting before the games is a experience everyone should have along with sitting in the student section. The party scene is quite popular as well. There will always be a party you can find Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. I met my closest friends by joining a sorority my freshmen year. I highly recommend rushing a fraternity or sorority. It instantly gives you 100 close friends that will be there to share your great experiences as a husker.


UNL has a very strong Greek System which I am proudly a part of! Greek students are very involved on campus, but they are not the only ones making a difference. The REsidence Hall Association is also very involved on campus! Intramurals are a big thing on campus and something anyone can get involved in! We have club sports as well for a more competitive aspect of athletics for students to partake in. There are over 400 Recognized Student Organizations on campus and anyone can start their own organization with a sponsor and at least 5 members. UNL wants students to engage in campus and provides SO MANY opportunities to do that! Students can play sports, get on campus jobs, become a part of a religious organization, and so much more! We have a Student Involvement Office that aids students in finding where they fit on campus!


Some of the more popular groups on campus revolve around athletics. Intramural sports are extremely popular and a great way to meet people! Every sport/ activity you can imagine there is probably a league for it! As for other ways to meet people, freshman year in the residence halls is HUGE! In my building, most everyone had there door open at some point through the day. The staff were always putting on events to get to know each other. Some of the best memories come from my time at Schramm Hall! I promise, there is always something going on around campus. There are plenty events tailoring to each and every student and students are given the opportunity to form their own organizations if one similar is not available.


Intramural sports are huge on campus. Aside from the rec, we have 2 outdoor turf playing fields for anyone to use. It seems like traditions and events have taken a back seat to academics recently, but thats okay I guess. UNL is pretty much a party school. At any time you can find a party. (beware of the Lincoln Police!) Frats and sororities are pretty much worshiped here. There are people who wont talk to you if youre not wearing the right (or any) greek letters, which is very cliqueish. Its almost like high school again in the greek system, so I recommend staying out of it. You can have as much fun if youre not in the greek system. Its a waste of time and money. The music scene in Lincoln leaves something to be desired, especially when compared to Omaha.


There is always something to do; from athletes to watch from other social gatherings on campus that don't involve alcohol.


I'm in a sorority so there are definitely a lot of opportunities to meet people and hang out. Greek life can be big here but there is no big line separating those who are Greek and those who chose not to be.


Sororities and Fraternities are big, but you can get by without joining one if you really don't want to. However, if you're interested, it is a great opportunity to meet people, it looks great on your resume, and UNL loves its Greek system. The football team, obviously, is the most popular team on campus, but our volleyball team has quite the following, not to mention our baseball team, basketball team, bowling team...etc. UNL provides excellent lecturers throughout the year. It seems every week there is someone of note who is speaking somewhere on campus. Students are very friendly and often leave their dorm doors open. I met my closest friends through the speech team. I'd recommend to any student going to UNL to join SOME organization. Get involved! It's the best way to meet people and feel important. Some students from small towns are overwhelmed by UNL, and spend their first year sequestered in their dorm room. That is not the way to do things! Get involved and you will feel like you belong! The bar scene is kind of crazy, though there are not many clubs. People party a lot.


Take, for instance, a dozen starved wolves. Chain the wolves in the middle of a large room and surround them (out of reach by the chains) with juicy cuts of meat, females in heat, and every other tempting offer a wolf would want. Make them sit in the middle for 18 years. Now break the chains. This is what the social scene can often be at the UNL. A bunch of unrestricted, uneducated young adults (by age, not merit) floundering through the next 4-6 years of their lives. Stay focused, you're paying for college to expand your mind, not your list of embarrassing stories or blacked-out Saturday nights......... Football is sort of important, too. We sold 80,000 seats to a practice in April!


football is by far the most popular sporting event to go to. I kow alot of people drink on the weekends but there are alot of other activities out there that you can participate in and you don't have to drink. i'm around sports all the time so all i hear about is sports related things but i'm sure if you talked to a theater major that they are plays and things that are playing that you could attend. I heard of some but i don't have a huge interest in plays so i tend to not look for things like that.


Greek life if huge! Athletics is massive. The support for the football team (and volleyball, baseball and basketball in particular) in unbelievable. Just last week completely sold out for only a spring game!! An amazing environment to experience and be a part of. I have met some crazy husker fans - and i love it! The support for the volleyball team makes it my favourite sporting event to attend. Great for womens sports too. People at the games are of all ages and really know the sport!


I am totally removed from this because of my status as a non-traditional. Not because I am banned or not allowed, but because I choose to be. I am married with children; 1 of which is a student at UNL, 1 who is currently out of the country and 3 that are in elementary school. NO TIME for this stuff! I can say that I hear a lot from students around me, but nothing worth mentioning.


From organizations to intramurals, you name it, we got it!


We have the best fans in College football ever. Athletic events are awesome. there is frat and sorority's (big deal). a down town just blocks away with shopping, bars and fun. Omaha is 30 min away and has awesome concerts, the Zoo (#2 in the country) and more night life. ITs a fun school to go to.


