University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind or type of people that maybe shouldn't attend the University of Nebraska- Lincoln are the people who are not into having school spirit. The University of Nebraska- Lincoln is the biggest college in Nebraska and the people who live in the state take that to heart. It would be hard to fit in if you weren't a fan of the school spirit because anywhere you go in the state, you will have people say the iconic chant "Go Big Red!". The chant is a rally call for all those who support the university.


A person who can't handle distractions. If you are in school for the sole purpose of preparing yourself for your career, this may not best school for you. This school is full of distractions from extra curriculars to the guy down the hall who is always ready to party. You have to be prepared for the balancing act that is managing your school work, job, and social life. From the moment you walk onto this campus you are a Husker. You are a part of a community that is waiting with open arms to accept you.


A person who doesn't want a large campus.


Someone who does not wish to get involved on campus or grow as a person! This campus has many activities to get involved with and to help get more out of anyone's college experience. There are so many opportunities and doors open for students who come here, it would be a shame to not take advantage of everything given!


Someone who doesnt enjoy weather that changes constantly, someone who gets lost easily in a big campuss, someone that is afraid to socialize with others, someone who cant apreciate all the clubs and activites there are to do.


A person who is interested in partying and being "led" or "assisted" through college should not enroll here. You are on your own.


I cannot judge a person or say they cannot attend a college of his or her choice. God is the only one who can judge a person. No matter if they sin or not God forgives and ask us not to judge a person.


Someone who does not like to open their mind to outside experiences and prefer to live in a controlled regulated environment with many repetitive experiences. Other kinds of people who should not attend are those who dislike the cold weather and the wind. Someone who does not want to have long walks to class and an extremely large student body where they may disappear in the crowd as opposed to standing out. If one were to dislike sports, especially football then they would most definitely not enjoy the school spirit at UNL.


Someone who is looking for a soley academicly driven school might not like UNL.


Students should not attend UNL's College of Architecture if they are not hardworking and dedicated to their work. If you are not creative or interested in Architetcure or Design you should not attend this college.


People shouldn't attend if they dont like Husker Football. Its a big thing here.


The university of Nebraska Lincoln is a great school for many students. This university is excellent in undergraduate education and also helps with undecided majors. Although The University of Nebraska Lincoln is a leader in Higher education, students who would like a more one on one type of relationship with the instructor may not like to attend this school because each class includes about twenty six to thirty students. Also, the UNL campus is stretched out and large. The class population is also mid-size. Students wanting a smaller class size or campus should not attend this school.


people who don't enjoy walking


A person that is looking for a big party all of the time. This is a tight knit community of students within each academic area and while the night life does exist it exists off campus. The college is small in comparison to some and Lincoln is a small city. If you are not focused and driven to succeed you may want to go elsewhere. If you are not prepared to spend five years to graduate go elsewhere.


I believe that someone from a large city may not enjoy this school. InLincoln there are not as many nightlife options as there are in other major cities in the United States. The nightly pass-time at UNL is mostly drinking at a bar or drinking at someone's house. Most of the students at UNL seem to have subscribed to that mindset. So if someone from a bigger, more diverse city is used to having more nightlife options, UNL may not be the place for him/her.


One downside to UNL is the size of the majority of the classes. That is the biggest thing for students, especially ones from smaller towns, have trouble adjusting to. Some of the lectures are filled with anywhere from 200-300 students and that could be overwhelming and could make the transition to college tough.


The people who should not attend a university like Lincoln are people who are unable to handle the mass amounts of diversity and differing opinions that would surround them. People here come from all different walks of life and different towns, states, and countries. People who cannot be open minded to new ideas, ways of thinking, and cultural differences should not attend UNL. This school teaches how to be accepting of diversity, but if one cannot try to see ideas from a new perspective then they will accomplish nothing and struggle on this campus.


Those who do not understand that to get a good grade requires attendence and hard work.


This is a place where any kind of person can come if want to get an education. There is no certain type of person who shouldn't attend unless they simply are not serious about their education and are going to waste the money they put into their tuition.


Kids who didnt get very high gpa's in high school becasue proffesors will eat you alive.


You shouldn't attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln if you don't plan on working hard. Teachers and advisors push you to meet your potential. If you don't want to work hard, the University of Nebraska is not for you.


Some one who is strongly country or cowboy.


artsy, liberal, hates small cities & cold,


A person who is very upbeat and who likes to meet new people everyday. A person who is not afraid to be who they are at all times. A person who has a lot of school spirit. One who can buckle down on school, but can also go out and have fun without worrying about school. One who wants to have a successful college career and success for the future.


quite, unfocused academically,


All students are welcomed here, (However, you should be a football fan, go big red!)


People not interested in a successful future should not attend this school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is one who is unmotivated about their future. If the person doesn't wish to further their education or try to find the career they want to have, then it would be a waste of both the University and the individual's time. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a place where you come to become who you are meant to be and if you aren't ready to make that commitment, then you should look else where.


People who like small schools and classes. Teachers move fast and expect most of the work and learning to be done outside of class.


Drug users, Alcoholics,


People I have met from cities that are much larger (Chicago, Dallas, L.A.) often find Lincoln very boring and have a harder time adjusting.