University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How much work it took to acheive the grades you wanted. I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn't know how much I actually had to read during the week.


I wish I knew this was the school I wanted to be at. I transfered here for my sophmore year and it was one of the best life choices I have made to this date. I wish I would have explored my options better my senior year of high school, then I would have been at UNL my whole college career.


I wish I would've known how much more different it would be. I wish I would've known the proper amount of studying I actually need that I am now doing after realizing it last semester. Also, I wish I would've known how much I was going to mature.


I wish I'd known how strange (and wonderful) was going to be to have the power to make my own desicions. In high school, even if you're over age, you still live at home. You still have your parent's authority over you- heck, when I'm at home even now I check in with my mom when I go places. But in college, when you're no longer living at home, there's a freedom to make choices. It seems really obvious, but be careful how you use that new freedom.


I wish I would have known how much money that I would be spending on supplies and books.


Go to a community college first and take online classes for the intro stuff. While you do that, get a full time job and you will have a lot less debt.


I wish I would have been more prepared about how big the campus really was and how much of a change it would be.


There is a lot of construction going on, all the time.


Other dorm residences


I wish I would have known the difficulty of the science classes here, as I would have prepared better for the competitive classes in the sciences.


I wish I had known that having ten minutes to run across campus to get from class to class is torturous.


I wish I had known more about finacial aid and the paperwork involved. Nothing has given me more stress than scholarships, grants, and the dreaded FAFSA. The one silver lining is that the people who work in the Financial Aid Office at UNL are THE BEST and always willing to answer my questions and calm me down.


I wish I would have known that it would be a hard adjustment leaving home and going through a really big change.


Personally, I was very well informed when I began attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, because my parents attended the same University and were able to tell me a lot about it. Anything I have learned since isn't really something that can be taught; it's more of an experiential learning.


Coming into this university, I had no previous college experience. I wish I would have came into the college with a known major instead of being undecided. The college does a great job helping students choose a major, but if I had known what I wanted to study, I could have selected more interesting classes that revolved around my profession. Also, I wish I would have known whether to take my books or my laptop in the first day of class or to leave them at home. Overall, the students did help me much through my first days of classes.


I wish I had known that UNL was a very Greek-oriented school. Most everyone is in the Greek system and it is hard to be included in the social scene if you are not apart of that system. Although it is more money to pay, I believe that it would have been a good idea for me to join a sorority beause of the fact that you meet so many people that way and you are able to know about more events on campus.


I wish that someone would have shown, or helped, me find out a way to study that fit me. One that would benefit me. Finals week was also a shock for me. There was much more information that I was expected to retain and put to use. Knowing how to retain information, and not just be able to regurgitate it when the test came up, is a valuable skill. The things you learn in these classses are things that you need to use in your disired field not just vocabulary you need to graduate high school.


Create a friendly relationship with all your teachers. Class sizes are alot bigger which makes it harder to talk to them about your probelms.


I wish I had known how cold the winters were going to be.


That it is really tough to get financial aid at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and that I should have applied for more scholarships to help with financial obligations.


I wish I had known how ridiculous the Greek system here was. Greek/Non-Greek are totally segregated.


I wish I could have done more as a Freshman, but didn't always know about the great opportunities that exsisted until my later years. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate the process of getting plugged in with groups that you're really interested in.


All of the resources the campus offers! Not only on campus resources are helpful but all of those businesses close by provide great jobs and opporunities for students.


I have lived in the same town as UNL all my life. I had grown up around the school so pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. One thing though, is that there is only so much financial aid UNL can give out-- so I wish I would have realized that in high school. I would have had a lot more help finacially-- but that's my own fault.


I wish I had better preperation for some of the coursework .


nothing. i love it.


I wish I had known that UNL had somewhat extensive vivisection programs, and even used vivisection in courses and lessons where it wasn't necessary (e.g. subjecting animals to illegal drugs in psychology classes, even though the effects are well known and have already been extensively researched). Had I known this, I probably would've looked for other schools before coming here, as I find vivisection to be outdated and crude.


I wish I had better prepared myself financially.


The cost of college and how much work there was.