University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school was just the people on campus. The school lived for College Football Saturdays! It was definately a work hard, play hard mentality. Everyone was very open with eachother! As you grow up, it becomes harder to make firends...I think that's why college is such a great experience. It is so easy tom ake friends.


Everyone on this campus is incredibly loyal to the school itself as well as to everyone here. You always feel at home wherever you go and you never feel out of place.


The professors are really helpful and encourage us to succeed.


I consider the open atmosphere and professors to be the primary reasons I will be attending the University of Lincoln. The opportunity to provide assistance in the lab is one I value highly. From conversations I have had with the director of their Brain, Biology Research Lab, I am excited at the openness with which undergrads are invited to offer assistance on thier research. It is important to note that they will not come looking for you specifically. You must show them your interest and then they will let you in.


Very big, easy to get around. Professors are friendly, knowledgable, and willing to help. Lots of students in each class to meet up with to discuss class material. The school spirit is phenominal and it revolves around the sports teams. Atmosphere is great at sporting events and always a blast to attend.


The school spirit at UNL is crazy strong. Everyone who attends the university is so proud to be there and allumni are always around. The whole city and even the state is so proud of all the amazing education programs we have and all the professionals it has produced. Husker football has a crazy world-wide following that cannot be matched by any other university.


The best thing about myy school wouldf have to be football games because the entire school and community comes together to share a love for the sport. The environment is crazy and so much fun.


It is a good place for people who like to keep their heads down, be bullied without realizing it, and be kept in the dark about what is going on around them.


The best thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the community culture. Everyone is truly excited to be a Cornhusker, and it is visibily noticeable as you walk around campus.


The school pride and spirit is just all over campus that it makes you want to go here and want to be apart of the school and help make a better name for Lincoln


I enjoyed the diversity of the student body along with the professors. Alongside, I enjoyed the history that makes up this university and receiving ample opportunities at learning and trying new things.


I think this school has extremely good academic advisors. They are always there to help and are more than willing to set aside as much time as you may need for guidance and advice. They have plenty of advisors so that it is easy to call and make an appointment and they always stick to commitments they have made. They are all very knowledgeable and informative about class scheduling.


I consider the academic standards to be the best part of the school, because they really make sure that you succeed in the classroom.


The best thing about UNL is definitely its location. UNL in located in the center of downtown Lincoln, and so pretty much everything is in walking distance. Students will not need a car because everything is so close. I can walk to Starbucks, Panera, Walgreens, Arby's, and multiple ther places without walking more than 8 blocks.


Everything is easily reachable by foot, and if it is not, the school bus will take you where you need to go. You are given a bus pass at the begining of the year so no matter where you want to go, it wont cost you any money to get there. The people here are also very kind, it must be a midwest thing, but I have found the most friendly and approachable people so its very easy to fit in at a school like this.


The best thing about my school is the overall environment. Everyone here is easy-going, nice, and friendly. The campus is easy to navigate. Even though my hometown is within an hour drive, I consider the university me new home.


The best thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is its enviornment. UNL has a very welcoming atmosphere. Everyone you come across on campus is really friendly. Even though some of the classes are large, all of the professors do everything the can to help their students succeed.


The best thing about my school is how friendly the people are and how they are willing to help with finding a future career. The professors are helpful in giving advice for finding specific related careers. There are many advisors to assist with finding the right classes for the major. Classes help students engage in the material and professors have a lot of experience in the classes to provide real world examples to the class material which helps a lot to understand.


My university has a spirit and determination in its staff, educators, and students that I have never felt before on another campus. They promote all the standards hundreds of educational institutions around the United States do, but it is this spirit that drives those affected to accomplish their dreams. My University houses the greatest and most spirited individuals and they are typically shown only in the light of a Nebraska Huskers football game. However, in the study rooms and university library there is a grit instilled in these students that not even ESPN cameras can fake.


The thing I consider the best about my school is the wide variety of academic fields a student can go into. When I was a freshman I never felt as if I was restricted by what the university had to offer. I am a Film Studies major with a minor in Theater, and I feel as though I wouldn't had a chance to get so far in this field if I had gone to another school.


