University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag the most about would have to be the sports. The atmosphere at Pinnacle Bank Arena or the football stadium or just in the rec center in general is always fun. I like being active in my university so it's fun to go to those events.


Jokingly I say it's the food. But it really is the people there. I am a runner for the Huskers on their track and cross country team and have met some other the goofiest, weirdest, smartest, and generally best people I have ever met. People from all across the county, from every walk of life somehow come together at this endless stretch of cornfields in the heart of the Midwest and somehow make it home to me.


UNL is great for diveristy and if you are undecided in finding your major! The faculty and the professors are always helpful and dedicated to their students.


Something I brag about the most for my school is the groups and organizations. There are many options you can choose from to be a part of whether its community outreach, student tutoring, alliances, or animal rights. Plus, there is no limit to how many groups you choose to participate in. I am currently a part of three organizations for my school; Freshman Action Team, Afrikan Peoples Union, and Pre-Health Orgnanization. It feels good to be a part of these groups and it helps you meet new people who have the same interest as you.


Husker football for sure. There is nothing like being in campus on gameday. With people of all ages around it is just the most fun any college student will ever have. The stadium is always rocking and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


I tell them that my university UNL is in one of the most fiftyth university well rated in the US. So I so please to be a part of the huskers family.


Our Husker spirit and pride! I love how my school has so much spirit for their sports team and are all very supportive of each other.


Our National Championship winning volleyball team. Also our #14 ranked Speech-Language Pathology program.


I brag about how much I love UNL and how much at home it feels like.


I brag most about the atmosphere at Lincoln. There are so many clubs you can join to enhance your learning outside the classroom and there are so many outlets you can utilize to get things done, such as the Union, the laptop renting center, the Love Library, and many, many more. The people here are great too, from friends to classmates to faculty, and they all look out for your personal success.


I like to tell people about our athletic events. We have a strong support system throughout the state of Nebraska, and everyone likes to see our athletic teams do well. Plus we have really good facilities and venues to hold athletic events.


I actually brag about how fun my classes are and how much I love English. I also brag about how beautiful the campus is and how I like walking everywhere and don't have to worry about having to drive just to hang out with my friends.


That we have one of the best football programs with the best fans in college football. Also, that the school is very willing to work with the students on obtaining their future career goals.


Our football team is very popular. This year they were very good. There are a lot of things to do on campus and lots of organizations to get involved in. They are striving to increase the diversity on campus.


UNL offers extensive research opportunities to undergraduates, employs proffessors who write the textbooks for their field, and of course has a contagious school spirit.


That I am at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


How many great people I've met and will always have as friends now that I've met them.


I brag most about the atmosphere, teachers, and students on campus. Everyone there wants to have fun, but knows how to get thier work done as well. It's an amazing campus attitude and the teachers carry on the attitude in the classroom. They have a urge to teach the students in a fun way that keeps the students wanting to learn.


UNL has copious amounts of school spirit. Everyone is proud to be a student here. At football games, the stadium and campus come alive and transform into a sea of red.


How beautiful the campus is and how there is so many things that you are able to be involved in.


the great teachers and quality of education as well as the opportunities that are availible for students in their area of interest. Also school spirit.


that there are alot of great frinds you meet. There are places to always go to hang out and meet new ppl and when living on campus everything is a walking distants.


My opportunities to do scientific reasearch while going through my undergraduate program.


Sometimes I see Ted Kooser on campus.


This University is very close and has a high amount of school spirit which makes it enjoyable to attend.


The friendly people and variety given to the programs offered.


Our football team. Even if we're not as good as we used to be, everyone always look forward to football season because it's so much fun!


I brag the most about the sorority house I am in, Phi Mu. I love to talk about the girls I am friends with and the philanthropies we hold for Children's Miracle Network.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a large student body, yet the campus itself is rather small. It is easy to get to class, and it is fun to see so many people walking around. Campus is also located on the edge of downtown Lincoln, so students can easily access theatres, bars, coffee shops, etc. The overall nature of Lincoln is nice too. One could describe the city as a rather large small town. In other words, Lincoln acts as a close-knit community with big town opportunities.


Football! UNL is known for their football program, as well as the thriving social scene. I also brag about the Greek System here on campus, as well as the ability to get help finding a future job.


Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Chapter


School Spirit, friendliess of people, sense of community, enough time to get good grades and have fun too


the chemistry department. with all of the of experiments and research going on all of the time.


The enthusiasm my professors have. They are amazing at what they do and are always willing to help. They really inspire me to learn and do my best, and they really make me want to work as hard as I can.


The community, friendliness of all students and faculty members, and different lifestyle than I grew up in. Also the community specifically around the Newman Center on campus.


I tell my friends about how hands-on my classes are and how much there is going on outside of classes; there is always something to do if you look for it.


Football, sports, cold weather, ect.