University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Big university = big party school Life revolves around Husker football.


The Greek system is for spolied kids that pay for their friends!


A lot of farm boys and girls from small towns, everyone is a huge Husker fan, we hang out in cornfields


Everybody loves Husker Football. The students weren't smart enough to get into schools on the coasts. Lincoln is a farming community and all the students are in agriculture studies.


The two most common stereotypes are that UNL is a party school and that it's student body are football nuts.


The big one that I think of is that in order to "be" someone you have to be in a fraternity or sorority.


red necks, boring, very nice, conservative


The main stereotype i hear is that we're all cornfed hillbillys. I think we're also known for our Nebraska football tradition.


I can only derive from some sports articles that UNL is only concerned with Football and that the University is full of right-wing rednecks.


One stereotype of UNL that I heard about before I came here is that it is not a very diverse campus of students in regards to ethnicity.


All we have here is corn and football!


That it's full of farmers because it's corn country. Coming here I thought there would be nothing but the University and corn fields for days. There were both, but the city of Lincoln is quite big and definitely accommodates the college atmosphere very well!


its in a corn field, we ride horses everywhere still


That they are hicks and small town kids.


People tend to think that because students attend a college in Nebraska, they are not as well educated as schools on the coasts. People seem to think that everyone in Nebraska lives on a farm, is a farmer, or is uneducated.


I dont know any for sure. But I would imagine people think UNL and its students are hics.


Crazy football fans.


We are all hicks and cowboys.


One major stereotype about UNL is that every one on campus drinks or does drugs or does both.


hicks, football freaks, smart


I think most of the stereotypes are heavily focused on the Greek system and the athletes. Mainly that they all party and that they are not intelligent.


We only care about football, classes are big


Men are pigs and women are better in every way shape and form. Every UNL English teacher is sexist, I think it is a requirement for a female to be a professor or TA there. You will take Chicano Literature or African American Literature or so many other literature classes that turn into FEMINISM literature classes about women's rights. Other stereotypes are that being Roman Catholic is worst than being a Natzi. But the worst one of all, we are in college!!! Not high school, College!!! We are paying for it so their should be ABSOLUTELY NO ATTENDENCE POLICY!!! THAT IS FUCKING RETARDED AND THERE IS in the English department. A big stereotype about UNL students that you don't have to go to class, yes you do, and it's really really cool......


Not enough one to one time with teachers.


A stereotype of UNL and its students are that we're football college.


Some people think that UNL is a party school - but compared to real party schools like University of Arizona or Arizona State University, maybe one out in California and a few others that I'm sure are out there, UNL is pretty tame. I think the big thing at UNL is athletics and that can really lead to misconceptions about the greater student population.


Midwestern hicks, football fanatics


-we're all from the country, eat too much corn, are hicks


Many people outside of UNL think it is way too big and that students will just get lost here. Being from a small town, I heard plenty of that after I made the decision to come here.


There are two major stereotypes that I've heard as being associated with our student population. First off, rumor has it UNL students are crazy Husker fans. Secondly, people tend to think that UNL students (as well as most Nebraskans) are hillbillies who grew up in cornfields and don't know the wonders of indoor plumbing.


Unl is a large campus with large classes


party centered, not good grades, friendly, outgoing, extremely unpersonalized, preppy.


Coming from a small town some of the stereotypes that I herd of was that the university is too big for me. Also, That there s nothing to do in Lincoln or at the University.


A stereotype I have observed regarding UNL, coming from Minnesota, is that UNL is not on the same level academically as many other universities. I have also heard that UNL is a 'big party school.'