University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person that has a dream and craves a great education. As I had mentioned earlier, UNL is sure to have staff that cares and wants their students to achieve.


Someone who is going to college to make new friends with the equal amount of enthusiasm that they hold for their desired career goals. I can honestly say I have met my best friends here. Even the people I only vaguely remember from freshman year still wave and say hi to this day.


Someone who is outgoing and academic based at the same time.


Someone who is conservative and dominantly white should. If you go here you should join Greek life because a lot og students are in a fraternity or sorority. It's a great school for any field of study and it's not too big or too small. It's not a huge party school, but there are always ways to go out if you do like to party. If you do not have a car, it's not a problem and the people here are friendly for the most part. It is somewhat diverse. There is also school spirit, lots!


Really anyone and everyone attends UNL. There's so much to be a part of that there's always something for every kind of person, there's always a club or an organization that would fit into anyone's interests.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that cares about getting a good education. The classes can be tough, but the teachers are there to help you and they want you to succeed.


A person who prefers learning through research-based methods should attend this school. This university is very well-renowned in the world of academia and is a very clean, up-to-date school receiving major funding from the state as a public organization.


Those you are going to school in order to get a good education, but also like to take some time to socialize and enjoy life. St. Lawrence University has a great mix of programs, including Biology, Environmental Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, English, and the Arts, typical of most liberal arts schools. Yet there are a lot of student organizations and clubs as well as school hosted activities like movies, game nights, dances, plays, and more. No matter who you are you can be yourself and find a place where you belong.


A person that enjoys to party will fit in well at this school. The life of this school is definitely focused on sororities and fraternities. If you want to be in the cool crowd at this school you must go Greek.


Someone who is looking for a big school, but you can still get to know new people. We have a big city feel with a city that's not too big.


Anyone can find a place to fit in at The University of Nebraska. Every sport and hobby and activity is available to engage in. It is a great place to be your self and decide who to be and what your goals are in life. Everyone at the University of Nebraska is friendly and has a small-town feel even as a large university, as many students come from small towns in western Nebraska. If you looking for a University where all forms of activities, entertainment and area of studies are available, this is the place for you.


I think really anyone should attend this school. As far as I can tell, it caters to every kind of person and offers many majors.


A person who enjoys being around a lot of people. UNL is a very diverse school and therefore there are plently of groups a person can fall into. A person doesn't need to be solely good at sports, academics, or interested in the Greek environment to fit in. They can pretty much fit in anywhere.


Anyone who wants to further their education, and doesn't mind a large campus.


Someone looking for a small town feel in a decently sized town. There is plenty of activities to engage in at UNL whether it be a sorority, fraternity, concert, sports, or simple hanging with friends. Any type of person is accepted and welcome.


To attend this school, you need to be someone who works hard and has a paln for what you want to do in school. You have to be someone who is organized and understanding. You need the ability to stay on top of your work and studies, there's no one telling you what to do, so its totally up to you to make the correct choices and decisions when it comes to school work.


Students desiring a traditional college experience, with plenty of sports excitement and extracurricular activities should attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). This student must also be comfortable in both large and small classroom settings. Although not every class is extremely large, it is difficult to get to know professors on a personal basis and thus students desiring numerous relationships with professors may be better off elsewhere. However, if one doesn't mind being anonymous and is self-motivated UNL may be a good college for him/her to attend.


I would recommend this school to anyone, no matter their background. However, those who are self-motivated will do much better than those who are easily distracted.


A person who is interesting in a large school with a small campus feeling would thrive at UNL.


UNL is a great school with a very wide variety of people. A lot of the students are from small towns in Nebraska, but there are also a large range that come from big cities from all over the country, not to mention the entire world. As long as the person has a strong drive and likes meeting lots of different types of people, then they would definitely fit in at the university.


A dedicated student should attend University of Nebraska at Lincoln. They need to be the type of student who shows up to class every day and truly cares about their education. The university has done a lot to shed its party school image and has emerged as a top university in the midwest. As a whole, the college welcomes students from rural and urban areas without making either feel out of place.


I determined and trustworthy person should attend school because people trust in these students and believe that this student will use nevery resource available to make the best of their schooling.


Any kind of person could attend this school and find friends. There are students from around the country and from around the world, it is pretty diverse. If you love football then Nebraska is a perfect fit, we love football here. It doesn't matter if you're from a big city or from a small town, you will find people to relate with.


A person who is really dedicated to studying and earning a degree. If a person who thinks they can goof off all semester and then only study during dead weeks, they do not belong at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Also, if a person wants to have a great credible University, the University of Nebraska - Lincoln is the place to go. This university looks great on job applications and resumes.


Husker fans!


If you are really into football you should definitely attend, this school has a huge football community, fascination and culture. But like I said, it is welcoming to all sorts of people from all places.


Someone who is interested in his schoolwork but also likes to enjoy himself. Also, someone who does not mind hard work and some difficult coursework. A person who does not skip many classes and can stay focused. Also, because most grades depend on test grades, a good test taker would be a good candidate for this school.


Anyone who wants a good education with general understanding of life.


A person looking for a campus-wide school spirit, someone who may be interested in Greek life, or someone who wants to go to a big school with a small school atmosphere.


Someone who wants an active social life but may not be totally sure of where he or she is going in the future. Nebraska gives you lots of options to explore while having fun along the way.


Someone who loves to be involved. Someone who cares about their campus and loves sports. UNL definately has many different personalities for anyone on campus. Someone who as dreams of succeeding in college will do great her, you do not have to be the smartest from your highschool, you just have to want to succeed because UNL offers the support. I would also recommend students with learning disabilities to come to UNL due to all the programs they offer and the support given at no cost.


Any kind of person can attend this school. There are people of every race, religion, ethnicity, gender. There are people here to have fun and there are people here focused on school. You can find about any type of person attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. This is a place for everyone!


A Husker fan


Anyone who wants a good college at a university thats not too big, but not too small.


Students who are academically focused, love football, friendly and socialble


A very friendly and open-minded student. They should be ready for a great community feel in this bigger city in Nebraska.


Anyone who is interested in a quality education.


Anyone who wants a valuable education from a well-known and well-respected university.


balanced, down to earth, friendly people who want a rich experience in all aspects of college life


Someone who is open to new opportunities, is looking for a great education, and wants a tradition rich school.


The stereotypical person at this school is in a fraternity or sorority. All their conversatons tend to begin with the phrase "Dude, last weekend, I got so drunk..." However, UNL is fairly diverse in terms of the type of student. But the stereotypical frat boy/ sorority girl dominate the campus.


Someone who can learn in a big environment. There are over 25,000 undergraduates alone that attend the University. They need to know that there education is going to be worth a lot.


Any person can and should attend this school. It's a public university.


Christians and those that enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, afterall this is the midwest