The people. I recently entered into a sorority, am a full time student, I am a part of RHA and a few bible studies and everyone I have met has been helpful. They tell you to call you when ever you need them weather it is a "sister" or your pshycology teacher. Perhaps it is the midwest or maybe it is the atmosphear of being on campus, but what ever it is, you can make friends in a second and connections for life.


I think the people are the best thing about my school. They are just so great and friendly. They are probably some of the best people a person could ever meet. They are willing to help you out with just about anything. Also, since this is bigger campus, the older students are more than happy to point you in the right direction.


Opportunity to be independent.


School Spirit. Everyone is always behind all of the sports teams no matter what it was, even if the team is doing poorly that year, the students never give up on them and always believe we can come back. And the student's section at all the games are always full with students cheering on the team.


The friendliness of both the student body and the faculty. I can easily start up a conversation with anyone on campus and can effortlessly get to know them better. It may seem akward at first talking to someone I have never met but I'm sure anyone would enjoy even a short conversation.


The atmosphere is the best part of UNL. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you out. The professors, TA's, and students are always on your side and willing to do anything to help you suceed. Despite its size, UNL has a great network and everyone knows everyone.


The opportunties because they allow for students to have hands on experience with the industry of their choce.


The fact that it's only an hour away from Omaha, because there's nothing to do in Lincoln. But Omaha is surprisingly rich in culture, so I like that.


There are many professionals and experts that teach here.


the architecture and interior design programs located in the architecture college are somewhat removed from the rest of the college


It definitely has school spirit, I mean who hasn't heard of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We have a pride that we are the best school in Nebraska, and we are more than just a "football" School.


The best thing about my school is the positive social and academic environment provided by the freshman dorms for students attending the University for the first time.


The best thing about my school would have to be the opportunities for social interactions. There are so many opportunities to meet new people who could potentially influence the life you may have in the future.


I attitude of students and faculty is the best thing about my school. Everyone is proud to be a part of the school, and the pride and enthusiasm is uncomparable. It makes it fun to go to school and extracirricular activities with such a positive group.


husker football, the rec center, COJMC


school spirit becauase you can find a husker anywhere and you immediately have a great bond. It's like having a family everywhere you go. The alumni have gone on to do great things and thier always wanting to help out students.


School spirit! UNL has so much school spirit and it gives everyone a chance to be proud of where they go to school. The atmosphere, especially on football game days, is incredible and everyone should experience a place like this. The statement really does hold true "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE NEBRASKA!"


The sense of pride everybody who attends UNL is amazing. I feel great to be a cornhusker. Everyone here treats everybody with respect because they are fellow 'skers.


The best thing bout UNL is the opportunities that it provides. From my expierence and that of my friends anthing you want to do is possible and there are tons of opportunities to study abroad, get pratical experience in the field you wish to enter, and to learn from those with a lot of experience in their field. The atmosphere is another great thing. Nebraska is known for its loyal sports fans, but that also applies to alumni too. You can't help but be loyal to the school.


The smaller communities within the school that you can become a part of. It makes it easier to form relationships and make lasting friends.


The people are very willing to help everyone out on campus in school and in social activities.


The University is an extremely large campus enrolling over twenty thousand students a year. With this in mind, many like to beleive that because of this large population, faculty and staff do not pay as much attention to student needs and their learning compared to a smaller school. At UNL, this is most certainly not the case, the faculty and staff, no matter how large the class, is constantly and willingly available for student needs. I have had a class of two hundred students with a teacher that cared so much about any student that came and talked to her.


The best thing about my school is how well my college is preparing me for the future in terms of getting an internship and learning the professional skills I will need. My professors are always sharing opportunties to learn more or meet professionals in my field and network with them. Another great thing is their enthusiasm to help me accomplish my goals (like studying abroad and graduating in four years).


The best thing about my school is the small town feel combined with "big time" university enviroment


The best thing about my school is the tradition. The Athletic department is the backbone of our social lives. If our teams are not succeeding, campus is more or less dead. The football team and the volleyball team have clout and other schools know that. The indescribability of scoring the 'to take the lead' touchdown, or that match point is what keeps me coming abck for more!