Students in the dorms do leave their doors open. It is a very welcoming open door policy. Athletic events on campus are everything! Football at Nebraska is more important than anything I can even think is about as important as the NFL Super Bowl, except that important every Saturday! I met my closest friends through cheerleading at the university and through my floor when I lived in the dorms my Freshman year. If I were ever awake at 2am on a Tuesday I would be cramming for a test, working on a paper, or getting up to go to the bathroom! I get to bed early, usually around 10:30pm, so If I have to be up that late, there has to be a good reason, like I procrastinated doing a big paper or presentation. People party on Thursday through Saturday night usually at UNL. Most students do not drink Sunday through Wednesday. I do know students who drink everyday, and I consider them alcoholics. They are not the norm and I only know about 2 people who do that. Fraternities and Sororities are about of medium importance. People involved in either still have friends outside their frat. or sorority; there are no rules stating members must only be friends with other members. Fraternities and Sororities on the UNL campus host a lot of fund raising events for charitable causes and are fun to attend. Cookouts are held a lot and anyone can come. People just buy tickets to attend the event and are welcomed by members of the group. Last Saturday I went to "Evenings of Dance" hosted by the UNL dance department. When I returned home around 9:30pm I did laundry and caught up on all the shows I missed and recorded during the week. Things that I do off campus involve going to the movies, eating out with my friends, shopping at the local malls, and attending art shows at the Sheldon Art Gallery. When I mentor I take my mentee lazer tagging, roller skating, to the children's library, to the children's museum, to get ice cream at COLD STONE, and to Paint Yourself Silly- a pottery making place. Any of these things can be done on a Saturday night and do not require drinking.


ASUN seems to be mentioned a lot. I don't follow the student government at all though. I dislike government in general lately because of what the Bush Administration has done for the past 8 years. I haven't been represented well by anyone in a while, so I'm bitter. BUT...activities and social life: BARS (Lincoln has more than it needs as far as this goes), sports (particularly football, baseball and volleyball), Get Rec'd, some religious events which is nice to see.


Footbal games are key. Campus activities are wide and varied, there is something for everyone. The school isn't Greek crazy, and the Greek system is very un-Greeky (not like the south at all), however being Greek I would have to say it is the way to go in making friends and surrounding yourself with individuals who are promoting you to be the best version of you that you can be.


dont know none really sometimes popular i guess i dont like sports i like those love theater na alot of parties going on there not spent it in bed had surgery bowl, pool., camping, fishing, work, study for big test, go to the rec, shop, movies, get intimate with your lover, smoke marijauana work, i live off campus...but i live my life i guess


The most popular groups/ organizations would have to be in the Greek life. I am involved in Scarlet and Cream Singers which is a small group but I was also involved in Big Red Singers which is sponsored by the Music Department. So I hang out with a lot of Music kids. Most of the dorms I have been in, people have left their doors open. Only if the students feel comfortable with having it open. Husker football games are very popular! Most of the other athletic events are also very popular which goes back to how strong our school spirit is. I feel that the theater department does not get much recognition but they usually get great ad's to promote their shows. I met my closest friends through the group "Big Red Singers" which is a singing group I was apart of my first 2 years at UNL. There would be no way that I would be awake at 2am on a Tuesday because I work at 5am Tuesday mornings at the YMCA which is located downtown Lincoln. But any other night, I would be doing homework. Or watching movies with my roomie. Usually people start to party on Thursday nights. If you are lucky like me to have no classes on Friday, it works out perfectly. Last weekend I went downtown to the bars and hung out with some friends. You can do lots of things on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking. Going to the movies, hanging out at the coffee shop, going to plays, going to concerts, bowling, dancing, karaoke.All of those can be done off campus as well.


There are always things to do on campus. The student government organizations as well as the University Program councils always have events going on (speakers, concerts, catered food events, etc.) Also, the different departments and clubs across campus put on great events. Athletic events are very popular; everyone loves being a Husker! All events are either free or offered at a very discounted price. UNL is also walking distance from downtown Lincoln, which offers a variety of places to go and things to do. UNL does have several fraternities and sororities that are very active on campus as well.


Club sports. Get involved in club sports or activities, their are a ton.


As a transfer student, I definitely am at an odd end about social life on campus. Because I was not here to cement freshman and sophmore year relationships, I have struggled to get involved outside of academics. I chose not to transfer from my previous greek house to the one at UNL because the houses were very different and I figured it couldn't be that hard to get involved. I was wrong. I live off campus and commute every day. I don't have "old roomies" or dorm friends because I wasn't at this campus when I had those experiences. I work 20-30 hours a week in addition to my full schedule of classes. I still have free time, but I don't use it to socialize. I work out at our Recreation Center (it's great), watch movies, run errands, etc. But I'm not 21 and I cannot go to the bars (and who goes to bars to actually make friends?) and UNL doesn't offer a ton of activities that really encourage friendships and strong connections. I still have friends from work, classes, and outside so I'm not suffering by any means and I would never say that I feel lonely. But I suppose that this may be a caveat to high school seniors or anyone thinking of transferring: give serious thought to where you want to go because the best way to do college is to go to a place that you want to be for four (or more) years. That first year you create so many relationships and start so many things that really can only be done your first/second year. As I junior, most greek houses wouldn't take me if I tried to rush (on any campus anywhere) and many guys and girls have settled into their group of college friends and it's hard to break the mold and join in.


Most popular groups are probably ASUN (student government), Greek system, and intermural sports. I'm in the volleyball/basketball pep band. We play music (school songs, etc.) at all of the games. Everyone gets along really well and we have a lot of fun doing it. Also, everyone is there because they love music and want to be there. Some people leave doors open in the dorms, but I rarely did because I didn't spend that much time there. Athletic events are HUGE!!! Theater is also very popular. I don't know anything about the dating scene, I've been with my boyfriend since high school :) I already knew my closest friends, but I have met some friends through class. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday it's because I'm doing homework or I can't sleep. Most of the traditions are athletic related, like the Red White football game, homecoming, etc. Also, the Big Red Welcome during the weekend before school starts in August, that is always fun. I don't party a lot, but I'm sure other people do. I'm rather oblivious to it... I don't know that many people in fraternities or sororities. Last weekend I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend and watched movies at home with my boyfriend. If you want something to do that doesn't involve drinking, there is bowling, movies, art events, people watching downtown, exploring the Haymarket, going to Wal-Mart at 3 a.m., the possibilities are endless! I live off campus now, so I do about everything off campus. When I lived on campus I went to the Union, the Rec Center, common areas of the dorms, or friend's dorm rooms.


-The most populare groups are either the Greek system or ASUN. -I'm involved with CBA Student Advisory Board, a teaching assistant, volunteering as a notetake for students with disabilities, etc. -Athletics rule the school. Football is HUGE! It's the state's pride and joy. -My closest friends are people I knew from high school, met during study abroad, and serve with in the Army. -2 AM, I'm studying. -I party very rarely. I choose not to drink so I stay away from that scene. -I used to be Greek...not anymore. -What did I do last weekend? I was at drill for the Army.


I'm not overly involved in extra-curriculars at the university. I spend most of my free time working a part time job so I don't go broke. I have done a couple of the University choirs, and I really enjoyed that. We got to travel for performances and it was a lot of fun. Athletics are huge here. You can get student tickets to about everything. The football tickets are around $150 for the season of home games, basketball tickets are about $30 for the season, gymnastics are free, baseball is free if you sit in the grass area... they make sure students have available options of getting to most any sporting event they desire. We have great theater here also, and the tickets are offered at student prices. Some people leave their doors open in the dorms. I did occasionally when I lived there and wasn't working on anything. There are always a few really social people on each floor, and chances are you will be getting to know them. Dating - I don't have a lot of experience on this one because I was in a long-term relationship through most of school, but I know it's really easy to meet people at parties and bars around the area. There is a huge amount of greek life on our campus. Sometimes it seems over-run by all the fraternities and sororities. If you are greek, it's probably great. If you aren't, it can make you feel left out sometimes. As far as social life goes, it can be a little tough here your freshman and sophomore year. Before you turn 21, there aren't a whole lot of places to hang besides the movie theater and bowling alley. However, this makes for some really fun times because you have to get creative! Once you turn 21, there are a ton of bars in the downtown area on O Street that are all really college oriented. There are also bars around town with a different crowd that are more laid back.


The most popular groups are being involved in the greek system with fraternities and sororities. The most popular teams are intramurals. I am involved with Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. Yes students leave their doors open in the dorms unless they are studying. Athletic events are very popular. Guest speakers are popular when it is someone like Tom Osbourne. Theater is popular to certain students. I met my closest friends through the dorm and sorority. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am studying.


Sorority. Art society. In dorms people leave their doors open always. Studying. Football games. Always partying. Frats and sororities are most popular. Last weekend I worked. Go to a resteraunt or coffee shop and talk. work, shop.


I would say that some of th emost popular students on capus are the greek students just because they are really active on campus. 3{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the university is greek, but they hold most of the leadership spots on campus. Athletic events at the university are an amazing sites. Students come out to every sport to support the athletes and the school.


The student government is very popular on campus, and many students are very active in that organization. I'm involved in Honors Ambassadors, which is a group that recruits potential honors program students. Students often leave their doors open and are open to visitors. Football, basektball, and baseball games are very popular on campus. I met my closest friends at a church event on the second night of the school year. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I'm either playing broomball or finishing homework. I don't see people partying too often because it isn't very prevalent in the honors dorms, but there are many fraternity and sorority socials that take place every weekend. On a Saturday night, you can go bowling, go to a movie, go camping, go out to eat, explore the Haymarket, finish homework, etc.